The late 44-year-old was renowned around the civilization for his lovably endearing personality and for being a wildlife expert. But, ~ above the fourth of September, 2006, the Aussie symbol was killed. Keep reading for the full tragic tale.

elafilador.net was Steve Irwin?

As the host of the discovery show The Crocodile Hunter and also an avid conservationist, Steve Irwin is more than likely one of the most well-known Australians to have ever lived, and also the affect of his life’s work has been felt all over the world. 

Long prior to his fame together the Australian Crocodile Hunter, though, Steve was currently doing his elafilador.netponent to save the animals.

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Born elafilador.nete wildlife conservationists Lyn and also Bob Irwin, Steve prospered up in Queensland, security a lot of time in the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park, i m sorry his parental started. He learned how to feeding animals, maintain their habitats, and at the age of nine began handling crocodiles.


Steve and Terri married in 1992.


In 1991, Steve take it the reins that the park, and in the very same year, he met and also fell in love with Terri Raines, a naturalist visiting from Oregon, USA. They acquired married in 1992, and rather than having actually a honeymoon, lock filmed a documentary through director john Stainton about the pair trapping and rescuing crocodiles. Talk around a personalised day night.

This documentary would end up being the first episode the The Crocodile Hunter series, which would certainly be choose up by Discovery elafilador.netmunications in 1996, catapulting him right into pop society stardom and also cementing the as among the many iconic Australian numbers in history.

The Crocodile Hunter go on because that a splendid 11 years, making it the second longest-running exploration show after ~ Mythbusters.

Steve additionally appeared in other shows such together the children’s series Croc Files, and additionally had a documentary series called The Crocodile Hunter Diaries that focused on his life with Terri and also their family, quite than the occupational they were doing.


The Crocodile Hunter TV display aired because that 11 years.


Aside from his TV work and management of the Queensland Reptile and also Fauna Park, i m sorry he change the name to the Australia Zoo in 1998, Steve likewise established the Steve Irwin Conservation structure (now Wildlife Warriors) with his wife, i beg your pardon aimed to promote awareness about threatened and endangered animals. He also founded the Lyn Irwin Memorial Fund, i beg your pardon he developed in honour the his mother, elafilador.net passed away in an accident in 2000.

On a personal note, Steve and also Terri invited their daughter Bindi ~ above July 24th 1998 and also son Robert on December first 2003. Bindi now has actually her own Irwin romance, married to her best fan and also fellow conservationist Chandler Powell, v their own very first born Wildlife Warrior.

What was Steve Irwin doing as soon as he died?

On September 4, 2006, Steve remained in Batt Reef working on Ocean’s Deadliest, a documentary that he was co-hosting v Philippe Cousteau Jr.

At the time, filming had actually been suspended early out to negative weather, for this reason Steve went the end snorkelling to capture footage for Bindi the jungle Girl, a children nature series he was emerging that would be gift by his daughter, Bindi. 

While in shallow waters, the came throughout a short-tail stingray, i m sorry he followed in an attempt to record footage that it. Suddenly, it reared up and also started stabbing the wildly through its stinger. The short-tailed stingray is the biggest stingray in the world, with a span of around two meters, and also its powerful tail ends in a barbed spine that deserve to be as lengthy as eight inches.


Steve was killed by a short-tail stingray.


Cameraman Justin Lyons recalled see the stingray landing ‘hundreds the strikes’ in seconds. Steve occurs a substantial gash throughout his chest, his heart pierced through the stingray’s barb. Justin said that Steve’s critical words were, “I’m dying.”

It need to be provided that it’s very rare behaviour for a stingray to fatally assault a human. Before Steve Irwin’s stingray attack, just two other fatal attacks had been videotaped in Australia. Approximately the world, just one to two fatal attacks are reported every year. Justin speculated the the incident was a freak accident, the the stingray must have actually seen Steve’s shadow and thought it was a tiger shark, prompting it elafilador.nete attack.

Justin and the remainder of the crew ruined all clip of the strike on Steve. Today, any type of circulating clip that cases to depict the occurrence is fake. 

Steve Irwin was 44 at the time of his death.

Steve Irwin’s legacy

After his death, Australia remained in mourning. The element Minister and Leader of the the opposite both had condolence speeches, while countless fans went to Australia Zoo to pay tribute.

At a publicly memorial elafilador.netpany on September 20, 2006, his daughter Bindi, that was just eight-years-old provided a speech wherein she plaintively expressed she love for she late father, but also reinforced his conservationist mission.

“When I watch a crocodile ns will constantly think the him and I know that dad made this zoo so everyone can elafilador.nete and learn to love all the animals. Daddy made this location his entirety life and also now it’s our turn to help Daddy,” she told the crowd.

Today, Australia Zoo and also Steve"s heritage lives on. The Irwin family runs a wildlife hospital, and Steve’s foundations continue to chug along, helping people and animals where they can. And also two different species are called after Steve; Irwin’s snapping turtle, or elseya irwini, and also a tree snail referred to as crikey steveirwini.


Steve"s very first grandchild is due any kind of day.

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Steve"s daughter Bindi and her husband Chandler Powell are likewise expecting their very first child, a infant girl and also Steve and also Terri"s very first grandchild, and the mum-to-be confessed the Steve would"ve to be a "good grandpa."

"I don"t think us would"ve ever before seen our daughter. That would"ve simply whisked her away right into the zoo and it would"ve to be perfect," she told Entertainment Tonight.

"But the is so nice the we"ll be able to introduce her to her grand through all of those documentaries. It"s really special."