These ice cream Cream Sundae Cupcakes room a whimsical and delicious treat. Light, moist, soft vanilla bean cupcakes space topped v scoops of fluffy strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate frosting and also drizzled with chocolate ganache and also a maraschino cherry.

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Hi Everyone! This is Aida native The crafting Foodie, and also I’m so excited come be ago with all of you in ~ Tastes that Lizzy T’s sharing an additional sweet treat. This time I’m bringing you a small taste that summer with these Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes. Light, fluffy vanilla bean cupcakes topped through strawberry, chocolate, and also vanilla frosting, chocolate sauce, and a cherry!


Winter it s long a really long time. Ns mean, yes, really long. In new England we had snow less than ten job ago, so as soon as it to be 70 degrees and sunny this weekend, you better believe the it felt like a heatwave! mine family and also I basically invested the whole day outside, enjoy it the weather. Among our favorite tasks in the warm, humid summer months is to eat ice cream. Lots of it! because 70 levels isn’t suntan lotion weather, rather than chowing under on ice cream cream, I decided to make these Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes.

Taking a look at this cupcakes, it’s tough to think that there’s no ice cream in them. Nope. Not a drop. Those “ice cream scoops” on optimal of these Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes, are actually scoops that frosting!

After whipping up a little batch of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla frosting, I placed each flavor in a small cereal bowl and also placed it in the refrigerator come chill. Then utilizing an ice cream cream scoopwhich I usually use to do truffles or small cookies, ns scooped the frosting come decorate every Ice Cream Sundae Cupcake.

And of food no good sundae is finish without some coco sauce and also a cherry top top top!

The cupcake itself is actually vanilla bean. But, you might make it any kind of flavor. Since my youngsters LOVE all points vanilla, they requested a vanilla cupcakes, for this reason that’s what they got. Originally I was planning to make the cupcakes Neapolitan (a mix of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate), but then I made decision that Neapolitan cake and Neapolitan frosting would certainly be a tiny too busy. Having a vanilla cupcake together a base because that three different frosting flavors settled beautifully.


Making three separate frosting flavors might seem favor a the majority of work, however they’re in such small batches that it’s in reality easy. The strawberry frosting is my favorite. It’s flavored (and tinted) v crushed dehydrated strawberries. I made decision to use dehydrated strawberriesbecause their flavor is so concentrated (a little goes a long way), and the crushed strawberries normally turn the frosting the prettiest shade of pink.

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I can’t wait until it’s warm sufficient outside to have dinner and enjoy a genuine ice cream sundae on our ago deck, yet until then, these Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes are the perfect treat – fluffy, moist vanilla p cupcakes topped with the lightest strawberry, chocolate, and also vanilla frosting scoops.