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Joe Boeckmann is a previous judge that the overcome County district Court in Arkansas.<1> He joined the court in 2009 and also resigned in may 2016. He had actually been suspended through pay indigenous the court because November 19, 2015, following the release of numerous charges of ethics violations versus him.<2>

Noteworthy events

Misconduct allegations (2015)

On November 17, 2015, the Arkansas judicial Discipline and Disability Commission made public misconduct allegations against Judge Joe Boeckmann. The allegations accused Boeckmann the mishandling a situation involving the sister the a male he had actually had an intimate connection with, giving preferential treatment to white, male defendants, and also engaging in sex-related conduct with some male defendants.<3> Boeckmann also, according to the complaint, enabled unrecorded sentencing, such as cleaning up trash in ~ his home, and also took inappropriate photos that defendants. It also accused him of possessing boy pornography.<4>

On November 19, Arkansas can be fried Court cook Justice Howard Brill rely the judge and announced the a unique judge would be appointed come temporarily replace Boeckmann.<2>

Boeckmann"s lawyers filed the judge"s an answer with the Arkansas justice Discipline and also Disability commission on December 15. In the seven-page document, he "generally and specifically denie" all allegations versus him.<5>

Read Boeckmann"s an answer in full here.

On January 19, 2016, the disciplinary panel claimed that more people had actually come forward v allegations of sexual misconduct versus Judge Boeckmann. They declared that Boeckmann available them reduced sentences and then took or requested to take unreasonable photos.<6> After additional charges surfaced about the referee paying attorneys who regularly showed up before him in court, the justice Discipline and Disability Commission exit an amended statement of allegations.<7>

Read the amended explain in complete here.

In may 2016, Boeckmann agreed come resign indigenous the court and also never again seek public office rather of fighting the misconduct allegations. Investigators had found thousands of picture of a sexual nature on Boeckmann"s computer system of defendants that had appeared before the judge. They additionally found check from Boeckmann written out to defendants that showed up in the photos. The commission stated that it thought that Boeckmann"s actions dated come the 1980s as soon as he to be a county prosecutor. "This is the worst case of justice misconduct in Arkansas history, in my opinion," said David Sachar, director of the justice Discipline and Disability Commission. Following his resignation, Boeckmann"s attorney declined to comment.<8>

Federal indictment (2016)

In October 2016, Boeckmann was indicted top top eight counts of wire fraud, 2 counts of witness tampering, one count of federal routine bribery, and 10 counts of violating the federal take trip Act. The previous judge pleaded no guilty to every charges.<9><10>

Guilty plea (2017) and sentencing (2018)

Boeckmann pleaded guilty to two counts of commonwealth charges of cable fraud and witness tampering top top October 5, 2017. In exchange, much more than 20 felony counts to be dismissed. Boeckmann gotten in the plea before U.S. Ar Court referee Kristine Baker.<11>

Judge Baker sentenced Boeckmann to 5 years in prison, followed by three years managed release, and also a $50,000 fine, ~ above February 21, 2018. According to Arkansas Matters, Baker sentenced Boeckmann to experience psychosexual evaluation and also mental health and wellness treatment while in prison.<12>

In a statement, Boeckmann apologized to the court, the world of cross County, and to his family.<12>

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