Unleash your inner eco-adventurer on a cruise come Costa Rica, a vibrant country full of vibrant scenery and breathtaking vistas. When cruising come Costa Rica, you can have to possibility to tour cities like Limon, Puerto Caldera, Puntarenas and also San Jose – every equally charming and in nearby proximity come Costa Rica’s real treasures favor rainforests, jungles, waterfalls and volcanoes. Fuel your wild side through a whitewater rafting tour through the jungle, or zip line over the canopy the a lush rainforest. For something a small less strenuous, capture a show at the national Theater or enjoy a scenic watercraft tour—just watch out for those happy monkeys! prefer many central American nations, Costa Rica has actually two significant coastlines, the Caribbean on the east and also Pacific ocean on the west. The experience deserve to vary depending upon which side you cruise along, with the Caribbean coast being much less populous with much more secluded beaches and nature preserves. Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, on the other hand, offers an ext opportunities for renowned tourists activities like horseback riding, fishing and also surfing. Nevertheless of which coast you sail to, Costa Rica is sure to impress.

Things to execute on a Cruise to Costa Rica

Many the the most famous excursion activities on Costa Rica cruises revolve roughly exploring the environment and also ecosystem. Most offer you a opportunity to endure sites and sounds—including animals—that you could never encounter back home. Gain your hands on part fresh Costa Rican coffee while touring a local plantation, hike along an active volcano crater, journey into the rainforest or soothe your mind, body and soul in a geothermal spring. Highlighted listed below are a few of the ideal ways to invest your time while cruising to Costa Rica:

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Enjoy an excursion the celebrates among Costa Rica’s many appreciated exports – coffee! tourism a coffee plantation close to Puerto Caldera and discover just how the bean are very closely grown, harvested and roasted to develop the perfect cup of Costa Rican coffee.Visit Poas Volcano nationwide Park whereby you’ll have the ability to see the huge main crater, as well as the many vapor vents letting sulfur escape from the Earth. Store in mind that the access of select volcano tours can depend on current (or anticipated) volcano activity.

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Explore Costa Rica native horseback ~ above a tour roughly Drake Bay. Store your hand on the reigns and also your eyes peeled for wildlife as you trot follow me rivers, streams and also beaches. Some excursions focus on the rugged Costa Rican highlands if others keep to the much more tropical regions.Learn to surf at a number of Costa Rica's most picturesque beaches. The water and also waves turn off the coastline of Manuel Antonio beach are especially suited for beginners v their watch never-ending it is provided of small-barrel waves.