Showtimes: 7 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday through pre-show experiences at 6:30 p.m.Location: Planet Hollywood show length: 90 minutes age restriction: present is an ideal for ages 10 and older

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Criss angel is a familiar confront in las Vegas. The illusionist filmed his "Mindfreak" A&E television show throughout the city and his 2 productions in ~ the Luxor (Believe and Mindfreak Live) ran because that a combined ten years. Angel has now switched venues and also upped his game with a brand-new show at planet Hollywood.

Criss point of view MINDFREAK mixes technology, personality, music and the star"s ideal tricks and also stunts. It"s a fast-paced display with much more than 75 illusions packed right into 90 minutes. Highlights include a nail-biting straitjacket escape and also a mind-boggling example of levitation. The display is a true spectacle, mix in contortionists and scary horror movie elements with live music and also chest-pounding EDM. It also has more video display screen surfaces and moving lights than any theatrical production in the world. The pyrotechnics and also 3D mapping are specifically impressive.

While Criss Angel"s previous operation at the Luxor received mixed reviews (especially an early version of believe that played up a partnership v Cirque du Soleil), this new production gets everything just right. It"s one engaging present that will leave you wondering "how did he execute that?" long after the curtain call.

Even the location is an upgrade. Planet Hollywood is in a more central location ~ above the strip and simple walk from the Paris, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan and also Caesars Palace. Criss angel MINDFREAK operation Wednesday-Sunday in ~ 7 p.m. (VIP upgrades include a personal escort into the theater, laminate, photo and meet-and-greet v Criss Angel.) The venue, now referred to as the Criss angel Theater is dark Monday and also Tuesday. Tickets begin at $69.

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