Can You take it a One-way Cruise come Costa Rica?

Taking a one-way cruise come Costa Rica to enjoy an extended adventure vacation with a distinction is an choice that’s coming to be increasingly popular. Not only does cruising offer an extra adventure in its own right yet it likewise offers a mainly travel alternative for those who merely don’t great to fly. Having said that, it may surprise friend to know that whilst roundtrip cruises abound, one-way cruises come Costa Rica are much harder come find.

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Below, we information all her Costa Rica cruising options so friend can ideal decide i m sorry one is appropriate for you.

Roundtrip Cruises come Costa Rica – A financially rewarding (Yet Fleeting) Adventure

Being therefore close to the Panama Canal means Costa Rica is a really popular cruising destination in central America, v several major cruise lines (the most famous being Celebrity, royal Caribbean, Carnival and Princess) supplying itineraries the either ply the eastern Caribbean or western Pacific coasts and, in a few special cases, both. Cruises greatly depart native Miami or ft Lauderdale in the US and also can run from anywhere in between 7 and 21 days.

Where perform cruises prevent in Costa Rica? The key cruising port follow me Costa Rica’s Pacific shore is Puerto Caldera close to Punta Arenas whilst, end on the eastern coast, in the little town of Limon. These room the country’s two major ports, through marinas big enough come accommodate mega cruise liners. Pick a smaller ship, however, and your itinerary could include various other (smaller) ports together well.

Which shore is far better to cruise in Costa Rica? The Pacific is the most famous, serviced and popular coastline in Costa Rica therefore you’ll find the majority of cruise itineraries head to the western next of the country. With selection of phenomenal destinations that are basic to with from Punta Arenas, the Pacific coast offers the greatest variety of day-trip excursions together well. Over on the Caribbean, you’ll find a lot wilder coastline, wherein port solutions are minimal yet nature-based adventures phenomenal.


How lot time off execute you gain to explore? once you pick a round-trip cruise to Costa Rica, friend won’t have much time to explore, this gift the key bone of contention because that prospective travelers. Usually, one full day turn off at each harbor of speak to is all you have available when picking these types of cruises, for this reason although every the significant lines sell an impressive range of day-trip alternatives at every prevent – whatever from volcano climbing to whitewater rafting, zip-lining, kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling and hiking to stunning waterfalls (amongst numerous more) – you merely won’t have the time to reap them all.

The benefits of round-trip cruises to Costa Rica – If you’re quick on time and want to visit number of destinations in main America in the one trip, then round-trip cruises that include a pair of stop in Costa Rica can be a good option. This is specifically true if you’ve never traveled come less-developed nations before and are a small hesitant around an extended vacation there. If you simply want a taste that Costa Rica and want to check out what it’s like (to ascertain whether you will do love to come earlier on an extensive trip) a round-trip Caribbean or central American cruise could suit you well.

The downside of round-trip cruises come Costa Rica – This kind of expanded whirlwind cruises can definitely be a lot of fun (and showcase a host of outstanding places) yet, by their very nature, they can’t provide a very comprehensive experience in any one offered place. Cruises space mostly around fleeting access time to countless places quite than in-depth adventures in a few chosen spots.

If your aim is to reap a substantial adventure holidays in Costa Rica and want to incorporate a cruising suffer along the way, a better option would be to take it a one-way cruise instead.


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One-Way Cruises To/From Costa Rica – The finest of Both Worlds

If you great to check out Costa Rica an ext thoroughly however still reap a cruise experience, the one-way cruising option is definitely the much better choice. Travel to ours shores in style and have the flexibility to continue to be as lengthy as girlfriend wish as soon as you arrive. For the return journey, you could either take one more cruise earlier or (the most famous option) paris back.

A cruise down/fly up will certainly arguably market you the finest of both worlds.

Where perform one-way cruises depart/arrive? in ~ time the writing, just a select variety of specialist cruise service providers offer one-way cruises to Costa Rica although, provided the rise in demand for this service, we doubt many more will be offered in the close to future. The many popular alternatives are Windstar and Variety cruises, the latter offering journeys on the stunning M/S Panorama, one exquisite three-mast motor sailor. One-way itineraries ply the route between Puerto Caldera (Costa Rica) and Colon (Panama) and last between 7 and 11 days. Windstar also offers a 10-day itinerary the departs native Miami (FL).

The services of one-way cruises to Costa Rica – aside from the obvious benefit of having actually freedom and also independence when in Costa Rica, Windstar and variety also market the stellar bonus the daytime sailing throughout the famed and also historic Panama Canal. These room spectacular take trip adventures ~ above their very own right!


Courtesy of Windstar Cruises

The downside of one-way cruises – The lack of extensive choice of one-way cruises means you will certainly likely have to take the exact same cruise twice if you wish to cruise there and earlier and this is something that will not appeal come everyone. Moreover, there are only a handful of cruises on market on any type of given year (usually only in December and also January).

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What Adventures can You gain in Costa Rica as soon as You Arrive?


At Costa Rica Rios, us can aid you plan a mainly of exhilarating adventures in Costa Rica, even if it is you reach united state by watercraft or plane. Because that ease of reference, we’ve divided up our most famous tours by take trip style:

Honeymoon & Romance: given that Costa Rica is such a famous wedding and honeymoon destination, that won’t surprise you to recognize that romantic adventures are amongst our most well-known offerings. Due to the fact that we recognize that no 2 couples space alike, however, our variety of energetic honeymoon itineraries is extensive and includes super luxe, adult-only resorts, barefoot romance immersed in wilderness and weeklong itineraries that perfectly balance rest, relaxation and romance with oodles the outdoor tasks for adrenaline junkies together well.

Family Vacations: through a society that literally embraces children and a nation that is tailor-made for family members fun, Costa Rica is certainly one that the best family-friendly destinations on the planet. ~ above our family adventure vacations, us love to showcase the greatness the this country and its wonderful people, to plan itineraries that space unique, fun and budget-friendly, whilst focusing on activities and adventures the are suitable for everyone. For quality time together in nature, enjoying every other’s agency and our wonderful country, our Costa Rica Rios household vacations room unparalleled.

Week the Rivers: Adrenalin junkies and whitewater sporting activities addicts will have an i can not forget time on our kayaking and canoeing adventures. Not only can you experience several of the many coveted river-based adventures in Costa Rica but you can additionally take advantage of ours non-paddling task options to lug family and also friends along for the exhilarating ride. We sell adventures on class II come IV rapids top top the world-renowned Pacuare, Sarapiqui and also Pejibaye rivers, all three rated among the ideal whitewater sports destinations top top earth.

Week of Adventures: For the adventure seeker who just wants to carry out it all in a week, our adventure packages room unbeatable. Indigenous kayaking come rafting, snorkeling, wildlife-spotting, hiking, hill biking, canoeing and also so much an ext – this is the one 8-day itinerary that packs all the ideal adventures Costa Rica has to offer.

Off the Beaten course & Nature: for those who have a fervent desire to discover the remotest corners that Costa Rica, us offer superior adventure-packed itineraries to several of the many isolated corners the the country, consisting of Tortuguero national Park ~ above the Caribbean coast and also the spellbinding Osa Peninsula.

Build Your own Vacation: as well as our an extremely popular team tours, we also offer bespoke adventure tourism that space planned v your desire (and budget) in mind. Merely tell united state where in Costa Rica you’d like to go, and also what activities you’d like to try, and we’ll advise you on the best alternatives available.

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Whether you wish to simply avoid air take trip or are looking for a way to incorporate an adventure vacation in Costa Rica through a be sure cruise, you’ll hopefully uncover a cruising alternative to suit your needs. For more info ~ above Costa Rica adventure packages, simply call us to understand more.