Many cruise-lovers fantasize around living on pearls for expanded periods of time—or even permanently. For these devotees of the cruising lifestyle, it’s a means to visit brand-new places, make brand-new friends, and also experience brand-new adventures on land and shore by day, while enjoy it the comforts of cocoon-like staterooms in ~ night—along v captivating around-the-clock ocean views.

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To realize this dream, some travelers book extended people cruises (generally 90-120 work in length); rather opt because that sequential back-to-back cruises top top one or much more cruise lines. Due to the fact that its beginning in 2002, an opulent condo-style yacht dubbed The world has offered one more possibility: the acquisition of multimillion dollar “residences at sea.”

However, a brand-new residential cruise ship neighborhood called Storylines, booked to start in Asia in late 2023, hopes to make the dream of living on a ship an ext affordable, opening up the opportunity to a more comprehensive segment of the population. It intends to attract not only wealthy retirees but likewise families and also the growing number of location-independent workers.The line recently announced the it was acquisition pre-sale deposits because that their an initial ship.

“The notice is certainly an amazing one,” comment Colleen McDaniel, Editor-in-Chief of Cruise Critic. “We continue to hear native cruise travelers that there’s a solid interest in retiring in ~ sea—to be able to take a passion and also truly immerse us in it, when they have actually the time and also financial ability to do so. And for others who love cruising, yes sir no much better scenario than being able to carry out it for an extended duration of time,” she adds. spoke through Alister Punton, one of the line’s principal founders (along through Shannon Lee), come learn an ext about the brand and plans because that the brand-new vessel:


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What can you tell us about the ship?

Alister Punton: The Storylines ship is booked to launch from Asia in late 2023. It will certainly be built in China v finishing work (such together interiors) and other vital components perfect by our European trade partners. We have partnered with some of the industry"s best names to deliver the cleanest, greenest and most modern-day ship accessible today.

The brand-new vessel is designed to foster one active an international residential lifestyle. All of the 627 residential units accessible for sale space configured as doubles return suites can be configured come host an ext residents in up to 4 double-bedrooms.

Artist"s calculation of a residential unit ~ above the ship


What demographic do you think Storylines will certainly appeal to?

AP: Our prospective inhabitants are more representative that a tiny city than any certain segment the the market. Interestingly, numerous are not your typical cruisers. Lock come from diverse backgrounds and also include professionals, organization owners, those who deserve to work remotely, family members with homeschooled children and also those no longer working. Ours primary focus is on pour it until it is full the ship with the right people who resonate well with our eight core values .

How will itineraries it is in chosen?

AP: The ship’s itinerary is resolved for the first 3½ years with plans to complete a full circumnavigation of the globe in the time. We arrangement to invest 3-5 job in most ports; even most one-day port will include an overnight.

“Flexible Days’ are built into the itinerary that have the right to be adjusted to suit the desire of the citizens on board. Because that example, this could mean staying much longer in one destination, or vote on another entirely different location for the following week. We likewise plan ‘Home at Sea’ days, as soon as the ship will certainly be in ~ anchor at premium locations (such as the waters around the islands of Croatia) allowing residents to enjoy the waterside marina, go fishing, kayaking, scuba diving or head to a deserted regional island for part bush-walking or beach-fired marshmallows. The selections are yes, really endless.

Will the general public spaces/amenities be any different than those on standard cruise ships?

AP: As our occupants won’t adjust every 2 weeks, we have designed publicly spaces that are much more akin come those that a luxury resort 보다 that of a traveler cruise ship. Think: wine and juice bars, yoga studios, pop up restaurants, cooking facilities, library, marina v all the toys, tech assistance bar, deli and market, onboard hydroponics farms, and also even a microbrewery.

We will have over 40 residents lounges on plank the ship. These are exclusive spaces wherein ‘locals’ have the right to relax in comfort, perform some work, check out a book; chef a meal; or entertain friends, family members or guests without having actually to be in the main public spaces. Few of these spaces include a warm tub, bar service and also cabanas.

What dining options will be available to owners?

AP: The food offerings on the ship will certainly be unlike any other, native the fresh create grown on board to the resident lounges with full kitchen food preparation facilities. We have actually reinvented the entirety restaurant space and gotten rid of the big dining hall kind setup by creating numerous smaller boutique-style food outlets, an interpretation that residents will have the ability to walk through among the food areas (just together they would on land) to discover a ‘Main Street USA’ area with smaller 50-seat restaurants or ‘hole in the wall’ Chinese-style dumpling house, or walk to a restaurant with a menu featuring food grown on plank the ship.

We will have actually a industry garden produce and also regular staples that changes weekly also as regional specific cheese and also deli items. Citizens will be able to choose what lock want, chef the food us or have actually it cooked, and enjoy their creations on the rear deck or on among the five indoor or the end viewing platforms and seating areas overlooking the marina and lower swimming pool areas.

There will certainly be alternatives to fit everyone"s tastes, wants and desires. As with many facets of Storylines, occupants will have actually input regarding the types of cuisine and restaurant styles to it is in featured on board.

calculation of the spa and also wellness area on the ship


What medical resources will be accessible on board?

AP: A team the doctors, pharmacists, nurses, physics therapists and a variety of other remedial and ancillary medical experts will be aboard to treatment for our residents. Spending end 85% of ours time in harbor or cruising close come land, method we will certainly be close come world-class hospitals for any unexpected clinical emergencies, with the onboard helicopter ready to be used for any kind of medevac situations. We will likewise carry the recent medical equipment which means we will have the ability to handle many instances on board, too.

Will the delivery be any kind of different technologically from various other cruise ships?

AP: This ship will certainly be the cleanest and greenest ship sailing as soon as launched. We will run mostly on liquified organic gas (LNG) through the capacity to run other fuels if and when required. We will likewise have a number of power generation framework with battery banks to operation ship generators and also auxiliary strength for much of the time. Our itinerary is really slow-paced meaning that our yearly emissions will certainly be close come a timeless tourist ship’s monthly output.

Growing tons of food ideal on board with over 8000 square feet of cultivation space, us expect most of the herbs and also leafy greens to come directly from the ship. We space proud to offer two world’s firsts: ship-to-plate food production and also a restaurant dedicated to only serve food get an impression onboard.

High-speed data everywhere on board way guests who work-related remotely can access all their favorite sites and programs from anywhere.

How is this concept like or unlike the of a holidays timeshare?

AP: Storylines’ inhabitants wholly very own their an are and can decorate the to their tastes. They can live in it, rental it out, leave it vacant and, the course, market it. Occupants will likewise have input into selecting experiences on plank the vessel and also ashore including destinations, entertainment and also dining.

What is it specifically that one owner “owns?”

AP: Residents will very own the exclusive ideal to a lease for their chosen residential unit on the ship because that the ax specified. We market terms from 12 come 60 years. In ~ the finish of the vessel’s oceangoing life, the owner will have actually the choice to rollover into an additional ship in the Storylines fleet there is no the should repurchase, making it feasible for residents to really own their residential cruise room forever. Cruise condo-cabins can be resold if the resident desire or rented the end to provide rental earnings to balance out their expenses to live onboard.

What about pricing?

AP: This phase of pricing start from simply $352,235 with present discounts reducing entrance pricing to under $297,000. Monthly fees break down primarily through room size and are payable quarterly. All-inclusive monthly fees begin as low together $1,928 every month per human (twin share). This fees include dining and also entertainment and also the expenses of to run the ship, consisting of port fees, crew, gratuities and maintenance. When occupants are not aboard, their residential unit deserve to be rented out, providing a rewarding return to offset their very own lifestyle.

Finally, why did you pick the name “Storylines?”

AP: We wished come reflect the difference between our brand-new brand and traditional cruise lines: Storyline offers citizens an opportunity to create and also continuously re-craft their own life stories, and share in the life story of others. No various other residential ship exists this particular day that is specialized to a floating global lifestyle that is both affordable and also a genuine ar at sea.

Note: This conversation has been easy edited and also condensed because that clarity.

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For additional information, visit the Storylines website.


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