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The piece — i beg your pardon was published Saturday — starts with the heat “Donald J. Trump had actually barely met Rowanne Brewer Lane as soon as he asked she to adjust out of she clothes.”

It then continues with a scene illustrated by Brewer Lane about a 1990 pool party in ~ Trump’s Florida beach club.

“He suddenly took me by the hand, and also he started to show me about the mansion. He asked me if I had actually a swimsuit through me. I said no. I hadn’t intended come swim. He take it me into a room and also opened drawers and also asked me to put on a swimsuit.”

But Brewer Lane disputed the way she is shown Monday in one interview v Fox & Friends.

"The brand-new York Times called us several times the they would make sure my story that ns was informing came across, lock promised numerous times the they would execute it accurately, lock told me number of times and also my manager number of times the it would not be a fight piece and also that my story would certainly come throughout the method that i was informing it and also honestly and also it absolutely was not,” Brewer lane said. “They go take quotes from what ns said and they put a an adverse connotation top top it. They spun it to where it showed up negative. I did not have actually a negative experience with Donald Trump.”

Brewer lane dated Trump and said the the presumptive Republican nominee “never make me feel favor I to be being demeaned in any kind of way, he never ever offended me in any type of way.”

“Obviously castle feel favor they have to do other to do him look poor or go together with their article,” Brewer roadway said.

“Why execute you think the left — the mainstream media — is so obsessed through just producing this headline about how Donald trumped treats women?” organize Ainsley Earhardt asked.

“I don’t know. I think the they’re just reaching because that straws,” Brewer roadway said, adding that her manager has reached the end to the reporter come say they would certainly be telling her next of the story.

“It just provides journalists a negative name, yet I’m happy you’re right here to set the document straight,” Earhardt said.

Brewer roadway finished the show by saying the she would be sustaining Trump in a general election.

Trump jumped on the interview Monday, sending out a collection of tweets about Brewer Lane’s appearance and also what he referred to as a “hit piece."

Later Monday, the story"s authors, Michael Barbaro and Megan Twohey, showed up on CNN to safeguard their reporting.

When asked just how they felt about the reaction indigenous Trump on the piece, Twohey responded the they had given the presumptive nominee lot of of possibility to provide his next of the story.

“We spoke to Donald Trump because that an hour and also included his voice in ours story and really valued the time that we gained to invest with him on the phone," she said. "We believe that girlfriend know, in ~ every chance we gave him a possibility to type of give his side of the story."

"I believe Rowanne has actually asked for an apology. Ns mean, what execute you say?" hold Kate Bolduan asked.

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“We really stand by our story, we think we quoted her reasonably and accurately and also that the story yes, really speaks because that itself," Barbaro responded.