Chief grasp Sgt. Joanne Bass, the command chief for the second Air force talks come students at Goodfellow Air pressure Base, Texas, Nov. 20. Bass has been selected to be the next chief grasp sergeant the the wait Force, ,and will certainly be the an initial woman ever to offer as the highest-ranking NCO in any branch that the military. (Airman 1st Class Robyn Hunsinger/Air Force)
Chief master Sgt. Yone Bass, the present command cook for second Air Force, has been selected to be the next chief master sergeant of the wait Force.

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Bass will come to be the 19th chief master sergeant the the waiting Force, the business said Friday. She will be the first woman to serve as the highest-ranking noncommissioned officer in any kind of of the united States army services, though a woman previously served as the chief enlisted advisor for the nationwide Guard Bureau.

She will certainly succeed existing Chief grasp Sergeant that the Air pressure Kaleth Wright, who is reserved to retiree Aug. 14.

“I’m honored and humbled to it is in selected together the 19th chief master sergeant the the wait Force and follow in the footsteps of few of the ideal leaders our Air pressure has ever before known,” Bass said in the release. “The history of the minute isn’t shed on me; I’m just ready to get after it. And also I’m extremely grateful for and also proud of my family and also friends who aided me follow me the way.”

The wait Force’s next chief that staff, Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown, claimed he choose her due to the fact that she has actually the right skills, temperament and experience, and because her leadership layout matches his. Brown will additionally officially end up being chief of staff in August. The Air pressure said base was the “consensus choice” the end of more than a dozen finalists from across the service.

“I could not be more excited to work side-by-side with Chief Bass,” Brown claimed in a release. “She has actually unique an abilities that will assist us both command the total force and also live up to the high expectation of ours airmen.”

“She is a proven leader who has performed with difference at every step of her completed career,” Brown continued. “I have no doubt the Chief base will carry out wise counsel as we pursue and also implement efforts to develop and empower airmen at all levels.

Bass will certainly advise Brown and also Air force Secretary Barbara Barrett on the welfare, morale, readiness, progression and also how ideal to use the service’s more than 410,000 active, guard and also reserve enlisted airmen.

When Brown, who will be the nation’s first black organization chief, and also Bass both assume their following positions, the will also be the first time in history that a branch of the military has had actually no white guys in its top officer, enlisted and civilian leadership roles. Bass, whose mommy is Korean, will likewise be the very first chief grasp sergeant the the Air force of Asian-American descent.

She and Brown will concentrate on continuing the waiting Force’s transition away indigenous fighting terror to preparing because that an era the “great power competition,” countering significant adversaries such as China and Russia, the Air force said.

And bass will proceed Chief Wright’s work-related on improving resiliency, reducing suicide, and improving diversity and also racial equality in the wait Force.


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Chief master Sgt. Lee Hoover, that has operated for and alongside Bass numerous times since 2016, claimed she is a smart chief that understands the problems affecting enlisted airmen. She’s additionally a compassionate person who cares for airmen and also their families, genuinely listens once someone ideologies her, and also wants to understand what she deserve to do to assist them, Hoover said.

“It’s never really around her,” Hoover said. “She’s a person of strong character.”

Hoover said her extensive background through training and advancement of enlisted airmen suggests that will certainly be one of the locations she focuses on as CMSAF. Hoover was formerly the spokesman and assistant for the 17th CMSAF, James Cody.

Bass is maybe to build relationships with senior NCOs, generals and other officers, Hoover said, and can stand up for enlisted airmen in a room full of basic officers.

“She’s no afraid come speak her mind,” Hoover said. “Even if that’s different than what others might think, she’s going come make certain the enlisted voice is heard. … as soon as you do speak her mind in a room full of leaders, you need to do that in a means that they’ll hear it. Lock going to hear and also understand she perspective, and know it’s coming from the best place.”

Bass has actually served together the command chief for the second Air pressure at Keesler Air pressure Base in Mississippi since July 2018, advising command Maj. Gen. Andrea Tullos on how to ideal use and also develop the enlisted force there. The second Air pressure oversees a variety of cultivate operations, including straightforward military maintain for an ext than 36,000 trainees annually, initial skills training and progressed technical training, and also has much more than 13,000 officer, enlisted, civilian and also contract personnel.

She was previously chief of Air force enlisted developmental education at the Pentagon indigenous September 2016 come July 2018. Prior to that, bass was command chief master sergeant because that the 17th cultivate Wing at Goodfellow Air force Base in Texas from might 2015 to September 2016.


Chief grasp Sgt. Jone Bass, the following chief understand sergeant the the waiting Force, speaks to 81st Training team personnel during an immersion tourism at the Levitow Training support Facility top top Keesler Air pressure Base, Mississippi, Aug. 23, 2018. (Kemberly Groue/Air Force)

Bass enlisted in the Air force in 1993 and first served as an work system administration journeyman in ~ the previous Pope Air force Base in north Carolina. She also deployed in assistance of operations southern Watch, Enduring Freedom and also Iraqi Freedom.

In the release, Bass said that the air Force’s chef of staff and also top NCO have to have solid chemistry, and pointed come the partnership between Wright and Goldfein together the standard.

Gen. Brown is “the kind of leader we’ve all want to job-related with,” bass said. “I’m excited for the possibility to offer as his chief and also his wingman. Together, we will certainly do everything we have the right to to ensure that every airman and also their family members are taken treatment of and feel prefer they space a component our Air force family.”

Bass was named an elderly Noncommissioned Officer the the Year because that the 86th Operations group at Ramstein Air basic in Germany in 2011, and also Distinguished Graduate from the an elderly Noncommissioned Officer Academy in 2009, among other achievements.

She come from an army family, together does Gen. Brown. Bass’s father to be a warrant officer in the Army, and she is originally from Mililani, Hawaii, though she stayed in several overseas and stateside locations farming up.

Hoover also listed that unlike most CMSAFs, i beg your pardon are typically drawn from the ranks of MAJCOM chiefs, base is coming from a numbered air Force. He said it’s amazing to check out the Air pressure make its selection from a bigger pool than it has in the past.

Correction: This post originally incorrectly stated Bass" father’s location in the Army.

Stephen Losey is the air warfare reporter at Defense News. He previously reported because that Military.com, extending the Pentagon, special operations and air warfare. Prior to that, he covered U.S. Air pressure leadership, personnel and also operations because that Air pressure Times.


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