Francesco (Frank) Cali, 53, to be shot multiple time in prior of his residence on Hilltop Terrace ~ above Wednesday, march 13, 2019. The police probe continues on Thursday morning as checked out in this photos taken near the Cali family members home.

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Following the fatality of Gambino crime boss Frank (Franky Boy) Cali, specialists say his follower will have actually 21st Century issues to deal with.

“Whoever takes over right now is a media magnet,” stated Louis Ferrante, a previous mobster through the Gambino family members whose crew was investigated at once for several of the most financially rewarding heists in U.S. History. “Look, you and also I are talking around it ... In today’s world, a many (mobsters) don’t wanna be bothered with that."

He stated it’s feasible that everyone is in line because that the promo taps someone else to be the face, if they proceed to traction in money from their rackets and also influence the family’s operations indigenous the proverbial shadows.

“If ns were the underboss i would most likely put who there together a front because that me. I would certainly pick someone who in mine crew that’s close come me,” stated Ferrante.

In the days complying with Cali’s death, a judge Genovese mobster and a previous Gambino hitman -- both turned-informants -- to express shock end Cali’s killing considering the was well-known as a non-violent mob boss who ran his crime family like a corporation, follow to a USA now report.

Experts speak the “to-do” list for whoever bring away over could include dealing with Cali’s suspected killer.

Police claimed Anthony Comello, 24, the Eltingville, smashed right into Cali’s automobile outside the Hilltop Terrace home, then, shot him while the understood mobster’s wife and also children were within the house.

The motive continues to be unclear, however every theory at this suggest indicates Cali to be targeted by his killer.

Mob experts and law enforcement resources say it’s unlikely the murder was associated to arranged crime, based on the fact there was no backup car to potentially end up the project in what would have been an ill-conceived plan.

And if month or years from now it transforms out it to be a planned hit, “It to be the many brilliant lot hit in the world," claimed Ferrante.

Sources have defined Comello together a “mob-obsessed” conspiracy theorist, while former classmates have described him together aloof in class, yet at time a hot-head who acquired into fights. A brand-new York times report quoted friend who declared he wrestled with drug addiction.

Defense attorney Robert Gottlieb has actually pointed come right-wing dislike speech as playing a factor in the incident, if stopping short of saying his customer committed the murder.

One surname tossed about by law enforcement experts and also Mafia chroniclers as a possible successor come Cali is Lorenzo Mannino, a Gambino capo and member of the family’s Sicilian faction.

“Mannino is a Brooklyn crew boss who is Sicilian and was heavy in to drug (trade) v Franky Boy,” stated Mafia historian Scott Burnstein.

Other surname mentioned encompass Gene Gotti, the brothers of john who newly was exit from prison after act 29 years on medicine charges.

“If ns was a member of arranged crime today, Gene Gotti would certainly be the greatest boss I could have,” claimed Ferrante. “He’s a guy of men, in ~ the paper definition of that life.”

In regards to the drug-trade, brand-new York City’s roadways are now conquered by Dominican gangs paying reduced prices to mexico cartels who space able to delivery the drugs by land rather than by sea, claimed James Hunt, previously of the drug Enforcement Administration, who worked as one undercover certified dealer in the famous “Pizza Connection” drug case.

That being said, Cali had actually deep ties through the Sicilian Mafia, which together with Colombian cartels keep a lucrative heroin profession in Europe, said Hunt, i beg your pardon in turn might be a selling allude for Cali’s successor.

“If you want to get in to that game, her playing v Asians, Russians, Albanians, Colombians,” he said. “There’s just so countless pieces to the pie."

A drug trade still exists because that mobsters, but more so ~ above a local level -- unequal the 80s when they’d ship in the medicine from Turkey and also Sicily, then offer in bulk to mid-level certified dealer in Harlem, professionals said.

And while the days of controlling unions and also waste suppliers are all yet over, loansharking and also extortion continue to provide a secure stream the income.


Staten Island raids land deemed mobsters in custody

The alleged mobsters to be charged with racketeering and other offenses, public representative announced.

“They’ll never stop trying come sneak their means back in,” stated Hunt. “It’s harder for them to make a living 보다 they offered to, yet they’re not going to obtain jobs.”

In the month leading as much as Cali’s death, an combine of the Bonanno crime family members was gunned under in a McDonald’s parking lot by shooters allegedly hired by one Albanian crime outfit.

Days before the murder, a reputed mob enforcer in Rhode Island was shot dead in a situation with ties come the Gambino family, according to lot of reports.

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