L>Current EventsNewspapers and MagazinesTelevision Newspapers and also MagazinesABC News 4 Kids. Abc News 4 children posts new stories every Tuesday and also Thursday appropriate for elementary and middle college students. Each news post has an interactive, animatedpresentation. Likewise included is an archive of ahead articles. AskERIC lesson Plans: existing Events. Current events lesson plan for qualities 3-12.Brain Bowl. Mind Bowl, indigenous the finding out Network, is a weekly existing events video game which have the right to be played by one player, two players, or son vs Parent. Players deserve to view answers from previous weeks" games.Children"s Express. Children"s Express an international (CE) is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated global youth news organization produced by kids and teens 8-18 because that adult print, radio, TV and also online media. CE story cover serious worries such together youth violence, homelessness, politics, teen pregnancy and also race relations, and also are to update weekly ~ above the CE site. The CE site additionally features polls, reader feedback, story by readers (and a kind for submitting stories), and also detailed information about the CE organization itself and also its news bureaus in the joined States and also United Kingdom. CNNfyi.com. CNNfyi gives teachers v instructional materials for integrating current events across the curriculum. A student ar keeps student in qualities 6-12 conscious of the latest news of attention to them. Lesson plans, lift material, profiles, links to valuable Internet sites, and also forums for communication with various other teachers are also included. Evening News Abstracts. Vanderbilt television News Archive began taping the night news broadcasts that the three significant networks, ABC, CBS, and also NBC, on august 5, 1968. This collection has been abstracted through story level descriptions. The Abstracts deserve to be browsed by day or searched.NewsCurrents. This is a existing events site suitable for middle school students developed by expertise Unlimited. It uses a weekly "Who to be I" question, miscellaneous research tasks and internet links to other current event issues, and a free online "NewsQuiz" (ten multiple choice questions that change every week).News the the Century. The News that the Century contest challenges students in grades 4-12 to select and also research the people, places and also events that influenced a details year of the 20th century and then enables them to create their very own online newspaper. Every submissions will be describe in the News the the Century online Gallery. Over there is no cost to participate in the contest. Deadline for entries is in march 31, 2000.Newsweek education Program. Click on a cover date for a Newsweek magazine issue and also find conversation questions and student tasks for her high school present events program. Click Resources for a collection of cross-curriculum worksheets. Papers in education (NIE Online). Funded by The Detroit News, NIE Online provides links to everyday lesson plans for usage in teaching present events. The site additionally includes an index of weekly plans.New York Times discovering Network. Amongst its components is a day-to-day News Quiz, a daily Lesson Plan, a Lesson setup Archive, and Teacher Resources.Scholastic News Zone. The News region presents existing events for students in grades 3-8 in a fun way. Contained are the peak news stories, tasks such as Vote Now, Games and also Quizzes, unique Reports and Teacher Tips.School Zone. The site promotes the usage of newspapers and also the web in the classroom, and also includes curricula, projects, an imaginative writing, and links to various other educational sites. Star Tribune virtual Idea. The site, listed by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune, attributes monthly and also weekly thematic classroom activities, a day-to-day online news quiz, one online directory of materials and services, bulletin boards, and also Homework Help. Student Newspaper Project. Ann Butcher offers an interdisciplinary job for grades 4-6 that combines the many elements of creating a newspaper v use that the Internet. Fantastic way to carry current events to the social research studies classroom. Teaching systems from the Calgary (Canada) Herald. The Calgary Herald offers teaching devices that deserve to be adapted to any newspaper. Units vary. Some carry out problem solving, creative or simulation activities. Others carry out detailed great plans and worksheets. Don"t miss creating a class Newspaper which details unit and also lesson plans for developing a class newspaper. That shows exactly how to integrate journalism right into various curricula. Good for Social studies classrooms. Suitable for qualities 6-12. TIME for Kids. TIME for children (grades 5-12) attributes people and also events in the news, historical profiles, a cartoon the the week, interaction talk back and online quizzes.Time 100. One century, 100 remarkable people. TIME has actually profiled those individuals who - for better or worse- most influenced the critical 100 years. Lock are thought about in five areas of endeavor, culminating with person of the Century. Twenty-Five an excellent Ideas for to teach Currrent Events! Education world features great ideas for connecting present events to every subjects consisting of social studies. U.S. News Online. A weekly Teacher"s overview for making use of the online site sponsored by U.S. News and also World Reportin the an additional school social studies classroom. Lesson arrangement contents incorporate a note on great level and also subject area, objectives, materials, conversation questions, and also suggested activities. Vocal Point. The Vocal point is a student-driven, collaborative digital newspaper command by Centennial center School college student in Boulder, Colorado. In every issue, Vocal allude covers a far-reaching local or national topic indigenous the middle school student"s perspective. Each monthly worry has a various theme.Wall Street journal Classroom Edition. The wall Street newspaper publishes a monthly full-color Classroom edition designed to aid teachers enhance the economic and business proficiency of secondary-school students. The Classroom version is component of a commercial educational program which includesteacher guides and a video. This site has sample duplicates of the newspaper and articles, lesson plans and subscription information for the full program. Adobe Acrobat Reader, which deserve to be download from the site, is required.Weekly reader Galaxy: current Events. Warm news and more for grades 6 to 10 students and also teachers.Return to peak of PageTelevisionA&E Television.Programs indigenous A&E make exciting and useful additions to center school, small high and high college curricula. To find resources to plan to companion the A&E classroom programs, click A&E Classroom.. For program listings, click TV Listings.. Africans in America (PBS). PBS uses this companion website to their brand-new television collection of 4 programs that chronicles the history of racial enslavement in the joined States. Each of the four programs consists of a narrative (historical essay) and a resource Bank (over 400 items, consisting of biographies and events, historical documents, and also interviews) and also a Teacher"s Guide.Cable in the class Online. The site, sponsored by the magazine, Cable in the Classroom, provides cable television regime scheduling, taping rights, searches through topic, and much more.Clinton Years. Told from inside the presidency, alphabet News Nightline and also PBS"s Frontline current the an initial look in ~ the Clinton era. The site is suitable for an elderly high school students. CNN class Plans and Multimedia Resources. Great plans for CNN"s TV Newsroom human being View because that kids. Tape it while girlfriend sleep (1:30a.m.-2a.m., M-F). Normally presents five or six quick segments. No commercials. C-Span lesson Plans and Teaching Ideas.. Weekly lesson to plan and tasks for C-Span broadcasts.Discovery Channel. Upcoming regime listings and also lesson ideas from the exploration Channel. Calls for a Netscape Browser.Discovery Channel School.Discovery Channel school Online is a place where teachers and also students can gain the many out of discovery programming. Contains classroom activities and games.Media watch (NCSS) The nationwide Council for the Social researches (NCSS) offers a listing the current and also upcoming TV programs of interest to social researches teachers and students. Contained is progamming details for PBS, The discovery Channel, The background Channel, The finding out Channel, CNN Newsroom and also Nickelodeon"s Nick News organized by reporter Linda Ellerbee ( Wednesdays & Thursdays, 5:30-5:55 a.m., ET.) Nick News is a magazine-format routine that answers the questions youngsters in grades 4 to six can want to ask, covering current events and also issues such together the environment, sex stereotypes, and also AIDS. Nova digital Teacher"s overview Library. Nova online presents Teacher"s travel guide for several of their existing season"s television programs. The site additionally includes web links to ahead season"s Teacher"s Guides.Online News Hour. Online variation of PBS"s NewsHour through Jim Lehrer presents transcripts the the day"s broadcasts. The site also includes elevator briefings, a search archive, forums, and also more. Some segments are obtainable in RealAudio format.PBS. Principles for using educational television programs in your social research studies classroom. Teachers.Nick.Com.(Nickelodeon"s internet Site for Educators through Nick News) The objective of this site is to inform pre-school, elementary, and middle college teachers around Nickelodeon"s day-to-day educational television shows (5:30-6:00am).

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