Updated – may 12: NCIS actress Lisa Sheridan"s reason of death has to be confirmed, together a coroner"s report has stated that she died as a result of chronic alcoholism.

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Deadline reports the the reason of death was provided on the report as being because of "complications that chronic alcoholism". The fatality was ruled together natural, the orleans Parish Coroner"s Office confirmed to People.

Original – February 28: Actress Lisa Sheridan, who appeared on shows such as CSI: Crime Scene investigation and NCIS, has actually passed far aged 44.

The star"s manager shown the sad news, revealing the Sheridan passed away at her home in new Orleans ~ above Monday (February 25).

"We all loved Lisa really much and are devastated by the loss we all feel," she manager told PEOPLE. "She passed away Monday morning, in ~ home, in her apartment in new Orleans. We space waiting for a coroners report on reason of death."


As well together the abovementioned shows, Sheridan appeared in the likes the Scandal, Halt and Catch Fire, and Invasion.

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Since the news broke, part friends the the actress have actually paid tribute – consisting of Donna D’Errico, who worked with her on the film Only God Can.

"I am sitting here stunned," she post on Facebook. "Lisa and I filmed a movie together 5 years ago and became very close on collection and stayed close friends ~ filming ended. It’s so rare to uncover kind, gentle souls favor hers in this industry, this city...even this world.

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"Truly among the many genuinely sweet and also gentle people I’ve ever come across in my life. She carried a sweetness and also bright energy to any room she occurred to walk into... Also in she darker times. Ns am devastated by this loss.

"I had just spoken with her and everything seemed great and she appeared happy and also in an excellent spirits. Everyone who knew she loved and adored her. Goodbye and goodnight sweet angel... Ns will miss out on you terribly. You re welcome send increase prayers for her family."

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