In Old san Juan, Puerto Rico, the flags that the U.S. And also its territory fly side by side. Spencer Platt/Getty pictures October 5, 2021

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Century-old racist us Supreme Court cases still dominance over millions ofAmericans

Eric Bellone, Suffolk University

A collection of supreme Court cases based upon racist language and reasoning quiet govern the resides of 4 million Americans.

The supreme Court has actually no military to enforce its decisions; its authority rests exclusively on the legitimacy. success McNamee/Getty images September 28, 2021

The supreme Court’s tremendous power may pose a risk to itslegitimacy

Richard L. Pacelle, Jr., University the Tennessee

The can be fried Court is a top player in enacting plan in the US. Yet it has actually no army to enforce its decisions; its government rests exclusively on its legitimacy.

just how much prestige does the supreme Court location on front decisions? Kevin Dietsch/Getty photos September 20, 2021

The can be fried Court has overturned criterion dozens of times in the past 60 years, including when it struck down legalsegregation

David Schultz, Hamline university

there is worth in observing legit precedent, but sometimes circumstances, reasonable or judges’ views identify it’s time come overturn it.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (standing) talks through volunteers who room phone-banking against the recall ~ above Aug. 13, 2021, in mountain Francisco. Justin Sullivan/Getty pictures September 10, 2021

California recall: yes sir a an approach to what watch likemadness

Raphael J. Sonenshein, California State University, Los Angeles

It’s basic to make fun of California politics. Yet a longtime scholar that those politics says the effort to remind Gov. Gavin Newsom is part of a long-running effort to hold government accountable.

afri Americans were used as slave labour in California and also other western united state territories throughout the 1850s. California State Library respectable 11, 2021

The little-known story of how slavery infiltrated California and the Americanwest

Kevin Waite, Durham University


Republican politicians have championed legislation to limit the to teach of material trying out how race and racism affect American politics, culture and law. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, record July 21, 2021

Lawsuits over bans on teaching an essential race theory are coming – here’s what won’t work, and also whatmight

candid LoMonte, University of Florida

new state laws in the us banning teaching about systemic racism advanced the question: walk the Constitution safeguard public college teachers’ best to choose how and what to teach?
religious beliefs was a common theme in several of the instances to come before the ripe justices in the newly concluded can be fried Court term. 3 experts help explain what is in ~ stake.
The 2nd Amendment declares the prominence of state-government authorized militias, favor these national Guard troops guarding the California State Capitol building. AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli June 14, 2021

Why the 2nd Amendment protects a ‘well-regulated militia’ but not a exclusive citizenmilitia

Eliga Gould, University of new Hampshire

A recent federal court ruling appeared to expand second Amendment legal rights to private citizen militias, i m sorry a chronicler of at an early stage America explains is not what the founders intended.
regulation pending in conference would contribute to reforming exactly how police conduct themselves – however there’s a limit to what commonwealth legislation have the right to do. Seth Herald / AFP/Getty images June 1, 2021

Congress can’t do much around fixing local police – yet it can tie strings to federalgrants

Alexis Karteron, Rutgers college - Newark

While countless in America are looking to conference to happen police revolutionary legislation, the federal federal government has almost no control over state and local police departments.
Rep. Liz Cheney, Republican the Wyoming, speak to the press at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., on may 12, 2021. Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty images may 21, 2021
Rep. Liz Cheney may have actually been exiled from her party’s leadership, yet she’s after a enlarge thing: the repair of politics conservative values in the GOP and its voters.
Political pressure is concentrating on the assembly of the U.S. Supreme Court. Stefani Reynolds/Getty pictures may 10, 2021

States pick judges very differently from us Supreme Courtappointments

Joshua Holzer, Westminster College

The seat in the home chamber will be filled follow to vote in the 50 states. U.S. Home of representatives April 26, 2021

Census results shift political strength in Congress, presidential elections

Dudley L. Poston Jr., Texas A&M University

The us Census Bureau has actually announced which claims will gain and lose representation in Congress as a an outcome of the 2020 census. Here’s exactly how it provides the calculations.
speaker of the home Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and fellow Democrats deal with reporters top top H.R. 1 at the Capitol in Washington on march 3, 2021. J. Scott Applewhite/AP photos April 19, 2021

Democratic bill attempts come undo voter restrictions of previous 15years

Nicholas Espíritu, University of California, Los Angeles

together GOP-run statehouses across the nation tighten poll restrictions, a bill in congress would, its democratic sponsors say, undo more than 15 year of moves to do voting harder.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, standing at center and facing left just over the eagle, take away the presidential oath the office because that the 3rd time in 1941. FDR Presidential Library and Museum via Flickr April 19, 2021
just one president has done therefore – Franklin Delano Roosevelt – yet others taken into consideration it, and even tried.
justices Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch and also Brett Kavanaugh have actually bolstered the conservative wing of the supreme Court. Jonathan Ernst/Getty photos April 13, 2021

How the supreme Court discovered its faith and also put ‘religious liberty’ top top a winningstreak

Steven K. Green, Willamette University

Conservative justices are redefining spiritual freedom to mean the protection of people or teams to practice their faith as they watch fit, suggests a constitutional regulation expert.
U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, launches a filibuster in 2016. Senate television via AP march 2, 2021

Most US claims don’t have a filibuster – nor do countless democratic countries

Joshua Holzer, Westminster College

The US device was designed with much more checks and balances than many other successful democracies – the filibuster’s main role is to provide undue power to a vocal minority.
legitimate rally of the nationwide Socialist Movement, one of the major neo-Nazi teams in the unified States, ~ above April 21, 2018, in Draketown, Georgia. Spencer Platt/AFP February 22, 2021

The idolization of free speech in the UnitedStates

Jérôme Viala-Gaudefroy, CY Cergy Paris Université

The first Amendment to the us Constitution protects Americans’ flexibility of speech, so much so that even the many hateful speech has the right to be quoted.
The impeachment trial mirrors American democracy is in bad shape. Chip Somodevilla/Getty photos February 13, 2021

Trump’s acquittal is a sign of ‘constitutional rot’ – partisanship overriding principles

man E. Finn, Wesleyan University

The poll to acquit former President Trump for inciting the strike on the Capitol is a symptom that the dramatic decrease of the united state constitutional system, i beg your pardon is being eroded from within.

Why the British exit impeachment – and also what the united state Congress can donext

Eliga Gould, University of new Hampshire

In the early on 19th century, the brothers – who had actually invented impeachment centuries before – made decision it no much longer served its purpose. Instead, they discovered a more effective means to handle a bad leader.
Members the the U.S. Can be fried Court visit chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt in ~ the White residence in 1934. AP photo February 10, 2021

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Liberals in Congress and also the White home have challenged a conservative supreme Courtbefore

Lucy Cane, University the Denver

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