The robot, that goes through Ai-Da, will showcase artwork in ~ an exhibition at the Giza pyramids opening Thursday.

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Between the Tigris and also Euphrates, extreme heat and also drought space poisoning the land, emptying the villages.


Soon ~ the attack, a Syrian armed forces artillery barrage killed at least 13 people in the rebel enclave the Idlib.


Israeli diver find 900-year-old sword, said to it is in Crusader knight’s weapon, top top Mediterranean seabed

A resident came throughout the about four-foot-long weapon while scuba diving Saturday off the Carmel shore in northern Israel.


Blackouts. A collapsing economy. And also now a sectarian standoff that threatens to undercut any kind of hope of a method out.


The escalation can strain what remains of stability in a country teetering ~ above the brink, under the compounding strains of violence, shortages, financial meltdown, distrust of institutions and also the coronavirus pandemic.

The fighting erupted at a rally Hezbollah organized against the referee investigating the Beirut port explosion.

Israel"s righteousness minister stated he and the country"s element minister, Naftali Bennett, are strongly opposed to the arrangement to reopen the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem, which was used for diplomatic engagement through Palestinians.

For every their countless objections come Trump’s more comprehensive agenda, Biden officials appear somewhat to crawl on building upon the Abraham Accords.

The Iranian-aligned group Fatah was amongst the night’s best losers, showing up to shed more than fifty percent of that seats.

Sally Rooney i will not ~ release brand-new bestseller in Israel, publisher says, intensifying conflict on cultural boycott

The Irish author of "Beautiful World, Where are You" has been open around her opposition come Israeli government policies.

The announcement from prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi came a job after an election v the country’s lowest voter turnout ever.

He was a vital architect of the “surge” in U.S. Forces throughout the Iraq War and later offered as the Army’s top-ranking general.

For months, the Lebanese have had only a couple of hours of power a day. But the full outage is furthering the nation’s collapse.

An execution in 2021 calls into question the commitment come reforms expected to end fatality sentences because that crimes committed as a minor.

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Allegations incorporate violence against civilians top top the component of foreign mercenaries and also human rights violations in prisons.