This briefing provides an overview of the ethical concerns and also lapses the were videotaped by the in its security of media coverage in 2020.

Speed readTheTechnology sector sits at the height of the list for most moral lapses recorded, through a full of 56 because that 2020. This point out the first time Banking and Finance has failure to top the list.The same 3 category (Behaviour and Culture, treatment of employees and Diversity and also Discrimination) comprise the height 3 this year as in 2019.The number of lapses videotaped in the 'Treatment of Customers' category has actually doubled compared to 2019.The Health and Pharmaceuticals sector featured heavily, with an ext than four times as numerous lapses tape-recorded as in 2019.Just choose in 2019, Sustainabilitywas the only group in which more positive than an unfavorable stories were recorded.

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While this briefing does no give in-depth information around the severity of honest lapses in the business community, that does administer an indication about the sectors which were many cited, and also the nature and frequency that the ethical worries concerned. Numbers 1 and 2 summarise the main findings. The vast majority of the news stories recorded focus on an unfavorable corporate behaviour, and also these stories form the communication of this briefing. However, as some good news stories around businesses’ managing of ethical concerns do occur, a short section at the finish of the briefing offers more information about the confident stories we recorded. 64 positive stories were videotaped this year.

Lapses by Sector

In 2020, the highest number of ethical lapses was recorded in the technology sector (56 stories), followed by the banking and also finance sector (53 stories), and also the general retailers and also consumer products sector (43 stories). Collectively, these three sectors account because that 43.3% that the total number of lapses recorded.

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Issues of Concern

Irrespective that sector, the biggest concerns of concern in 2020 were those relating come behaviour and culture (55 stories), treatment of employee (50 stories) and diversity and discrimination (35 stories). These three categories also made up the peak 3 last year, but 2nd and third place have actually switched. Collectively, well over a 3rd (39.9%) of the total variety of lapses recorded were related to these issues. See figure 2 for an ext data top top the variety of lapses categorised by concern area.