Fans are a huge part of the game in significant League Baseball, and also sometimes they gain too close to the video game they love.

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When pan interfere v the play of the game, the can change baseball history.
Chicago pan Steve Bartman
The most notorious instance of fan interference developed in game 6 that the 2003 National league Championship Series. Chicago Cubs pan Steve Bartman tipped a foul ball that left fielder Moises Alou unsuccessfully tried to catch. The Cubs shed the game to the Florida Marlins 8-3 and were eliminated the complying with day. Bartman got in hiding for years, but eventually putting the event behind them, the Chicago Cubs vested Bartman a 2016 World collection ring.
Baby guy
He"s the man known for interfering in the 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs game. As Dodgers" former first baseman Adrian Gonzalez reached over the tarp because that the Cubs foul popup, pan Keith Hartley, v a toddler cradled in his left arm, got to over the brief brick wall surface with his best hand and also snagged the ball. The pan dropped neither the infant nor the ball. The beat was originally ruled a foul ball out that play, yet after the Dodgers manager tested the call, it to be overturned and labeled together a pan interference.
Lucky 12-year-old
During game 1 the the 1996 ALCS, 12-year-old Jeffrey Maier snagged a round from the Baltimore Orioles ideal fielder Tony Tarasco. Also though Tarasco thought that he had a play on the homer, the umpire rule the ball uncatchable, letting the young pan take the round home. The Yankees went on come win game 4 and 5 that the series.

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10 Cent Beer Night
In 1974 during the Texas Rangers and also Cleveland ind game, Cleveland made decision to offer 10 cent beers with no limitations. Pan quickly ended up being belligerent, starting brawls and also dancing top top the dugouts. A full riot eventually damaged out, and hot dogs and other points went flying around the ballpark. SWAT was referred to as to rest up the incident, and no team ever before held a similar promotion again.
Even despite this occurrence didn"t affect the yes, really 2005 Red Sox vs. Yankees game, it"s recognized as one of the infamous events that may have started the rivalry between the 2 teams. He"s well-known as the male who clocked a Yankees outfielder square in the face. The fan was ejected from the game, but never identified by police.



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