Steve Irwin"s death was so abrupt the it shook the nation to its core. Despite it happened over a decade ago, plenty of still feeling a tint of pains remembering the lovable male who got fame and also notoriety all over the human being as the Australian Crocodile Hunter, and whose heritage lives on in his wife, Terri, and also children, Robert and Bindi. 

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Steve loved every kinds of wildlife (not just crocs!) and tragically, while filming one underwater documentary in September 2006, the passed far doing what he love most. In 2014, the sole witness the his death, cameraman Justin Lyons, gave an interview recounting exactly what occurred to Steve Irwin that fateful day. That a gruesome reminder that Steve’s passion and also dedication elafilador.nete studying and also saving animals – also the most dangerous ones.

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How walk Steve Irwin Die? 

On September 4, 2006, international news declared the fatality of Steve Irwin from a stingray attack. He was filming in shallow waters in the an excellent Barrier Reef as soon as a short-tail stingray stabbed the in the chest with its barb. 

Before us dive into the in-depth facts the cameraman and also close girlfriend to Steve Justin Lyons elafilador.netmon in 2014, let’s an initial take a look at the amazing work-related Steve did throughout his life. This will give us a far better understanding of just how Steve ended up face-to-face with a stingray in the final moments the his life. 

Remembering The Life the Steve Irwin

When that died, Steve Irwin was currently an global pop culture icon because that being the Australian wildlife man. It to be his bigger than life personality, his unforgettable catchphrases, and also his boundless enthusiasm for pets that lugged him an international fame and also success.

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Growing Up v Crocs

Steve was born elafilador.nete Robert and also Lyn Irwin top top February 22, 1967. His father Robert, or Bob, was a wildlife skilled with a keen attention in reptiles and also amphibians and would happen on his knowledge and expertise to Steve. According to the Australia Zoo, his mommy was a wildlife rehabilitator who was “skilled in education injured and animals” i beg your pardon she would at some point release back into the wild. The couple opened the Beerwah Reptile Park in 1970, whereby Steve prospered up finding out to care for and rescue animals.

Steve was catching little crocodiles by the age of nine, and also by the age of 13, he to be volunteering for Queensland’s East-Coast Crocodile management Program, wherein he caught and also re-homed end 100 trouble crocodiles.


Steve eventually took over his parents’ park, which was renamed the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park. The was here where that met the love that his life, Terri Reines. She was an American tourist who was additionally keenly interested in wildlife rehabilitation – she ran her very own rehabilitation centre of injured cougars in Oregon. Recalling what do her loss in love v Steve, she said: “He sounded favor an eco-friendly Tarzan, a larger-than-life superhero guy”.

But meeting Terri didn’t just readjust Steve’s an individual life, the also adjusted the food of his career.


Beelafilador.neting The ‘Crocodile Hunter’

Rather 보다 doing miscellaneous traditionally romantic prefer a honeymoon in Italy or Tahiti, Steve and also Terri chose to invest their an initial months together a married couple capturing crocodiles and filming their adventures. The footage from their expedition was occurred into episode among The Crocodile Hunter. Quickly after the show premiered, it ended up being a national and also international hit, and also sprouted various other shows by the couple, such as Croc Diaries, Croc Files, and New breed Vets. They gained over 500 million viewers globally.



Steve was specialized to saving animals, and this love was palpable also from the little screen. Many civilization grew up learning around wildlife indigenous Steve, and also so his fatality felt prefer the ns of a beloved teacher and friend. When Steve passed, even renowned documentarist sir David Attenborough had actually kind words to say around him after his death.

The death Of Steve Irwin – exactly how Did He die Exactly?

According to cameraman and close girlfriend to Steve, Justin Lyons, they were in the great Barrier Reef filming because that a documentary collection called Ocean’s most dangerous when the freak accident happened. The pair went off on one inflatable boat to find tiger sharks yet instead came upon a 2.4 metre-wide sting ray in chest-deep waters. That is believed that Steve want to record the magnificent creature on film for his daughter’s show, Bindi: The tropical Girl

Stingrays are believed to it is in docile creatures the flee quite than assault when they feeling predators, for this reason it came as a shock to both Steve and Justin when the animal, follow to the latter, “propped ~ above its front and also started stabbing wildly with its tail, hundreds of strikes in a few seconds”. Lyons surmounts that the stingray must have thought that Steve to be a tiger shark and also was just trying to defend itself.

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Steve was stabbed in the love by the stingray’s sharp barb, which brought about him elafilador.nete bleed elafilador.nete death. Justin said the damages to Steve’s heart to be “massive”, and even Steve realised that his time had elafilador.nete. Together Justin and the various other crew were trying to talk him with the ordeal, informing him to think the his kids and also to hang on until an ext help would certainly elafilador.nete, Steve looked increase calmly and told Justin, “I’m dying”. Justin trust those were Steve’s critical words. 

Justin elafilador.netmon that he was still filming up till Steve passed, however vowed never to release the footage out of respect because that his friend.

Steve Irwin’s Legacy

Before Steve happen away, he and also Terri had actually two children. Bindi Sue Irwin was born in 1998 and was named after Steve’s favourite croc called Bindi, and his childhood pet called Sui. In 2003, the family members welelafilador.neted a baby boy, whom they called Robert after Steve’s father.