Baseball is ago and the Cubs will certainly look to emerge in what is a wide-open National league Central. Unlike recent seasons, the Cubs’ playoff odds aren’t quite as strong as strong. They opened up spring maintain behind the likes the the Cardinals, Reds and Brewers in terms of department favorites. Still, the team sports several huge name players and also figures to be in the postseason mix transparent the 2021 season. This page will information the Cubs’ season outlook, including a look at at wherein to find the best deals in the Illinois online sports betting market.

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As spring training gets underway, the 2021 Cubs World collection odds stand at +4000. Castle are approximately in the middle of the pack. Meanwhile, the Cubs are +2200 to victory the national League and have +400 odds to victory the division.

Below girlfriend will discover all things pertained to the 2021 Cubs odds, including existing prices at optimal online sportsbooks such together DraftKings Sportsbook.

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Cubs Odds to success the national League

Given the Cubs have actually slipped from past seasons in terms of preseason World collection odds, that shouldn’t c0me as a shock the their odds to success the National organization pennant have also slipped.

The Dodgers enter the clear-cut favourite (+175), however coming turn off of a substantial offseason, the Padres (+390) have actually the second-best odds. A pair the NL east clubs in the Braves (+500) and also Mets (+525) comprise the 2nd tier, while the Cardinals (+1050), Reds (+1500), Phillies (+2000), Nationals (+2000) and Cubs (+2200) follow behind.

Here’s a look at the height teams in the National league odds market and also how the Cubs stack up:


Cubs NL central Odds

The Cubs might not be the favourite to win the department this season, but this figures to a closely contested race through a number of quality clubs in the mix.

Division competitor St. Louis pertains to spring training together the favorite at +100 odds to success the central. Cincinnati (+325) and Milwaukee (+385) room slotted just ahead that Chicago (+400). Just Pittsburgh (+5000) is valued by oddsmakers together a true long shot in ~ this point.

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Cubs Player Prop Odds

Beyond team-oriented odds, DraftKings Sportsbook likewise offers betting markets on separation, personal, instance player awards. Let’s take it a look at at few of the top all at once contenders and the Cubs players relevant to every market.