Crystal lane Smith accused of do the efforts to wash blood off son’s blue jeans after Tristyn Bailey stabbed to death



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– The State Attorney’s Office ~ above Friday filed the formal charge of tampering with evidence versus Crystal roadway Smith, the mom of Aiden Fucci, the teens accused in the stabbing fatality of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey in St. Johns County.

Smith’s arraignment is collection for July 26, yet she will likely waive her appearance. Tampering with proof is a third-degree felony in Florida.

Smith, 35, is accused of make the efforts to to wash blood turn off Fucci’s jeans hrs after Bailey to be stabbed come death, follow to investigators.

Fucci, is charged with first-degree killing in the stabbing death of Bailey, that was reported missing on might 9 -- Mother’s work -- around 10 a.m.

Investigators have actually said Fucci is the lone suspect in Bailey’s murder. According to investigators, the 2 were spotted on residence surveillance video clip walking with each other in the Durbin crossing community about 1:45 a.m. May 9. The exact same camera recorded one person, corresponding Fucci’s description, walking ago alone a couple of hrs later, according to court documents. He was wearing blue jeans.


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According to her arrest warrant, after Fucci went through investigators the afternoon of might 9 because that questioning in Bailey’s disappearance, smith was seen on surveillance video clip inside her home washing Fucci’s blue jeans, which later tested optimistic for blood. The drainpipe in the sink, where Smith was checked out washing the jeans, additionally tested positive for blood, follow to the arrest warrant.

“Tampering with evidence is tampering v justice and also cannot be excused or tolerated,” State attorney R.J. Larizza said in a news release once Smith’s arrest was first announced..


Fucci, who will be tried as an adult in Bailey’s murder, has pleaded not guilty. He is slated to appear in court for a pretrial hearing at 9 a.m. July 28.

If convicted, Fucci could face up come life in prison, but because of his age, the is no eligible because that the fatality penalty.

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Bailey’s body was discovered on mother’s Day close to a retention pond in a cul-de-sac in the Durbin crossing subdivision, much less than a half-mile native Fucci’s home, according to an arrest report. The exploration was make by a neighbor out for a walk roughly 6 p.m., roughly eight hrs after Bailey’s family dubbed 911 come report her missing.