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make Limón her gateway come the ecotourism treasures of Costa Rica. From right here you deserve to soar over rainforests, feeling the mist from tumbling waterfalls, and swim in clear Caribbean seas. Limón, Costa Rica, sits at the facility of the Caribbean coast’s ideal eco-adventures. When you cruise come Limón, don’t bypass the city itself, where countless bananas space shipped northward every year.- Soar ~ above a zip-line v a rainforest canopy.- Glide in the look canals the Tortuguero nationwide Park.- Walk with lush areas of vibrant pineapple once you cruise come Costa Rica.- spread out on the gold sands of a spectacular Caribbean beach.- Shop for neighborhood crafts in Limón’s Mercado Municipal.
Ships Visiting Limon, Costa Rica
Ship Itinerary Length
Carnival Dream CWI 7 days
Carnival Dream JP0 14 days

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