Like any kind of long-awaited follow-up to a lover comedy, coming 2 America boasts a fair variety of appearances by some of the initial film’s funniest fan-favorite characters, plenty of of castle played, once again, through Eddie Murphy. However, more glaringly recognizable is the lack of gibbs such as Samuel L. Jackson and also several rather from 1988’s comes to America cast.

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Director Craig Brewer’s Amazon Prime initial sequel introduces a slew of brand-new characters, such as the long lost kid of Eddie Murphy"s King Akeem Joffer (played by Jermaine Fowler), his boisterous mother (Leslie Jones) and uncle (Tracy Morgan), and also a heavily made-up Arsenio Hall as Baba. The sequel also relishes in part eye-opening cameos by Morgan Freeman, En Vogue, Salt-N-Pepa, and Gladys article (all in the very same sequence, too). However, regardless of what this newcomers and surprise guests brought to the film, you have to wonder if they could have left part room for a few Coming come America stars come reprise what part would call their best-known roles.

Thankfully, we can carry out insight as to why part actors native the classic, man Landis-directed hit did no make it right into the brand-new movie, yet can just ponder over the factor for others. The following are seven of those celebrities ns was optimistically keeping an eye out for while watching Coming 2 America, but to no avail, starting with one whose legacy of glorious onscreen intimidation might have started with Coming come America.

Samuel L. Jackson (Hold-Up Man)

Six years prior to his Oscar-nominated performance together a smooth-talking hitman that thwarts a restaurant rob in Pulp Fiction, a relatively unknown Samuel L. Jackson literally burst onto the step in Coming come America, tohold up McDowell’s v a shotgun before Akeem and also Semmi (Arsenio Hall) involved the rescue. It would have actually been fun to view the 72-year-old actor (who operated with Coming 2 America director Craig Brewer top top Black snake Moan) come earlier for another fast food hold-up, and also as Eddie Murphy said Hip Hollywood, that was, apparently, the plan. Unfortunately, Jackson’s schedule would certainly not enable time for the cameo, i beg your pardon is not also surprising because that the famously busy MCU actor, anyway.

Cuba Gooding Jr. (Boy acquiring Haircut)

Coming to America is likewise remembered as the feature-film debut of Cuba Gooding Jr., that is seen receiving a haircut indigenous Eddie Murphy’s Clarence, together Akeem and also Semmi first step right into his majesties barber shop. The Academy Award-winning actor would later on reveal to AriseEntertainment 360 in 2014 that his brief, wordless duty originally had actually dialogue, in i beg your pardon the young customer falls short to talk himself out of paying for the haircut, until the moment was taken the end of the final cut. Coming 2 America might have been a good opportunity to offer the People vs. O.J. Simpson star a line this time around, yet “Boy gaining Haircut” must go to another shop this days, for everything reason.

Eriq La Salle (Darryl Jenks)

Speaking the Clarence’s barber shop, upon Akeem and Semmi’s visit in Coming 2 America, viewers may have actually noticed an advertisement for “Soul Gro” in the background, which one could assume was simply a funny callback to the very first film’s parody hair product, soul Glo. Actually, as the sequel’s co-writer David Sheffield told Rolling Stone, they intended come bring ago Akeem’s romantic rival and also Soul Glo succession Darryl Jenks (played in Coming come America by Eriq La Salle), now cultivating “Soul Gro” together a baldness cure after shedding his Jheri curl. However, the former ER gibbs turned under the cameo, i m sorry sounds prefer it can have been really funny and, no to mention, a an excellent way to reintroduce another scene-stealer.

Allison Dean (Patrice McDowell)

Darryl Jenks was last checked out dumped and also seemingly beginning a brand-new romance through Patrice McDowell, who fans to be openly disappointed come see absent from the sequel, specifically with the significant returns of she older sister, Lisa (Shari Headley), and restaurateur father, Cleo (John Amos) making major returns. The spunky, stylish Coming to America character to be the debut function of Allison Dean, who led a modestly successful career following the hit comedy (including showing up in Speed 2: Cruise Control, and a recurring clues on Girlfriends) before taking a rest from 2007 until just recently. Why the actress did not reprise the memorable role she is finest known because that in Coming 2 America stays a mystery.

Frankie Faison (Landlord)

It is less of a mystery, yet still not confirmed, why Frankie Faison did no come ago to pat the no-nonsense owner that the rundown, rat-infested apartment building where Semmi and Akeem remain in Coming come America. The 71-year-old (also recognized for Do the appropriate Thing, The Wire, and also the Netflix initial Marvel collection Luke Cage) revealed come the day-to-day Press that, to maintain his reputation as a dramatic actor, he originally tried to street himself indigenous what would certainly still end up coming to be one of his most well known roles to date. Plus, the gentrification the that same Queens ar which Coming 2 America makes note of could mean Faison’s Landlord personality has since moved his organization elsewhere.

Vondie Curtis-Hall (Basketball video game Vendor)

Another Netflix Marvel series star (in this case Daredevil’s Ben Urich) who had his very first taste of reputation in Coming come America is Vondie Curtis-Hall, that made a brief, yet quite memorable, appearance as a indigenous of Zamunda that recognizes Akeem in ~ a basketball game. Considering his success in adhering to years (also including roles in Die hard 2 and 2019’s Harriet more recently), ns am surprised that the 70-year-old Emmy nominee was not asked ago in part capacity, such as a cameo revealing that was supported to a much more esteemed place at Madison Square Garden. On the various other hand, Coming 2 America’s mostly Zamundan setup could have seen him go back to his homeland for an even an ext intriguing reprisal.

Madge Sinclair (Queen Aoleon)

The one Coming to America character whose lack in the sequel provides my heart the heaviest is Akeem’s mother, Aoleon, play by Madge Sinclair. The Jamaican-born, Emmy-winning actress, who would later play James Earl Jones’ imperial spouse as soon as again in The Lion King, was unable come reprise her role after having actually passed away in 1995, at the period of 57, after year battling leukemia. It was uplifting, however, to view Coming 2 America salary tribute to the former Zamundan queen with John Amos’ Cleo McDowell referring to her as “the wisest of the Joffers.”

I think that Aoelon’s wisdom was made clean in the winning moment from Coming to America once she speak James Earl Jones’ King Jaffe to “put a amount say in it” once he forbids Akeem to seek Lisa. Even though her marriage was the product of royal tradition, she might understand and support the reality that true love was necessary to she son, together it have to be because that anyone. That timeless article is why this comedy is remembered as among the finest and also most heartfelt of its kind and is likewise the source Coming 2 America’s much more endearing moments.

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