Car type4-door saloon
Curb weight1873 kg (4129 lbs)
Dimensions5.39 m (212 in) long, 1.99 m (78 in) wide, 1.48 m (58 in) high
Wheelbase2.91 m (115 in)
Origin countryUnited States
Submitted bySuper8

Powertrain specs

Engine type Ford Modular V-8 4.6L
Displacement 4.6 together (281 ci / 4601 cc)
Power 242 ps (239 bhp / 178 kw)
4100 rpm
Power / liter 53 ps (52 hp)
Power / weight 129 ps (128 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 208 Nm (153 lb-ft) / t
Transmission Ford 4R70W
Layout front engine, behind wheel drive






I meant...

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As for Shelby Crown Victoria, it"s in reality fake. The human being who speak it"s real is an idiot. :D

As for Shelby Crown Victoria, it"s in reality fake. The world who speak it"s real is one idiot. :D 07

Super8: ns was close, I as soon as saw a police chase video clip in i beg your pardon a cop was chasing a guy in a Porsche 911 and he got up to 145 MPH, he may have actually been driving a Camaro or Mustang pursuit car. I"ve heard the police officers obtaining their Crown Victoria Police Interceptors as much as 140 MPH. The Camaro and also Mustang search cars are being phased the end in favor of dodge Chargers, i beg your pardon can twin as a formation car and pursuit auto because they can outrun most cars a criminal might be driving. Used Crown Vic Police Interceptors are obtaining popularity due to the fact that they"re cheap, well kept by the previous drivers, (although they had hard lives), comfortable, and fairly fuel efficient, reliable, and fast.

Shaggy: main top speed is 136 mph. Yet the genuine one need to be around 140 mph. The short torque makes this automobile had slow-moving acceleration to hit top speed faster. It must be fun to journey a retirement police car. You"ll got a special however cheap car in your garage.

Super8: In America, the police are gradually retiring the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor in favor of an ext Dodge Charger PPVs, Chevrolet Caprice Police Cruisers, and also the new Ford Taurus Police Interceptors. When a police car gets 90,000 miles on it, they eliminate all police equipment and also sell it. You deserve to buy a used Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor for roughly $3,000.00, fine maintained, and the just was you have the right to tell it from a traditional Crown Vic is the black grille and the wheels. Civilization in mine neck of the woods like to to buy them and also "trick them out", Example: brand-new wheels, usually huge and chrome, lifted suspension to accommodate the wheels, brand-new sound mechanism with CD player, 10"-15" speakers, 1,000 watt amplifier, and sometimes custom repaint job.

ihateshelbycrownvics: "The evade Charger SRT8 with 425 speech tops out at 155 MPH, and the Ford Crown Victoria through 239 might do the same."EEHHHHHHH, wrong, the 2006-2010 dodge charger SRT/8 through the 6.1 liter hem actually tops the end at 172 MPH, the Ford Crown Victoria through the 239 speech 4.6 liter V8 tops out at 145 MPH.

Ugh, I"ve currently subconsciously believed it"s another troll"s BS. Hopefully, my first impression to be wrong. :D

BTW, ns did no know about this Crown Victoria"s sport package. And actually that does look impressive enough! so sleek but muscular. The does resemble me a Fox-body Mustang. And black suits perfectly.

As for an engine, it could be much more powerful, of course.

Super8: Actually, it has the Police Interceptor engine. A great performance song up would be a k & n air filter: as much as 20+ horsepower, k&n high circulation air intake: 20+ Horsepower, MSD performance ignition: as much as 25% an ext horsepower, high power camshaft, approximately 50% more horsepower, porting and polishing the cylinder top can include 30 much more horsepower, Dynomax power exhaust and also headers can add up come 30 an ext horsepower, power spark plugs can add 10 more horsepower, that"s all I have the right to think of there is no resorting to forced induction. There are butt-loads of performance parts and also upgrades because that Ford"s 4.6 liter SOHC V8.

Even this car had Mustang engine, however it"s slow. It only deserve to reach 136 mph and also 0-60 mph is 8.6 sec for sport model. What need to they do, is put 300 Hp version 4.6 together Modular V8 indigenous Mustang GT for this reason this vehicle will not has disappointed performance as a sport version.

Because ns don"t have actually something to do, i decide to include this car. Sport version of Crown Victoria finish with power exhaust and also sport suspension.

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