The 1989 movie "Back come the Future II" did not effectively predict Chicago would be the winner that a 2015 Cubs-Marlins World collection match-up.

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Published25 October 1997

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The 1987 movie Back to the Future II appropriately predicted the the Florida Marlins would success the 1997 World collection and the the Cubs would certainly play Florida in the 2015 world Series.
If any type of of friend remember the movie "Back come the Future II" you will recall that Biff goes to the future and also steals a sporting activities Almanac, where consequently he goes ago to the previous to provide it come young Biff. Together we all understand Young Biff had the ability to become very wealthy by betting on games where he already knew the final score. In an obscure line you hear young Biff to speak "Florida is going to victory the World collection in 1997, yes right". This movie come out in 1987, ten years prior to the Marlins go actually victory the civilization series. And also what"s yes, really weird is that Florida didn"t even have a baseball team in 1987.The Marlins didn"t even exist in ~ the time.Scary, huh?Hey, if anyone has actually a copy the "Back to the Future" or remembers the film, think back to once Michael J. Fox traveled to the future, and also saw the huge billboard proclaiming: MIAMI WINS WORLD series 1997"Back come the Future II" guess a Cubs World collection win?



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As intriguing together it can be to think so, the film Back come the Future part 2, the 1989 sequel come the 1985’s hit Back come the Future, make no prediction, correct or otherwise, around the results of the 1997 civilization Series. In ~ the start of the film, time-travelling scientist Doc Brown take away Marty McFly forward gradually to 21 October 2015 in an effort to transform the future and also prevent Marty’s (as yet unborn) kids from finishing up in prison. While in the future year 2015, Marty city hall a holographic sporting activities news broadcast announcing that the Chicago Cubs have swept one unnamed Miami team (represented by a gator, not a marlin) to victory the people Series. This transfer inspires Marty to buy a sporting activities almanac and take it earlier to the previous with him so the he can make exact bets on future sporting events, but the materials of the almanac space not revealed in the film.

This rumor started to spread on the web in October 1997, instantly after the Florida Marlins (who are based in Miami) defeated the Cleveland ind to win human being Series, either started as a hoax or spread out by someone that inaccurately mental the news broadcast scene explained above. One version of the rumor has the character Biff, who eventually ends up with the almanac, commenting ~ above the 1997 entry (as described in the instance above), however he actually renders no together statement in the film. In fact, it would make small sense because that him to utter together a comment, due to the fact that it is the 1955 Biff who looks v the almanac to use in put bets. The be i can not qualify to look at the results of a World series that would certainly not take location for 42 years and also utter, “Yeah, right,” together if the outcome defined were improbable. (Nor would certainly Marty be likely to watch a billboard explicate the outcomes of the 1997 World collection in the year 2015.)

The broadcast displayed in the film just poked some light-hearted fun at the continuous futility the the Chicago Cubs, who hadn’t played in a World collection since 1945 (or winner a World collection since 1908):

he 1989 movie “Back to the Future component II” predicted the Cubs would victory the 2015 human being Series, and also the man who composed the screenplay and also imagined this unlikely scenario is Bob Gale, a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan. In a sport wherein players and fans think in curses, jinxes and also superstitions, maybe it’s not so crazy to think a movie has actually somehow spurred the Cubs to the brink of history.

“Back to the Future” screenwriter Bob Gale predicted the Cubs would victory the 2015 World collection but is a lifelong Cardinals fan. Gale said the prediction flourished out of the plotline in which main character Marty McFly, famously play by Michael J. Fox, it s okay the idea from an additional character the going back in time to make money on sporting activities betting.

“What much better way to offer him the idea than with a yes, really outrageous scenario, i beg your pardon is the Cubs win the people Series?” Gale said. “It’s a dual joke due to the fact that they victory the World series against Miami — i m sorry significant league baseball in 1989.”

Predicting in 1989 (which is as soon as the movie was actually released, no 1987 together claimed) that Miami would have a major league baseball team in 2015 wasn’t lot of a stretch, as they were among the largest metropolitan locations in the USA there is no a baseball team in 1989, and they were undoubtedly awarded an expansion franchise simply two years later.

With the Cubs approaching in ~ a video game of recording the 2003 National organization pennant in a collection against the Florida Marlins, this rumor surfaced again, updated through the case that Back come the Future II in which method predicted a Cubs victory over Florida in 2003. The film provides no recommendation to the year 2003 whatsoever, and the only information presented around a Cubs series victory applies to the year 2015.

This latter kind of the rumor resurfaced in October 2015, once the Cubs got to the National organization Championship series (NLCS), and also again in October 2016, once the Cubs lastly reached the World collection for the very first time in 71 year (against the Cleveland Indians). The 2016 version had no relevance, yet the former iteration was rather intriguing, as Back come the Future II is collection in 2015 and also includes a step in which Marty McFly see a holographic news broadcast announcing the the Cubs have beat Miami to win that year’s human being Series:

But in actual life the Cubs weren’t pennant winners in 2015 (they lost the NLDS come the brand-new York Mets), and also even they had actually reached the World series that year, castle wouldn’t have been matched up versus a Florida team in the Fall classic (since the Marlins and Cubs are both National league teams, and the Tampa just Rays no in the playoffs).

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In 2004, top top the day prior to what to be to be the last game of that year’s people Series, an updating of the rumor predicting Boston’s win the location in four games over St. Louis to be circulated. (The rumor wasn’t that much of a stretch, offered that at the time they were leading the series three games to none.) Supposedly in Back come the Future II, Biff reads this startle news in the sporting activities almanac he poaches from Marty and also uses to do himself wealthy. Other versions the the rumor no specify the number of games, they simply posited the Red Sox triumphing end the Cardinals.