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1908 World collection
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1908 -- Chicago Cubs (4) vs. Detroit tigers (1)
Game Date Winning Team Losing Team
1 Oct. 10 Chicago (Brown) 10 DETROIT (Summers) 6
2 Oct. 11 CHICAGO (Overall) 6 Detroit (Donovan) 1
3 Oct. 12 Detroit (Mullin) 8 CHICAGO (Pfiester) 3
4 Oct. 13 Chicago (Brown) 3 DETROIT (Summers) 0
5 Oct. 14 Chicago (Overall) 2 DETROIT (Donovan) 0
Managers: open minded Chance, Cubs; Hugh Jennings, Tigers
Notes: The Cubs became the very first team to victory consecutive people Championships. ... Just 6,210 experienced the final game in Detroit, the the smallest crowd in collection history.
A year made tiny difference, together the 1908 collection was merely a return of the "07 loss Classic. The huge stories came before the world Series, together the Cubs and Tigers both recorded their pennants top top the really last day of the regular season.In Detroit for game 1, the Cubs trailed 6-5 as they involved bat in the ninth. Tigers knuckleballer "Kickapoo" Eddie Summers had been pitching fine in relief to that point, but the Cubs strung together six straight hits and five runs against Summers for a 10-6 triumph.The clubs traveled to Chicago for game 2, which stayed scoreless after seven innings. Yet just together they"d excellent in the nine inning of video game 1, the Cubs exploded again, this time for 6 runs in the eighth. Shortstop Joe Tinker acquired things began with a two-run homer, and also Orval all at once cruised to a 6-1 victory. The Tigers lastly got on the plank in game 3, George Mullin taking credit because that an 8-3 decision, Ty Cobb walk 4-for-5 v a dual and two RBIs.Back in Detroit, Cubs ace Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown -- 29-9 throughout the consistent season -- baffled the Tigers, permitting four hits and zero runs. Summers to be no complement for Brown, as the Cubs winner 3-0. And it was an ext of the very same in video game 5, with overall performing shutout duties this time. The Cubs score one in the very first inning and one in the fifth. All at once did the rest, and also Chicago clinched their second straight World series Championship through a 2-0 win.