After her recent stay in a hospital, Queen Elizabeth II will certainly no much longer do official occasions solo — to make sure one more royal is top top hand in case she needs to cancel over future wellness scares, according to a report.

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The 95-year-old monarch had to “reluctantly” release a expedition to northern Ireland critical week in bespeak to stay overnight Wednesday in a London hospital because that “preliminary tests” on unspecified health issues.

While she was back on “light duties” from house in Windsor Castle, the royal household has began a brand-new working design to make sure the aging king is no much longer scheduled to appear at occasions on she own, sources told The Telegraph.

By having at the very least one other an elderly royal already scheduled, it offers the famously stoic queen the opportunity to publication if necessary without disappointing the general public with a finish royal no-show, the document said.

Queen Elizabeth II will apparently no much longer do any kind of events without other members of the royal family members after a recent wellness scare.Photo through Jack Hill – WPA pool / Getty Images

The queen did no attend a church organization Sunday, and her attendance at various other upcoming events remains unsure as physicians order she to rest, The time of London said.

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Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the Telegraph’s report about the new plan to constantly have one more royal at the queen’s events.

The decision was made therefore that an additional member that the royal family members will be on hand in instance the Queen needs to withdraw as result of her health.MEGA

However, a source insisted to the UK Times, “It’s not unusual for her Majesty to be accompanied by family members.”