Cuba Gooding Jr. Has one the the most intriguing careers of any Oscar winner. He an initial rose to prestige with a star-making rotate in 1991"s Boyz n the Hood and also then followed that up through a wire of high-profile duties in the likes of A couple of Good Men and Gladiator — no, no the Russel Crowe film, but the underrated 1992 boxing movie — before landing the part that would garner him the Academy award for best Supporting Actor: rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire. Not only did the actor acquire recognition from plenty of awards show, but he regulated to steal the spotlight from Tom Cruise and popularized the phrase, "Show me the money" in everyday conversation.

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Things began to walk awry in Gooding Jr."s job in the 2000s when he started making part baffling career choices, starring in one flop after ~ the next. The downhill spiral started with Boat Trip and continued v the likes of The Fighting TemptationsRadio, and Daddy work Camp. Soon, the gibbs became more of a fixture in direct-to-video movies you"d discover in the cheap bin in ~ Walmart 보다 the peak of package office. Still, the actor"s career has had some bright clues in current memory, consisting of an Emmy-nominated performance as the titular personality in the FX drama, American Crime Story: The human being v. O.J. Simpson

It likewise looks prefer audiences have missed the actor, as of late, considering among his most underseen films has become popular on Hulu, according to the streaming service metric site, FlixPatrol. If you"re in the mood because that a nasty crime drama, then now is the moment to inspect out Bayou Caviar.

Gravitas Ventures
You"re no alone if this is the first time you"re hearing about Bayou Caviar. The movie had an extremely restricted theatrical release ago in 2018 (via Deadline). People may not have actually flocked to watch it when it first came out, but now the it"s readily available on Hulu with the press on the button, an ext people seem to be offering it a chance, permitting it to insurance claim the number 9 spot for the optimal Hulu movies in the civilization for January 15, 2021. 

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Pulls double-duty as both command actor and also director in Bayou Caviar, i m sorry is about a former boxer, Rodney (Gooding Jr.), who ultimately gets wrapped up in the affairs of a Russian gangster, Yuri (Richard Dreyfuss). The criminal gives Rodney the task of coming up v blackmail because that his organization associate"s son-in-law. Rodney ends up getting drawn into the labyrinthine criminal underworld of brand-new Orleans that will placed him in direct contact with a slew of vibrant characters, play by the likes that Famke Janssen, Lia Marie Johnson, and also Katharine McPhee.

While the film seems to have actually piqued the curiosity of numerous Hulu subscribers, the question remains regarding whether it"s precious checking out. The didn"t precisely light increase the Tomatometer once it was first released, although it does have an audience score the 50 percent ~ above Rotten Tomatoes. The film has actually its supporters, such as Ben Kenigsberg of The brand-new York Times, that wrote in his review, "Like a boxer that doesn"t know when come quit, "Bayou Caviar" goes on a bit long, then rallies — in this instance with one agreeably downhearted closing image."

If you"ve missed see Cuba Gooding Jr. On your TV screen, then Bayou Caviar may simply scratch the itch.