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Was Cristiano Ronaldo’s long Instagram article a goodbye come Italy and Juventus fans? It certain read like one.

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Just someday after an unexpected benching in a must-win Serie A season finale sent the speculation around his future right into overdrive, Ronaldo penned some an extensive reflections ~ above his time and success in Italy, which offer the distinct impression the he was placing a bow on his three seasons in Italy.

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Rumors have actually surfaced that Juventus could be looking to offload the 36-year-old’s contract this offseason to boost a club balance sheet that has actually suffered far-ranging losses due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic. Reports indicate that Ronaldo’s contract payment him close to $38 million per year.

What Ronaldo wrote

The rumors will just be fueled by the indigenous in the Instagram post, in which he claims he “reached a goal that ns had collection myself since the first day i arrived in Italy.”

“This year we couldn’t win Serie A, congratulations to Inter because that the fine deserved title. However, I have to value every little thing that we accomplished this season in ~ Juventus, both in collective and also individual terms. The Italian super Cup, the Italian Cup and the Serie A peak Scorer trophy to fill me v happiness, mainly as result of the difficulty they bring with them, in a nation where nothing is basic to win.


“With this achievements, I reached a score that i had collection myself due to the fact that the first day ns arrived in Italy: to victory the Championship, the Cup and also the supervisor Cup, and likewise to be best Player and also Top Scorer in this an excellent football nation filled through tremendous players, giant clubs and also a really own football culture.”

Juventus required to success their final Serie A match versus Bologna to earn an automatic berth right into the rewarding UEFA Champions league next year. The made Ronaldo"s benching all the more shocking, particularly given that he finished as the optimal scorer in Italy this year v 29 goals.

They won the enhance without that and Juventus head coach Andrea Pirlo later defined that the benching was a coach"s decision made in addition to Ronaldo, who communicated to him that he was worn down after the midweek cup final. Given the competitive streak Ronaldo has shown throughout his career, the explanation was a head-scratcher.

Ronaldo"s time at Juventus

Ronaldo was brought to Juventus ~ above a four-year contract in the summer the 2018 with the goal of help the club take the next step in Europe and also win the champion League. Yet Juventus never even reached a semifinal stage in his 3 seasons, stumbling as soon as again in the ring of 16 in March. The Portuguese star took the brunt of the criticism.

He has because been linked with a potential go back to three previous clubs: Manchester unified in England, real Madrid in Spain and also even Sporting Lisbon in Portugal. But his certified dealer has currently nixed a go back to Portugal: “His career plans carry out not go through Portugal.”

Ronaldo is widely considered one that the best to ever before play the sport and he will look to add to his heritage with Portugal"s nationwide team throughout the Euros this summer.

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What happens after that competition is up in the air, particularly given exactly how he closed the end his Instagram post:

“Nothing compares to the emotion of discovering that i have left my note in the nations where i have played, and also that I provided joy to the pan of the clubs ns represented. This is what I work-related for, this is what move me and this is what I’ll always keep chasing for till the last day.