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CHICAGO — A pan in the stands in ~ tonight’s Cubs game at Wrigley Field dropped from the bleachers and on to the field.

Fan gift carted from ar after evident fall native bleachers.

— Gordon Wittenmyer (
GDubCub) July 8, 2016

Reports from inside Wrigley show the fan remained in the right field bleachers.

According to numerous reports, civilization on the scene said he tried come jump end the wall but didn’t clear the basket and fell top top the warning track.

Horrifying sight at Wrigley Field. A pan just fell on the field from the right ar wall. Laying on the warning track. Hasn't moved. #Cubs

— Brett Lyons (
Brett__Lyons) July 8, 2016

He was offered medical aid right away and was carted turn off the field.

It’s reported that Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr. And also pitching coach kris Bosio likewise went the end to the outfield to examine on the man.

The video game had not started at the time of the fall. It remained in a rain delay.

Scary scene in the outfield in ~ Wrigley. Fan challenge down in the warning track. Not moving

— Eric Dodd (
dodd7) July 8, 2016

The Cubs exit a declare saying:

Prior to tonight’s game, a fan was injured after attempting to jump onto the ar from the Wrigley field bleachers. The pan was bring away by paramedics to advocate Illinois Masonic medical Center. We space unable to administer further comment on his condition at this time. Us will continue to be in contact with the fan’s family to remain updated top top his progress.

The age and the condition of the guy is not yet known.

Fan dropped from the bleachers at Wrigley and seemed to it is in unconscious and also was taken turn off on a stretcher….hope they space okay.

— Jake B. (
JacobBeecher10) July 8, 2016

Cubs personnel room attending to the fan. Appears to be contempt moving.

— Brett Lyons (
Brett__Lyons) July 8, 2016

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