Now wait a minute. No she dead?In the pantheon that deaths, gift locked in the tribe of a car and then having actually said automobile drive off a pier has got to rank somewhere in the top 25. Think around it: you understand you can’t acquire out, you feeling the water seeping into the space, you nothing have any cell call coverage and, even if girlfriend did, no one could get to you in time. The only other person who knows whereby you are has been shot up on the pier through the scumbag who forced you into the trunk in ~ gunpoint.

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and the water keeps filling up the car. And also the trunk. And you’re running out of air.

That, my friends, is just how season 9 the CSI: Miami ended for Natalia Boa Vista (Eva La Rue). The person on the pier is none various other than sublieutenant Horatio Caine, play with good relish through David Caruso. It’s also how season 10 begins, but with one an important difference: Horatio’s suddenly not on the pier. He’s at a nice, the end restaurant, with his beautiful wife, Marisol (Alana de la Garza). That sits, and they organize hands. “I just acquired here,” she coos. “Let’s no waste another second.” They organize hands. In any type of other scenario, this would certainly be a nice, poignant scene because that a character—Horatio—who doesn’t constantly get screen time devoted to his personal life. The only problem is that Marisol to be murdered 6 years ago and this is a hallucination, other Horatio realizes as his shirt i do not care bloody at the specific place in his side where the scumbag, Randy North, shot him. “You need to go back,” Marisol speak him. Then it’s Natalia’s face, dripping wet, then earlier to Marisol’s. Am i watching Inception or CSI: Miami? Doesn’t issue when the step works.

with no various other option, Caine walk what he’s claimed to do: the dives in and tries to save Natalia.

he succeeds, naturally, and also the 2 of them room whisked away to the ER, Horatio muttering Marisol’s surname over and also over again. No sooner execute they arrive at the ER than they are both up and raring to go after Randy north (Ethan Embry) and the main baddie for this episode, Jack Toller (Callum Keith Rennie). Now, I’m every for macho cops law macho things, but, in ~ the time, ns was reasoning “Oh, which now. Horatio’s been shot through-and-through on his left side. He’s going to have to let the rest of his team choose up the slack right?” Nope. This is Horatio Caine we’re talking about. He’s a bulldog as soon as he set his mind on a culprit. And he’s acquired his mind collection on Mr. North.

Delko come the rescue!By now, the entire team knows about the trauma the Natalia and also Horatio and are on board: Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez), Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo), frank Tripp (Rex Linn), Walter Simmons (Omar Benson Miller), and also Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Proctor, new from the real-world pregnancy that maintained her in the lab all last season, normally behind miscellaneous solid). They obtain Randy’s boy to play decoy on a beach and voila! The team catches Randy. “We accomplish again, Randy,” Horatio purrs, “and that payback time.” Cue The who “Won’t acquire Fooled Again” and Roger Daltry’s primal “Yeeeahhh!” Season 10 is on!

for those that y’all who dog CSI: Miami because of Caruso, ns still don’t gain it. The man brings gravitas to this role. Yes, it’s a cop top top a network police display so the depth is not always called upon, but, within that framework, you deserve to do a many of an excellent work. Caruso again displayed his control over the Horatio personality in the quiet moments. Just after bagging North, Horatio’s alone in his car. He’s in wilting pain, anguish creasing his face. That hallucinates again, see his wife, discovering that the just thing he has to do to be v her again is to stop trying too hard. Just provide in, and he’ll it is in happy. He can’t, the course, because Jack Toller is still the end there.

Yeah, I can go right ago to work after that.Horatio’s no the just one taking care of the autumn of these events. Natalia’s having a challenging time the it, and also she confides come Wolfe that she keeps reliving gift trapped in the car. Let’s no bother ourselves v the reality that it’s just been only hours since that fate stared she in the face. “I don’t recognize if I have the right to do this anymore,” she says, in what ended up being a template for the episode. If she may have some future days with a shrink to work through part issues, in the meantime, she’ll simply take it the end on the arrested Mr. North. “I’m sorry,” that pleads—don’t castle all?—to i m sorry Natalia replies with a terse “Shut up” prior to slamming his face on the interview table. “Next time you come after me,” she hisses, “I’m walk to put a cartridge in your brain.” and also slam again. Looks like therapy is walking well because Randy provides up all the he knows about Jack’s plans.

Everyone’s help to solve the mystery. Follow the money!The team, looking right into Jack’s previous crimes, have a couple of names pop up: Leo Kendre and also Ricky Galendo. Those 2 gentlemen are, in ~ that really moment, making a deal with Jack. He provides up the official U.S. Mint plates that stole last season and gets cash, plus a bonus in the form of a beloved young woman. A bit later, Miami-Dade’s finest stop Galendo’s convertible, inside which Walter discovers small, dried fish. Yes, really. Turns out they room ’doctor fish,’ component of a pedicure treatment, that eat dead skin off one’s feet. Nothing know about y’all, yet I’ll happen on that. Galendo no pass, and neither walk Kendre who is cornered and also captured in stated salon. Treasury agent Renee Locklear (Natasha Henstridge) is there and the Mint’s lacking bars space recovered. However Jack’s i do not have anything to it is in found.

Actually, Jack and also his new “girlfriend” are having actually a bit of automobile trouble. They need radiator fluid. Under duress, she goes to a 7-Eleven to get some fluid and also cigarettes and filches a disposable phone. Using the security camera come zoom in ~ above the serial number of the phone, the CSIs monitor the calls the are, oddly, all to one number: the of Randy North. Horatio, clearly going downhill v pain, pressures Randy come divulge a crucial fact: Jack’s most likely after a necklace Randy accidentally took from him. Ah! Time for an additional decoy, this time, in a train yard.

Now, one thing to know around Randy. Yes, he’s a scumbag for shooting Horatio and also dumping Natalia right into the tribe of that car and also trying to drown her. But he’s just doing it for his kids (explained in information in last season’s finale recap). Randy tried to set his life appropriate after his time in the pen—and succeeded—he just had the misfortune to be Jack’s cellmate. Every Randy desires is to be a an excellent dad come his children and, after Natalia fail to assist him critical season, he believed drowning her would be a great thing. He likewise thinks, therefore, the things can go a bit easier for him through the CSI team if that does their delivery of the necklace come Jack. Well, that being only 45 minutes right into the hour, points go south with the transfer and also Jack is in the wind again.

i m sorry prompts our CSI people to perform what they do best: procedure the evidence. They research the clothing Jack wore ago when that incinerated the various other young women, the very act the earned him a ticket come prison. The noxious combinations of residue ~ above Jack’s shirt leads Walter and Calleigh come zero in on the one ar in Miami whereby those chemicals room found: the landfill. Certain enough, Jack’s tied up a poor lady and also put the necklace ~ above her. V wanton cruelty, that laughs at she fear, and forces her to say, “Jack, i’m ashamed of you.”

In that cool camera effect you only uncover on this show, we obtain to check out a young Jack being verbally berated by his mother. The downright hateful. His mommy smoked cigarettes and also burned her boy with them. Now, through her necklace ~ above his victim, and also a can of lighter liquid he sprays approximately the area, Jack can do to she what he might never perform to his mom.

however not today. The CSI’s present up, Horatio included, back he have to be in a hospital bed as negative as he looks. He and also Eric chase Jack through a warehouse v bits of junk created into large squares of trash reminiscent of the opened scenes that Wall E. Horatio stop Jack and, oddly, Jack simply lies there. Horatio’s pistol hand is shaking, he is pale, and can proper stand. Jack probably could have taken the lieutenant, but, this way, he have the right to escape from prison again and also give us another chase.

Calleigh is back in action after actress Emily Proctor’s pregnancy.As I’ve written before, the one point that yes, really hooked me about CSI: Miami earlier in 2002—other than David Caruso—was the focus on youngsters as chaste victims that the crimes of adults. Calleigh gets a moment to shine below when Randy’s child asks if he and his sister have the right to stay v Calleigh before going come foster care. Now, as emotional as that was, ns couldn’t number out why various other than to collection up what could be a design template with Calleigh. She deferred, clearly taken aback. No, it no a stupid question, she says. “I would certainly love to have the ability to say that I might take you and your sister, but I have actually this job and also it takes up a lot of my time.” together the young is rejoined with his sister (they originally were to be separated), tears kind in Calleigh’s eyes. Friend can’t aid but wonder if she’s wondering if she’s acquired her priorities straight, if she could see the home window of that component of life closing. Also can’t assist but wonder about the actress Emily Proctor gift a new mom, and also how she plainly brought those experience to the scene.

How lengthy will Horatio continue to view Marisol?Horatio, in his lonely vigil in front of the station, acts as a witness as Jack is escorted back to prison. Treasury certified dealer Locklear moseys up and also asks a quiet question: “Who is Marisol? You maintained repeating it in the ambulance.” that looks at her, the toll fee of the day’s occupational etched in his face. “She to be my wife. She to be murdered.” Locklear apologizes and asks Horatio if he’s going to be okay. Horatio, in pain, both physically and also mentally, says, “I don’t think so.”

There to be a lot of to prefer in critical night’s season 10 premiere. I enjoy big Episodes like this because it provides everyone involved—writers, actors, etc.—a opportunity to destruction in and explore this characters. I’m really hoping the the theme of the job and the hefty price it demands of a person is explored this year. In a show this old, brand-new ideas have to be introduced, especially if brand-new characters room not forthcoming. CSI: Miami is tho a good show and the layout of this particular brand of storytelling is one I, and many others, enjoy. Indeed, the whole hour, #CSIMiami trended top top Twitter.

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let’s hear it because that the return that CSI: Miami! certain I’m not the only one who still prefers this variation of the CSI franchise. So tell me, what did you think?

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