Preparing college student to be well-informed, curious readers is part of our duty as educators both across grade levels and subject areas. Together a previous classroom teacher, i loved sharing current events posts with students. High-interest, relevant articles connected come the news, have the right to promote discussion both inside and also outside the the classroom,plus, students deserve to make comments andhighlight an occasion viaPDFeditor. Although there could have to be a time when you had newspapers ceded to her classroom, the now simpler than ever before to connect students v up-to-date write-ups thanks come these existing events websites.

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Teaching with the News?

On this list I’ve common a grasp of favorite current events websites. You’ll find some that permit you come modify reading levels for each article and others that affix student readers to videos, images, and audio files. If you’re a consistent follower the or attended an occasion I’ve spoken at the past couple of years, you’ve probably heard me use the phrase tasks prior to apps. Together you go through this list think about your finding out goals because that students and also which resources will attach them through relevant, engaging and also high-interest informational text.

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15 present Events Websites for Students

The discovering Network

The discovering Network native the brand-new York time is complete of valuable resources for students and also teachers. Over there are write-ups written particularly for student readers and also lesson plans that cover a wide selection of topics. You’ll uncover writing prompts, contests and also multimedia sources on this website.


With new articles every week, Youngzine is another an excellent resource for messages to share through students. On this present events website you deserve to find short articles under science, an innovation and background categories. Over there are often maps, associated resources and videos to check out with every article.

National Geographic

Full of popular stories, nationwide Geographic’s website includes articles from approximately the world. In enhancement to the news short articles for kids to explore, there is additionally a repertoire of beautiful pictures that are perfect because that close reading activities.

CNN 10

CNN’s website provides fast ten-minute video clip clips because that students featuring a wide variety of news stories. These commercial-free videos are perfect for sharing through students for day-to-day updates. Friend might likewise decide to usage these videos in a flipped classroom model for students come watch external of the classroom and come ago to class ready come discuss.

ChannelOne News

Although this present events website contains commercials through student-friendly videos, the high-quality, high-interest content may still it is in of attention to you. With new content added every day and a good production quality, the resources on this website space robust.

Tween Tribune

On this free website for children you’ll uncover plenty of present events lesson principles for students. It includes leveled reading passages because that students they have the right to tailor to their analysis needs. In enhancement to changing reading levels because that each passage there is content easily accessible in English and Spanish.

Scholastic News

Similar come the resources from TIME for Kids, Scholastic News has totally free content online for students associated to present events and also high-interest reading topics. Users can pick a grade-level and also view contents designed for different groups of students.


NPR News

NPR’s website contains resources in print and audio format. You students might dive right into the short articles on a tablet computer or hear to the news updates. Like plenty of news establishments NPR has lots the podcast options for learner at various levels and with differing interests.

TIME for Kids

You might be acquainted with the publish magazine TIME or your student edition TIME for Kids. What’s good about your online resource is they offer students access to totally free content and the capacity to customize their reading experiences. Students can see write-ups in both English and Spanish, adjust the Lexile level that passages and also find a ready-to-print version of the news.


Newsela is a favorite on this perform of present events websites and definitely worth checking out! lock have complimentary and paid contents that is updated daily with several extra resources regarded the news that the day. You can search for short articles by keyword and topic and the link to different standards.


The folks at BrainPOP have actually so many great resources the can aid students far better understand different issues related to current events. Their contents is very searchable and also each day they have a new free video to share through students. The daily complimentary video regularly relates to a object in the news.

Sports illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated children has a website with present events write-ups for kids. Also on this website you’ll find updated news posts on sporting events and notable athletes. Plenty of of the write-ups are created by their student reporters.


The DOGOnews website caters particularly to students and includes new articles weekly. These write-ups have the alternative for being listened come in addition to read. The posts often encompass infographics and videos too.


Why Files

This resource stopped producing new content previously this year, but their save is complete of short articles connected to worries students might be exploring in your classroom. It contains book reviews and also lots of short articles related to science concepts and also weather.

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Here there Everywhere

Although updated less consistently 보다 the rather on this list, below There almost everywhere is another source for locating current events articles. They have actually categories and also archives you have the right to look with if you’re trying to find a particular topic.