Cuomo tries come walk earlier remark the admitted was ‘inartful’ and which drew fire from Republicans including Trump


Andrew Cuomo tried come fend off assaults from Republicans, including Trump, who claimed he was having a ‘total meltdown’. Photograph: candid Franklin II/AP
Andrew Cuomo tried to fend off strikes from Republicans, including Trump, who claimed he was having a ‘total meltdown’. Photograph: candid Franklin II/AP

The brand-new York governor Andrew Cuomo, that many think is eyeing a White house run in 2020, has ongoing his attempts come walk ago a controversial statement: the America “was never ever that great”.

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“I desire to be an extremely clear,” Cuomo claimed on Friday in a speak to with reporters. “Of food America is an excellent and of food America has always been great.”

His initial phrasing, he said, had actually been “inartful”.

Cuomo made the offending remark on Wednesday, in ~ the end of a speech focused on his opposition to Donald Trump and delivered to an audience gathered come witness the signing of a invoice introducing brand-new penalties because that sex trafficking.

Riffing top top Trump’s famous campaign slogan, the branch said: “We’re no going to make America an excellent again – that was never ever that great.”

To gasps and laughter, he continued: “We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness as soon as every American is fully engaged.”

The president conveniently joined a chorus that criticism from state Republicans, some of whom offered to purchase Cuomo a bus ticket to Montreal.

“Can you believe this is the branch of the greatest taxed state in the US, Andrew Cuomo, having actually a full meltdown!” trumped tweeted.

Cuomo responded: “What girlfriend say would be ‘great again’ would certainly not be great at every … We will certainly not go back to discrimination, segregation, sexism, isolationism, racism or the .”

But the damages was done, the comment etched into Cuomo’s political biography, one error the reminded some of the day Cuomo’s father, Mario, famously baulked at running for the presidency himself. Stephen Colbert, organize of The Late present on CBS and a fierce critic of Trump, claimed it to be “the dumbest point you could say as a politician”.

On Monday, Trump told a rally because that Claudia Tenney, a Republican representative in Utica, new York, the Cuomo “called me and he said, ‘I’ll never ever run because that president against you.’ however maybe he desires to.”

The president climate urged Cuomo to run.

“Oh, please perform it,” that said. “Maybe he means it. Yet one point we know, and they do say: anybody who runs against Trump suffers.”

The president continued to ridicule Cuomo on Friday, compare the comment come Hillary Clinton’s use of words “deplorables” to define Trump supporters throughout the 2016 election. In the campaign, Democrats including Barack Obama additionally riffed ~ above the “Make America an excellent Again” slogan, back they made decision to tell audiences America “was currently great”.

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“I to speak Andrew’s was a enlarge and an ext incompetent blunder,” trump tweeted. “He should conveniently win his race against a super Liberal Actress, but his political career is over!”

Trump was referring to Cuomo’s primary challenger, Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon. Rolling by 33 clues in the recent RealClear poll, she told NY1 the branch was “trying to figure out what a steady sounds prefer and absent by a mile”.

Cuomo continued to tweet retorts, accusing trump card of “hiding behind tweets” and, with recommendation to immigrant policy, “ripping babies from their mothers’ arms”.

“Let’s get something straight,” he wrote. “America is good because it rejects her hate-filled agenda the bigotry sexism.”