Engaging with existing events is an important part the educating young civilization to be informed and humane participants in a democracy.

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Use our present events sources – including Teaching principles on specific topics and adaptable techniques – to foster kind classroom conversations and build her students’ capacities for vital thinking, emotional engagement, moral reflection, and also civic agency.

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Journals provide students with an are to procedure their thoughts, feelings, and also uncertainties during this challenging time. Use the tips and also writing prompts in this source to assist your students create a exercise of journaling.


check out our educator Guide, which consists of tools and also strategies for organizing discussions around current events in her classroom.


Learn how to make systematic connections between current events and your curriculum using techniques for navigating challenging topics, partisan politics, and also breaking news with ready-to-use teaching resources.

use this to teach Idea to aid students reflect on their emotional reaction to climate change, their link to the organic world, and the power of collective action.


In this teaching Idea, college student sharpen your media literacy an abilities as they advice the influence of society media on your lives and question exactly how we can manage social media’s harmful effects.

This to teach Idea invites college student to explore how your actions and also the plot of their leaders can assist promote the common great in a time the crisis.

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In a fast-moving information landscape that is being reinvented by photo manipulation devices and deep fakes, the occupational of help students cultivate media proficiency is an increasingly facility task. U.S. Media literacy Week during the last week of October is a time specialized to underscoring the idea that media proficiency must it is in a central aim of education and urging teachers to implement pertinent lesson plans that aid students learn just how to sift truth from fiction. Conceptualizing media literacy as specifically focused top top the facts shows up to be giving method to a wider definition, however, as the dispute over the nature and affect of social media platforms together as facebook intensifies. Past the important question of exactly how students discern even if it is the information they accessibility is factual, a host of other concerning questions room emerging about how the really tools we use to access information may be unraveling our ability to know, think, and simply relate to rather in the world—particularly for adolescents. As lawmakers effort to host tech leader accountable with an ongoing series of conference hearings, a network of former tech leaders has actually come with each other to help all the us—and particularly our young people—forge much more healthy relationships with these communication through habits change.
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Our teaching Ideas help you address specific events and also issues in the news. With a selection of available resources and also engaging to teach strategies, they have the right to be supplied for every or component of a course period.

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