When facility fielder Albert Almora observed the report that the small girl that was hit by his foul round last might in Houston experienced a “permanent brain injury,” his love sank.

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Albert Almora to be visibly distraught once he establish his foul ball hit and also injured a young fan. Getty
once Cubs center fielder Albert Almora Jr. saw reports earlier this month the the little girl who was struggle by his foul ball in Houston critical May has actually a permanent mind injury, his heart sank.

“Obviously, mine prayers go the end to the family,” Almora stated Friday at the Cubs Convention. “And that unfortunate. Prefer I stated before, that should never occur on a baseball field.”

After gift struck in the head might 29 at Minute Maid Park, the 2-year-old was rushed come the hospital. She endured a skull fracture, a subdural bleed, mind swelling and also seizures.

Eight month later, the family’s attorney stated the girl could possibly it is in on medication for the remainder of her life together a result of the accident, according to lot of reports.

Almora was visibly distraught as soon as he realized his foul sphere hit the girl, sinking come one knee and cradling his head in his hand. Later on in the game, after he got more information indigenous fans near the seating area, he became emotional and also was consoled through a security guard.

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“I’m not gonna lied — it weighed on me for the first pair days,” Almora said. “But after that i . . . Had actually no other selection to relocate forward but constantly have that in the earlier of my mind.

“Every upgrade that come out, ns am there and also I am seeing every this. But like i said, yes sir nothing lot .”

Almora claimed he has actually “tried everything” to it is in in call with the family but is respecting your request because that privacy.

“I’m always here,” the said. “I simply hope she has a long, prosperous life, and also that’s all i desire as a father. And not also being in the place I’m in — just anybody. Anybody, I’d wish the same thing.”

The incident was among several critical season in i m sorry spectators were hurt by foul balls. Together a result, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced last month that every team must prolong its security netting down the lines come the foul poles for the 2020 season.

“If MLB is law something, it’s because it had actually to be done,” Almora said. “I’m picturing myself being a father and taking my youngsters to a typical baseball game. Yes no reason to have to also think around my sons being injured.”

Waiting video game on grievance

Team president Theo Epstein said that doesn’t know when a decision will ultimately be calculation in 3rd baseman Kris Bryant’s grievance over alleged manipulation of his organization time in 2015. But he downplayed the influence the hold-up might have on the Cubs’ to plan this winter.

“I think it’s important to respect the process,” Epstein said. “It’s a significant case for the industry. Yes a lot riding ~ above it. And also it’s vital to Kris, obviously.

“I’m not going to sit here and complain around it. I know the union and also MLB come with each other on issues from time to time and have to have the matter arbitrated. It’s out of our control. . . . Whenever that happens, it happens, and also we’ll proceed accordingly.”

Business throughout convention

The Cubs obtained right-handed reliever Casey Sadler from the Dodgers top top Friday in a trade for minor-league infielder Clayton Daniel.

Sadler, that missed every one of the 2016 season since of Tommy john surgery, has a 3.55 ERA in 42 job big-league appearances since 2014 (all but two in relief). He to be 4-0 with a 2.14 ERA in 33 games (including a start) because that the Rays and also Dodgers in 2019.

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The Cubs likewise signed veteran Josh Phegley, a former White Sox catcher, come a minor-league deal. Phegley, 31, invested the last five seasons through the Athletics. That is supposed to be invite to big-league camp.