The stage is collection for Super bowl LIII after the new England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 in overtime in the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

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New England got the sphere to begin the extra frame. The marched 75 yards under the field, v Rex Burkhead punching that in from 2 yards out for the win.

The Patriots will satisfy the Los Angeles Rams, that beat the brand-new Orleans Saints 26-23 in the NFC location game previously in the day. Greg Zuerlein associated on a 57-yard field goal in overtime.

Here"s every the information you require ahead that Super key LIII.

When: Sunday, Feb. 3, in ~ 6:30 p.m. ET

Where: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

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Death, Taxes and the Patriots

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When the Patriots began 1-2, enduring a 26-10 defeat to the Detroit Lions in main 3, that looked like cracks were starting to present in new England"s foundation. Sure, the fatality of the Patriots" dynasty has been prophesied for years, however this year feel different.

Tom Brady rotate 41 last August. Plunder Gronkowski contemplated retirement, v the team going for this reason far as to negotiate a trade with the Lions. Then there"s the lingering tension in between Brady and head coach bill Belichick that most likely happens behind the scenes.

Despite every one of that, the Patriots space AFC champions because that the third straight season.

In reaching the at sight Bowl, new England verified it can efficiently handle a range of challenges.

According come Football Outsiders, the Los Angeles Chargers ranked eighth in defensive efficiency. The Patriots got 498 yards in the divisional round against Los Angeles, with Sony Michel, in particular, carving increase the Chargers defense.

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Sony Michel and also the Patriots took benefit of the Chargers DB-heavy defense, despite clear run-pass predictability based upon RB on-field:Michel: 82% RunMichel & Develin: 90% RunWhite: 97% PassThe Chargers did not stack the box once versus 21 Personnel.#LACvsNE | #GoPats

The Chiefs, meanwhile, owned the most effective offense in the NFL, led through presumptive MVP Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City acquired 290 yards as new England successfully kept the Chiefs offense off the field.

The Patriots own the ball for 43 minutes, 59 seconds contrasted to 20:53 for Kansas City. The trio that Burkhead, Michel and James White an unified to run for 177 yards and four touchdowns top top 47 carries.

One can sensibly controversy this isn"t the best Patriots team that the Belichick and Brady era, but brand-new England has more than sufficient to certain a 6th Super bowl ring.

Sean McVay"s Legend grow with pilgrimage to supervisor Bowl

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Todd Gurley"s knee injury had actually the potential come derail the Rams" championship aspirations. Instead, C.J. Anderson ran for 299 yards and two touchdowns in their final two regular-season games, both the which were wins because that Los Angeles.

Gurley and Anderson then combined for 238 yards and also three scores in the team"s 30-22 divisional-round win over the Dallas Cowboys. Gurley to be surprisingly anonymous because that the most component in the NFC location game, transferring the ball four times for 10 yards and also a touchdown. Assuming Gurley"s healthy, that won"t be the instance in the super Bowl.

For part fans, Anderson"s breakthrough to be further evidence of McVay"s tactical acumen.

During his push conference front of the divisional round, McVay called reporters he was "too young to have actually a coaching tree." if true, the statement illustrates exactly how much his reputation has actually grown in simply two years as the Rams head coach.

Teams space doing everything they can to beat up any connection they deserve to to the 32-year-old.

In announcing Kliff Kingsbury as their brand-new head coach, the Arizona Cardinals referred to as McVay one "offensive genius" and also said he had actually previously talked with Kingsbury about working on the Rams staff.

It might seem choose the McVay hype train can"t go any further off the rails, but imagine the conversations if that adds a Super bowl title to his resume and defeats Belichick in the process.

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