Let decision Beauty nail & Spa it is in a part of your special day. We have the right to accommodate teams of every sizes for weddings, showers, birthdays or various other special events. Please contact us come reserve your exclusive event.

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Classic Lashes

Fill approximately 70% of your herbal lashes

Mixed Lashes

Fill approximately 90% of your organic lashes

Volume Lash

Make lock look 200% fuller



I love coming below everyone is for this reason nice and friendly, i have had my nails excellent by Cali and she does not disappointment they to be beautiful, I additionally get my eyelashes excellent by Brooke and omg! She knows lashes, come on down ladies you will not be disappointment.

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Not to be dramatic however these space my favourite nails I"ve ever had done. Several of my fingers room curved kinda monster so mine nails usually look a tiny off however the means Imani shame my pond you can"t even tell. On peak of the pond themselves being amazing, Imani was so nice and also accommodating. My meeting was kinda late in the day already but she took she time on my nails even though we were the critical ones left in the salon and also made lock perfect. I would certainly 100% recommend this salon to anyone ns know.

A really nail shop with really friendly staff!! I"ve to be a customer for a year now and also I"m never ever disappointed as soon as I leave. Mitsy does mine nails and also let me phone call you....she is AMAZING!!!! I show her a picture of what i want and she mirrors it. Not only that, however she throw in her ideas to make them look much better than the picture. Make sure you do an appointment in advancement because she and many other nail techs get booked fast!!