Lisa Sheridan"s tragic fatality at the age of just 44 was last night evidenced by her heartbroken manager

CSI: Miami and Invasion actress Lisa Sheridan who was previously engaged to Sex and The City star Ron Livingston has passed away aged 44.

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The TV star was unelafilador.netvered dead at home in brand-new Orleans top top Monday, her manager shown last night.



Mitch Clem told human being magazine: "We every loved Lisa an extremely much and are ravaged by the loss we all feel.

"She passed far Monday morning, at home, in her apartment in new Orleans.

"We space waiting because that a elafilador.netroners report on cause of death."

He also denied initial suggestions the actress took her very own life.

Mr Clem added: "The family members has unequivocally shown that this is not a suicide.

"Any suggestion to the elafilador.netntradictory is absolutely, 100 per cent unfounded.”


Lisa, who had previously been engaged to Sex and The City star Ron Livingston, likewise featured in Halt and also the Netflix show catch Fire and Scandal.

Filmmaker Michael Dunaway explained Lisa as his "soulmate" who had actually experienced "dark moments over the last elafilador.netuple of years."

Dunaway wrote on Instagram: "She called me large Brother, and also for all intents and also purposes i was.

"I met Lisa when she to be fourteen years old, end thirty years ago. We were automatically attached in ~ the hip, true soulmates native minute one.

"For the rest of the days of she life, she was a main part of mine.


Lisa Sheridan starred in hit present CSI: Crime scene InvestigationCredit: Getty - elafilador.netntributor


"She was beautiful, obviously, and an immensely talented actor, and also a exorbitant friend, but an ext than anything she yes, really did radiate this impossibly shining energy and life.

"Even in her dark moments. And also she had plenty that those, specifically over the last elafilador.netuple of years. I'm trying to take elafilador.netmfort in knowing your struggles and also pain and grief are at last, and also last behind you."

Fellow actress, Donna D’, who functioned with Sheridan on movie only God Can, said: "Lisa and also I filmed a movie with each other 5 years ago and became very close on elafilador.netllection and remained close friends after ~ filming ended.

"It’s so rarely to find kind, gentle souls like hers in this industry, this city… even this world. Truly one of the most genuinely sweet and also gentle human being I’ve ever elafilador.netme throughout in mine life.


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"She brought a sweetness and bright power to any type of room she occurred to go into… even in she darker times.

"I am devastated by this loss.

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"I had just spoken with her and everything seemed an excellent and she appeared happy and also in an excellent spirits.

"Everyone who knew her loved and also adored her."

gibbs who worked with Lisa have paid tribute to the star, saying she brought 'bright power to any room she occurred to go into'Credit: Rex Features