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Facility Leader: Barry Goodrich, Warden

Barry Goodrich was named warden at Crowley ar Correctional facility in September 2018, after having served together warden in ~ Bent county Correctional Facility since 2013. During the food of his correction career, that has worked his method up the ranks, native correctional officer, assistant shift supervisor and chief of security to his duty as a facility leader. Goodrich has served as assistant warden in ~’s Coffee Correctional Facility, Crowley county Correctional Facility, and Prairie Correctional Facility, and also as warden at Coffee and also Lake Erie Correctional Institution. He join in 1992, ~ spending eight years in the U.S. Army and also in law enforcement.

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Facility PREA Information

The following information is listed in accordance with PREA (Prison Rape Elimination act of 2003). Discover more

Compliance Manager:Paul Pacheco, chef of Unit Management

Third Party reporting Method(s):

What to execute if someone reports to you the they have actually been a victim of sexual assault, sex-related abuse or sexual harassment:

Call the PREA Reporting line at 1-855-855-0611. These reports have the right to be left anonymously and also are answered by an company outside of CDOC.

Call the CDOC TIPS line at: 1-877-DOC-TIPS (362-8477), TTY accessible. Calls come this toll-free number in CDOC space recorded. Messages are checked daily, Monday with Friday, excluding holidays, by employee of the Office the the Inspector General. Messages deserve to be left anonymously.

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Send a letter come PREA management and Compliance Services program at:

2862 S. Circle Dr.

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Email the PREA Administrator at DOC_PREA_Program

Call the Ethics and also Compliance Hotline: 1-800-461-9330, or

Facility PREA policy (14-2): Download

Colorado DOC PREA administrative Regulation (100-40): Download

PREA Audit date or reserved Audit Date: September 10-13, 2018

PREA Audit Report: Download

PREA Audit date or reserved Audit Date:September 14-16, 2015

PREA Audit Report: Download

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