Energy, Minerals and also Natural resources Dept. (EMNRD) room Secretary sarah Cottrell Propst join a roundtable held Aug. 18 by Senator martin Heinrich through Congresswoman Melanie Stansbury, U.S. Dept. Of power (DOE) Secretary Jennifer Granholm and business and also union leaders. The event highlighted brand-new Mexico’s rapid progression in widening renewable energy generation and transmission and also explored how federal programs, regulations and also support can promote additional transmission heat construction. That would produce local jobs, minimize emissions and assist meet the power milestones laid the end in the Energy change Act.

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Pictured, native left: Fernando Martinez, executive director, Renewable energy Transmission Authority; U.S. Congresswoman Melanie Stansbury; Mike Garland, CEO, sample Energy; U.S. Senator young name Heinrich; U.S. Dept. Of power Secretary Jennifer Granholm; Bob Busch, chair that the Renewable power Transmission Authority; Brian Condit, service manager, international Brotherhood of electric Workers local 611; EMNRD cabinet Secretary sarah Cottrell Propst; and Sarah Webster, angry president, sample Energy.



Photo courtesy that Kitchell Corp.

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Phoenix children Hospital broke ground June 30 top top a $39.9-million emergency department and also expanded medical campus in Avondale, Ariz. The new campus will serve families in the West Valley and also includes a 35,000-sq-ft freestanding emergency department. The Southwest Campus additionally will function a multi-specialty clinic expected to offer 40,000 youngsters a year. The clinic will more than dual the number of patient rooms come 68 indigenous 27. The facility will offer accessibility to physicians in much more than 75 pediatric subspecialties. Over there are an ext than 30,000 pediatric emergency visits every year in the Avondale area, and also demand because that children’s specialty care is likewise on the rise, v the pediatric population in the West sink projected to prosper from 400,000 today to practically 500,000 by 2030. The Southwest Campus is expected to open by spring 2023. HKS is the designer, and also Kitchell Corp. Is the builder.




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