MIAMI — It to be terror on the high seas for passengers board a royal Caribbean cruise ship the got recorded in a ferocious storm off southern Carolina if en path from new Jersey to the Bahamas.

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Check out this video clip from within the ship:

More 보다 4,000 travelers had actually to huddle in your cabins as 30-foot waves and also hurricane-force winds quit the Anthem the the Seas, a 1,141-foot-long floating hotel christened just last year.

Royal Caribbean said 4 passengers suffered minor injuries during the lengthy ordeal the left the deluxe liner littered with broke down ceilings, overturned furniture and also shattered glass.

150mph winds messed increase our imperial Caribbean Cruise top top Anthem the the Seas. Numerous damage and also confined come our staterooms because that 9 hrs #anthemoftheseas Captain did a phenomenal job under the circumstances as far as I can tell

A video clip posted by Vinnie (
Video posted digital by passengers reflects the Atlantic s churning wildly, through water smashing up against cabin windows prefer a glass washing device door.New Yorker Shara Strand, 34, stated via facebook that the storm started about 8 a.m. Sunday, and also the ship was already swaying as soon as she sat under for a 2:30 p.m. Performance of the aptly titled musical “We will certainly Rock You.”

The show was cancelled after about 10 minutes and also the captain notified everyone ago to your cabins.

“I’ve never ever heard that before on a ship and also it was literally rocking so lot that ns felt choose I was on a sailboat,” claimed Strand, a singer and also make-up artist.“I was simply so scared. I assumed of the Titanic.”

Strand’s husband, Dr. Mahyar Eidgah, “got really sick” and their 8-month-old daughter, Alexa, “cried a lot,” if Strand took part Xanax to quell a panic attack.

“There was water seeping right into our room top top the 9th floor,” she said.

“The crew looked panicked and said they never ever saw anything prefer it.”

RoyalCaribbean How much was the ship leaning? This far! Someone obtain out your protractor. #anthemoftheseas

— Greg (
flatgreg) February 8, 2016

The baby ultimately drifted turn off to sleep and missed most of the storm, i m sorry raged on until approximately 2 a.m. Monday, Strand said.

Amanda dick of Staten Island claimed by email that she obtained seasick as soon as the boat started rocking and also went v fiance Perry Nalitt to lay under in your cabin.

She claimed the captain do hourly announcements predicting calmer seas ahead, yet “a few hours came and also went and also it just gained worse.”

”Just getting up to usage the rest room was dangerous,” she said.

“You had actually to pull the door shut v two hands. That felt as if the ship was on its right side for most of it.”

“At some suggest a staff member knocked on the door and also gave united state bags the M&Ms. We were starving!” she added.

Strand said all the ship’s restaurants were closed by 4 p.m. Sunday, and also there was “total mayhem” when they re-opened because that breakfast Monday morning.

Various reports additionally said over there was likewise an hour-long open bar ~ above Monday afternoon.

Royal Caribbean announced Monday the the cruise was being turn around earlier to new Jersey, with passengers come receive complete refunds and also a 50 percent discount top top a future cruise.

Captain just educated us that the earliest when can get to harbor Canaveral is tomorrow morning.

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— Jacob Ibrag (
jaybrag) February 8, 2016

The company said the watercraft “remained seaworthy at every times,” and also blamed the case on an “unexpected huge storm.”

But Stu Ostro, senior meteorologist for The Weather Channel, tweeted photo of a national Weather business NAVTEX naval forecast native Wednesday that warned the 45 to 60 knot winds and 21 come 29 foot seas in southeastern us waters Sunday night.

“storm unexpected?” that wrote, along with a connect to his own Friday estimate of an “Exceptionally strong cyclone to explode turn off SE U.S. Coast Sun-Mon.”