Our complete guide ~ above the brand-new Orleans cruise terminal to make sure you are completely prepared for her cruise vacation. Through tips locations and more.

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If you’ve never visited new Orleans before, taking a cruiseout of the brand-new Orleans Cruise Terminal is the best method to perform so. It offers youan forgive to travel to the large Easy, the residence of Mardi Gras and Cajun cooking.

New orleans is a large city, and also the cruise port is verypopular, so friend should recognize what to expect before arriving.

From the history, terminal information, come parking, transportation,and dining options, this post will offer you every little thing you need to knowabout the new Orleans Cruise Terminal and the neighboring area.

History that the brand-new Orleans Cruise Terminal

The year 1803 is once the joined States federal government boughtthe nest of Louisiana indigenous the French because that $15 million.

This event came to be known as The Louisiana Purchase, anddue come the colony’s easy accessibility to commerce and also travel follow me the MississippiRiver, quickly doubled the dimension of the United claims at the time.

Over the years the port of new Orleans serves to carry out aneconomic rise to the region, till the civil War when the port is closeup of the door andgoes unused for over a decade.

The harbor is finally reopened in the so late 1870s and also the nexthundred years is spent cultivation the harbor and including cruise terminals. It isn’tlong before the new Orleans Cruise Terminal becomes among the many popularports because that both the transport of goods and also passengers.

Where is the brand-new Orleans Cruise Terminal?

The new Orleans Cruise Terminal is located right in thecenter that the city. The French quarter is just a short drive away, together isdowntown brand-new Orleans. Nearby cities space Gretna to the south and also Metairie come thenorthwest.

A couple of landmarks come lookout for if she driving come the portare The national WWII Museum on newspaper St and also The Louisiana children Museumon Julia Street.

How you get to the port mostly depends on which terminalyou need to go to.

Julia Street Cruise Terminal, located at 920 harbor of NewOrleans Place, serves ships indigenous Norwegian Cruise Lines and also Royal Caribbean International.

Erato Street Cruise Terminal at 1100 port of brand-new OrleansPlace offer ships indigenous Carnival Cruise Lines and Disney Cruise Lines.

If you take place to it is in cruising through a different company, yourboarding info will tell you which terminal you have to go to.

Where have the right to You Park?

There space three parking alternatives located appropriate at the port. Every terminal has actually their very own parking area and there is a lot nearby to the Julia Street Parking lot of that provides parking because that oversized vehicles (RVs, buses, etc.).

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Ideally, uneven you have a bus or an RV, you will want topark in the many or garage for your terminal, together it will certainly make boarding mucheasier top top you and your family.

Erato Street Cruise Terminal Parking

The garage for the Erato Street Cruise Terminal is locatedabove the terminal. As you method the terminal you will view a one rampthat will certainly take you approximately the garage.

SeaCaps will take your checked baggage straight to the shipfor you, then as soon as you park just take the convenient elevator under to theterminal to board.

Parking is $22 between April 1 and July 31, and also $20 between August 1 and also March 31. To it is in allowed accessibility you must have actually your boarding info printed out and accessible to show. The garage is secured, well-lit, and patrolled through security police officers 24/7.

Julia Street Cruise Terminal Parking

If you’re arriving to the terminal from the south, driveright previous the Erato Street Cruise Terminal to acquire to the Julia StreetTerminal.

Stop at the terminal very first and SeaCaps will assist you withyour luggage and also passengers, then you’ll be given directions come the uncoveredparking lot situated right alongside the terminal.

After friend park a shuttle will certainly take you back to the terminalif you need it. As with the Erato Street Garage, this parking lot ispatrolled 24/7, well lit, and secured. Parking in ~ Julia Street is $20 a day year-round.

Oversized Parking

If you know you’ll be driving an oversized vehicle, you will need to make bookings in development to park at the overlapping lot situated on Poydras Street alongside the Julia Street Cruise Terminal. Inspect the port website for an ext information.

After offloading every luggage and passengers at the appropriate terminal first, who will straight you to the overlapping lot, or friend can contact for Mustafa Yucesoy at 504-609-9559 to assist you. The expense for oversized parking is $40 every day year-round.

Overflow Parking

During the spring and summer cruise seasons there has tendency tobe a much higher demand because that parking.

If this is the situation for friend upon arriving, you will certainly likelybe directed to one of miscellaneous overflow parking web page located roughly the city.The port will also carry out shuttle transportation to and also from this overflowparking lots.

Are There any type of Off-Site Parking Options?

You can’t beat the convenience and also ease that parking best atthe cruise terminal. Every you need to do is park and then walk right to theterminal to board her ship.

But what if spending $140 because that a week of parking isn’t inyour take trip budget? Or girlfriend don’t want to invest $40 a night for your RV or bus?

Well, luckily because that you, new Orleans has a few off-siteparking choices with substantially lower costs that will be much easier on yourbudget.

New orleans Parking

New orleans Parking offers parking at one of four locationsright beside the brand-new Orleans Cruise Port, and every one of them space significantlycheaper than parking top top site.

Three of these options is through Fulton location Parking, the bestplace to park in brand-new Orleans whether you’re walk on a cruise, or just need topark in town for the day.

For cruise passengers you can park ~ above the garage rooftop(uncovered), a extended level the the garage, or in their oversized lot.

Be sure as soon as you’re making your reservation virtual to select“cruise parking” to gain the proper results.

The 3 Fulton too many do provide shuttle service, yet ONLYfor Norwegian, Carnival, and also Royal passengers.

Prices for Fulton are:

Rooftop: $10 per day (plus $5 service fee andsales tax)Covered: $12.50 per day (plus $5 organization fee andsales tax)Oversized lot: $16 every day per room the vehicletakes increase (plus $5 company fee and sales tax)

The 4th location you can book parking in ~ through new Orleans Parking is the Cummins Parking Lot. $12.50 every day (plus sales tax and also a organization fee), and they administer shuttle service to and also from the cruise port. To book your point out in breakthrough visit https://neworleansparking.com/.

New orleans Cruise ship Parking

New olions Cruise delivery Parking isn’t as close to the port, yet they do provide totally free shuttle company to and also from the cruise port. Come park below you must publication in advance at http://www.nocruiseshipparking.com.

Parking expenses $14 every day. If you will be staying in a hotelthat doesn’t provide parking, brand-new Orleans Cruise delivery Parking will certainly charge you$30 the night you remain at the hotel, and then $14 every night after ~ that. Andthey’ll gladly spaceship you between the hotel, parking lot, and cruise port.

What varieties of Cruises have the right to You take it from the brand-new Orleans Cruise Terminal?

The brand-new Orleans Cruise Terminal offers Caribbean cruisesthrough Carnival, Norwegian, imperial Caribbean, and Disney.

The average size of these cruises is 7 nights, yet some are shorter at 4 or 5 nights. Carnival and also Royal have year-round cruises, while Norwegian and also Disney are seasonal.

You can likewise take cruises along the Mississippi river from the new Orleans Cruise Terminal. These cruises are listed through American Cruise Lines and also American Queen Steamboat agency and have the right to last anywhere from 7 nights come 21 nights long. For more information about ships and also itineraries, visit the harbor itinerary page.

Transportation choices to the brand-new Orleans Cruise Terminal

If you’ve made decision that driving to new Orleans and trying tofind parking is simply too much work, there room other means of getting to thecruise port.

First, the best method to get to brand-new Orleans is come fly. The louis Armstrong new Orleans worldwide Airport is only around 15 miles from the new Orleans Cruise Terminal. Therefore by automobile or taxi, it must take around 20-25 minute to obtain to the cruise port.

Cruise heat Shuttles

Many the the major cruise lines sell shuttle transfers fortheir passengers either from the airport, or from every little thing hotel they occur tobe remaining in.

While this deserve to be exceptionally convenient, this is the single most expensive method to gain to the cruise terminal unless you’re travel by yourself.

For example, Disney charges $25 one means per guest. Soeven if it’s simply two that you, that’s $100 ring trip. $200 for a family offour.

To learn an ext about transportation options with the cruiselines in ~ the port of brand-new Orleans, click among the web links below:

Rental Car

Renting a auto for just a few hours is a an excellent way come getfrom the airport to the cruise terminal, and you don’t have to problem aboutparking anywhere during your cruise.

It’s essential to note that the only auto rental companieswith rental stations near the brand-new Orleans Cruise Terminal room Avis, Hertz, andBudget. All 3 of lock are likewise located in ~ the airport so you can pick upyour car shortly after ~ arriving.

Renting a automobile one way will give you manage over yourtransportation options to the cruise port. Be all set to pay around $60 to renta vehicle for a day.


Taxis space really straightforward to choose up native the plane andthey’ll journey you right up to your cruise terminal. What makes these easy isyou don’t have to book anything in advance, and they’ll quickly take 1-2 peoplefrom the airport come the cruise terminal for a flat rate of $36.

If your group consists of 3 or more people, taxis willcharge you an extra $15 per person, therefore you could want to shot something else forlarger groups.


Ridesharing solutions are the prime means to travel approximately anycity this days, and brand-new Orleans is no exception.

Both Uber and also Lyft administer rides from the airport to the NewOrleans Cruise Terminal. Indigenous Uber you will do it be spring at payment $34.65, and also fromLyft the price would it is in $32-$36.

One that the finest things about taking Uber or Lyft is theprice covers up to 4 people riding in the exact same car.

What hotels in new Orleans carry out Parking or spaceship Service?

If you plan to come in brand-new Orleans a work or two before your ship leaves (which we highly recommend that you do), you won’t have any type of trouble detect a place to continue to be as over there are numerous hotels situated all approximately the city.

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For those driving come the port, book your remain at a hotelthat offers parking. This eliminates to need to additionally secure parking.

Hotels v parking accessibility during your cruise are:

Hilton brand-new Orleans Riverside$170 typical nightly rate0.3 mile from the portYou acquire a 20% discount on her room and parking for $13 per nightHoliday Inn Downtown Superdome$104 average nightly rate1 mile from the portFree parking for 8 nightsHampton Inn & Suites brand-new Orleans Convention Center$110 mean nightly rate0.6 mile from the portParking because that $14 per nightFree shuttle to and from the portThe Queen anne Hotel$91 median nightly rate1.3 mile from the portFree parking for 7 nights (must book 2 nights)Maison St. Charles$111 average nightly rate1 mile native the portFree parking because that 7 nightsCourtyard Marriott new Orleans Westbank/Gretna$107 mean nightly rate3.5 miles from the portFree parking because that cruise durationFree shuttle

Must-Try Restaurants near the new Orleans Cruise Terminal

Even if have just a couple of hours to kill before your delivery takes off, friend are likely going to it is in hungry. Why not spend few of that time sampling several of the terrific cuisines that new Orleans needs to offer?

Here room some restaurants within walking street of thecruise terminal. Many of them are located right in the French Quarter, soyou’ll obtain a distinct blend the French and Cajun cooking that you will do it only uncover inLouisiana.

So park your car, climate head on over to one of these amazingplaces because that a tasty treat you i will not ~ forget.

Barcadia Bar & Grill: Step into some nostalgia in this casual bar and arcade room, special dozens that arcade games from the ’80s. Serving few of the ideal burgers and sandwiches around, this is a an excellent place because that the youngsters in your team (or the kids-at-heart) come enjoy.

Cochon Butcher: Both a regional butcher and sandwich shop, Cochon has delicious food come offer any meat lover. They work-related with a large network of local ranches to carry out their customers with the freshest fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Try a Cajun Pork Dog on Pretzel Bun, Moroccan Spiced Lamb onFlatbread (with cucumbers, tzatziki, and chili oil), or your Le Pig Mac.

Ugly Dog Saloon & BBQ: If BBQ is her favorite, then be certain to avoid by the Ugly Dog Saloon. Serving customers in the Warehouse District since 1998, they offer Cajun exhilaration sausages, St. Louis layout ribs, and spicy alligator chili. This no your regular BBQ joint.

They lug a tiny extra flavor and also kick to whatever theyserve. You might want to have actually your favourite antacids top top standby once you eathere.

Emeril’s: Heard of chief Emeril “BAM!” Lagasse? This is his flagship restaurant, situated right in the heart of brand-new Orleans. Expect to pay roughly $30 per human being here, yet your taste buds will thank you.

This restaurant serves brand-new Orleans Barbequed Shrimp, speed Fried creole Marinated Calamari, and a double-decker burger that Emeril’s called the “Who Dat” Burger.

What are Some Fun things to do in new Orleans?

In enhancement to wonderful dining and also food options, there areplenty of sightseeing avenues to take advantage of close to the new OrleansCruise Terminal.


Shopping is by far a favorite tourist previous time. Wheneveryou visit a brand-new place, you desire to take it something home that reminds friend ofwhere girlfriend visited. Frequently this outcomes in the phenomenon of showing up home withmore 보다 you left with.

But having items friend bought in far places the you’ll never ever visit again can hold memories of household vacations, or offer as trophies that you traveled to cool places.

New olions has many souvenirs to sell tourists visiting for their cruise. The French 4 minutes 1 especially, i m sorry is quickly within walking distance of the port, has actually the French Market.

Six block of shopping that also covers roughly three centuries of brand-new Orleans and Louisiana history. This have the right to be a good place to acquire your retail treatment going while remaining close to the port.

Mardi Gras World

This funny attraction educates girlfriend on the history of Mardi Gras and also what it means. It’s easily accessible year-round with floats, tours, and King Cake. And the best component is they’ll choose you up from all over for free! Just contact them in ~ 504-361-7821 when you’re ready to visit and they’ll come to get you. Find more details right here.

The national WWII Museum

Just a couple of blocks under the road from the cruise port is an extensive National world War II Museum under on magazine St. Learn an ext about people War II than you ever did in school and also what that really method to human being today. Castle have many exhibits, movies, and also lectures to tell the story.

The museum likewise has a restaurant ~ above campus the embraces thehistory and memories the the WWII era called BB’s stage Door Canteen, completewith entertainment. Be certain to avoid in here for a background lesson or two and also getsome lunch while you there.

City tours

Don’t understand what you desire to do in brand-new Orleans? it is okay!If you’re brand-new to the city, it have the right to be hard to recognize where to go and what to see.

One way to experience brand-new Orleans is to walk on a tour. Thereare various types of tours that will certainly take you to various locations of the city.They have whatever from rides ~ above the bayou, cemetery tours, carriage rides,walking tours, and also more.

Tours accessible in new Orleans are:

Conclusion ~ above Must-Know Things around the new Orleans Cruise Terminal

New olions is a city that’s full of life, spice, and also fun.If you’ve never been before, we extremely suggest showing up a job or two beforeyour cruise pipeline to totally experience everything the city and also cruise harbor hasto offer you.

Giving you yourself a buffer that time can also come in handyshould there be any kind of flight delays, traffic, or any type of issues through the cruise ship.

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From details around the cruise port, to parking, hotels, andthings to carry out in the area, it is necessary to it is in informed prior to you come inthe city. Arrangement as much as you have the right to ahead the time, however also permit for the chanceto have actually some spontaneous fun while you there.