147th Kentucky Derby Betting Results

The Kentucky Derby is the most famous horse gyeongju in the united States and also the 2021 rate lived as much as the hype with a an excellent race.

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Veteran jockey John Velazquez talk Medina Spirit come the 147th Kentucky Derby success as that outlasted Mandaloun and Hot stick Charlie.

Trainer Bob Baffert as soon as again recorded the Kentucky Derby, this victory the saturday at the Triple Crown race from Churchill Downs. The win for Velazquez was his fourth in the Kentucky Derby.

Medina spirit led all the method and ran 1 1/4 mile in 2:01.02. He payment $26.20, $12 and $7.60 for Win, Place and also Show wagers. The success was precious $1.86 million.

The betting favorite, Essential Quality, finished in fourth place.

Medina heart cashed tickets as a 12/1 betting choice by to win the 147th Kentucky Derby from Churchill Downs. (AP)

2021 Kentucky Derby Finishing Position

147th Kentucky Derby Results
Post PositionHorseTrainerJockeyOdds
8Medina SpiritBob BaffertJohn Velazquez12/1
7MandalounBrad CoxFlorent Geroux27/1
9Hot pole CharlieDoug O"NeillFlavien Prat6/1
14Essential QualityBrad CoxLuis Saez3/1
6O BesosGreg FoleyMarcelino Pedroza42/1
10Midnight BourbonSteve AsmussenMike Smith13/1
4KeepmeinmindRobertino DiodoroDavid Cohen49/1
12HeliumMark CasseJulien Leparoux38/1
1Known AgendaTodd PletcherIrad Ortiz Jr.10/1
17Highly MotivatedChad BrownJavier Castellano11/1
5SainthoodTodd PletcherCorey Lanerie43/1
2Like the KingWesley WardDrayden van Dyke50/1
20BourbonicTodd PletcherKendrick Carmouche30/1
13Hidden StashVicki OliverRafael Bejarano39/1
3Brooklyn StrongDaniel VelazquezUmberto Rispoli44/1
18Super StockSteve AsmussenRicardo Santana Jr.34/1
15Rock your WorldJohn SadlerJoel Rosario9/2
11Dynamic OneTodd PletcherJose Ortiz45/1
19Soup and SandwichMark CasseTyler Gaffalione27/1
16King FuryKenneth McPeekBrian Hernandez Jr.SCR

Most famous Kentucky Derby Handicapping Resources

2021 Kentucky Derby Betting Odds

As of practically nine hours prior to the Kentucky Derby race on Saturday might 1, 2021, we continue to see the odds take shape for the Triple Crown opener.

Essential Quality was steamed down to even money odds (1/1) yesterday after famous bettor Mattress Mack bet a healthy six number on the horse.

elafilador.net gives his think on the big wager and also offers increase his thoughts on what the realistic odds must be top top the present favorite.

MattressMack has actually wagered his first $500,000 bet on the #KentuckyDerby! take a look in ~ the present odds below with
ScottTVG.#BetWithTVG on the Derby right now using advance wagering in ~ https://t.co/7YhWIieKjU pic.twitter.com/cS5D9bF6lD

— TVG (
TVG) April 30, 2021

As much more money comes in, important Quality has been pushed ago up. According to the latest odds shooting (see below) at 10:00 a.m. ET, TwinSpires is mirroring Essential Quality is provided at 5/2 odds (Bet $2.00 to win $7.00).

Rock your World and Hot stick Charlie are following in line at 9/2 and also 6/1 odds respectively and also then over there is many of worth on the board, through all price at 11/1 or higher.

The peak seven runners (see below) per the eyes of the bettors are listed below.

14) necessary Quality15) Rock your World9) hot Rod Charlie1) well-known Agenda17) highly Motivated8) Medina Spirit13) Midnight Bourbon
Odds subject to readjust - (TwinSpires)

Kentucky Derby Morning line Odds

The main morning-line odds because that the 2021 Kentucky Derby were released on Tuesday April 27 at 11:00 a.m. ET together the article position for the 147th running was announced.

The Kentucky Derby morning-line odds are produced by longtime Churchill Downs track announcer and also current oddsmaker Mike Battaglia.

Post-Time for the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby is set for 6:57 p.m. ET.

147th Kentucky Derby Contenders

Post place - steed (ML Odds)

14 - important Quality (2/1) 15 - rock Your human being (5/1)1 - recognized Agenda (6/1)9 - warm Rod Charlie (8/1)17 - Highly urged (10/1)

Kentucky Derby Odds

147th Kentucky Derby Morning-Line Odds
Post PositionHorseOddsTrainerJockey
1Known Agenda6/1Todd PletcherIrad Ortiz, Jr.
2Like the King50/1Wesley WardDrayden valve Dyke
3Brooklyn Strong50/1Danny VelazquezUmberto Rispoli
4Keepmeinmind50/1Robertino DiodoroDavid Cohen
5Sainthood50/1Todd PletcherKendrick Carmouche
6O Besos20/1Greg FoleyMarcelino Pedroza
7Mandaloun15/1Brad CoxFlorent Geroux
8Medina Spirit15/1Bob BaffertJohn Velazquez
9Hot rod Charlie8/1Doug O’NeillFlavien Prat
10Midnight Bourbon20/1Steve AsmussenMike Smith
11Dynamic One20/1Todd PletcherJose Ortiz
12Helium50/1Mark CasseJulien Leparoux
13Hidden Stash50/1Vicki OliverRafael Bejarano
14Essential Quality2/1Brad CoxLuis Saez
15Rock her World5/1John SadlerJoel Rosario
16King Fury20/1Ken McPeekBrian Hernandez Jr.
17Highly Motivated10/1Chad BrownJavier Castellano
18Super Stock30/1Steve AsmussenRicardo Santana, Jr.
19Soup and also Sandwich30/1Mark CasseTyler Gaffalione
20Bourbonic30/1Todd PletcherKendrick Carmouche

Kentucky Derby ideal Bets

2021 Kentucky Derby choose & Predictions

Anthony Stabile has actually his top picks and betting strategies collection for Saturday"s main occasion from Churchill Downs.

Full Analysis

Kentucky Derby choose - If points Go Well...

7 - Mandaloun17 - highly Motivated14 - crucial Quality15 - Rock your World

Kentucky Derby choose - IF every HELL breaks LOOSE...

8 - Medina Spirit6 - O Besos14 - important Quality20 - Bourbonic

Kentucky Derby Betting Previews

Anthony Stabile is giving his betting evaluation on all of the supposed runners because that the 147th Kentucky Derby, breaking them into particular groups.

Part 1 Betting Analysis

Known AgendaBourbonicDynamic OneSainthoodLike the King

Part 2 Betting Analysis

Essential QualityMandalounHeliumSoup and SandwichKing Fury

Part 3 Betting Analysis

Hot rod CharlieMidnight BourbonO BesosHighly MotivatedSuper Stock

Part 4 Betting Analysis

Rock her WorldMedina SpiritHidden StashKeepmeinmindBrooklyn Strong

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Kentucky Derby Betting Rankings

elafilador.net equine Racing expert Anthony Stabile offers his "Stabile"s Seven" rankings throughout the Kentucky Derby prep trail.

His latest rankings have actually a new-comer, Known Agenda.

The steed looked spicy in the Florida Derby and also will get much more attention in this year"s Kentucky Derby. Relocating out of the rankings was Collaborate.

Stabile"s seven - strength Rankings

Essential QualityHighly MotivatedRock her WorldMandalounKnown AgendaSuper StockKing Fury

(Updated 4.22.21)

The Stabile seven Rankings room your resource for anything and also everything leading as much as Kentucky Derby 147 top top Saturday may 1 at historical Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. In the coming weeks, Stabile, finest known because that picking 2003 Kentucky Derby winner Funny Cide at odds of end 12/1, will break down the peak contenders for this years’ operation for the Roses ~ above elafilador.net, culminating on Saturday might 1 with comprehensive analysis the every runner that steps right into the gate for the most interesting two minutes in sports.


Stabile"s seven Betting Analysis

(Number of points on the roadway to the Kentucky Derby leaderboard)

1) essential Quality (140)

Trainer: Brad CoxJockey: louis Saez

It appears to be all solution go for the champ who is at Churchill Downs getting prepared for the best race that his life. Cox announced that stablemate Caddo river was walk to join him and Mandaloun in the gate, all but ensuring a rapid pace. He i will not ~ mind the at all. ~ above Saturday, April 17, he functioned a solid five furlongs at Churchill in :59 3/5.

2) Highly urged (50)

Trainer: Chad BrownJockey: javier Castellano

The an ext I think around his runner-up power to crucial Quality in the Blue Grass, the more I prefer him. He to be asked to collection pace and go two transforms for the very first time and also handled both with aplomb. Now, he gets a target and also a much much better pace scenario. ~ above Sunday, April 18, he operated a heavy half-mile in :47 1/5 in ~ Keeneland before showing up at Churchill the following day.

3) absent Your people (100)

Trainer: john SadlerJockey: Umberto Rispoli

Connections announced he’d it is in ridden by 2013 Kentucky Derby winning rider Joel Rosario this previous weekend. Rosario to be aboard for this colt’s maiden win before Umberto Rispoli rode that in his critical two. Them"s the breaks. An additional who numbers to be forwardly placed in the at an early stage running. ~ above Saturday, April 17, he worked five furlongs in ~ Santa Anita in :59 3/5.

4) Mandaloun (52)

Trainer: Brad CoxJockey: Florent Geroux

There is a “wise guy” horse on the trail each and every year and also I’m pretty certain he’ll play the duty on Derby Day. Top top Saturday, April 17, he worked six furlongs at Churchill in 1:11 2/5. In mine opinion, that the ideal work I’ve watched from Kentucky. Integrate this through his connections and also the reality that his risen Star initiative puts him right there and he numbers to be an underlay.

5) well-known Agenda (102)

Trainer: Todd PletcherJockey: Irad Ortiz, Jr.His last two through blinkers added have been better than his various other races yet he still needs to acquire a small faster. An ext the merrier on the front finish for him and it certainly appears he’ll acquire a an ext than honest pace. This jock is taking so lot money appropriate now, ns can’t imagine him gift worse 보다 the third choice. Top top Friday, April 16, the worked 5 furlongs at Churchill in 1:00 2/5. Pletcher will also send the end Bourbonic, Sainthood and Dynamic One in search of his 3rd Derby tally.

6) Super share (109)

Trainer: Steve AsmussenJockey: Ricardo Santana, Jr.

Winner that my an extremely own Wrestlemania Saturday complement at Oaklawn, he sat off a contested pace prior to rolling home for an upset score. Asmussen feel like included distance would be his friend and he to be right. Figures to get even more pace in the Derby and should be a huge price despite his win.

7) King fury (20)

Trainer: Ken McPeekJockey: Brian Hernandez, Jr.

He still technically demands some assist to acquire in together he is the “bubble” equine as that this writing. He is made every one of his starts at 8.5 furlongs yet I nothing think the large out will certainly be an issue. In fact, i think he’ll appreciate the extra ground more than many of the rather will just not certain how great he is.

Who is the big A?

elafilador.net horse Racing expert Anthony Stabile offers his "Stabile"s Seven" rankings transparent the Kentucky Derby prep trail.

Anthony “the huge A” Stabile can be heard on regular basis on the equine Racing Radio Network native 3-6:00 p.m. ET ~ above Wednesday and 3-7:00 p.m. ET Thursday and also Friday.

Tune in ~ above Sirius 219, XM 201 or streaming live in ~ horseracingradio.net. He also is a contributor ~ above NYRA-TV together the co-host of talk Horses and also a back-up racetrack announcer. Follow him ~ above Twitter

In case you don"t recall, Stabile boxed up four runners and drilled the 2019 Kentucky Derby for elafilador.net users.

2019 Kentucky Derby Results

$2 Exacta 20-13 paid $3,009.60$2 Trifecta 20-13-8 paid $22,950.60

8-Tacitus13-Code the Honor16-Game Winner20-Country HouseGood luck, safe trip to all!!!#KentuckyDerby

— Anthony J. Stabile (
TheBigAStabile) may 4, 2019

2021 Kentucky Derby key Dates

Sunday, Apr. 25: Morning Workouts Monday, Apr. 26: Kentucky Oaks article Position draw (11:00 a.m. ET)Tuesday, Apr. 27: Kentucky Derby article Position attract (11:00 a.m. ET)Wednesday, Apr. 28: Morning Workouts Thursday, Apr. 29: Morning Workouts Friday, Apr. 30: 147th running of the Kentucky OaksSaturday, may 1: 147th to run of the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Betting Leaderboard

The Kentucky Derby have the right to only have actually up to 20 runners and also you must qualify because that the event by earning points. The 2021 Kentucky Derby prep schedule features all of points based races and the winners the those occasions that already took place.

Listed below on the leaderboard space the optimal 20 horses based on Kentucky Derby point out earned and this will provide you a an excellent idea of who will be running on Saturday may 1, 2021 in the 147th Kentucky Derby.

As much as virtual racebooks go, our favorite is definitely TVG, for this reason visit them indigenous the leaderboard below to authorize up and bet on the Kentucky Derby.

Essential top quality is 5-0 in his young career and also that has a pair of to win in the 2021 Kentucky Derby prep schedule. (AP)

Top Kentucky Derby Betting Bonuses

TVG$300 Risk-Free Bet
AmWager$500 Sign-up Bonus
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Kentucky Derby online Betting 2021

Betting on the Kentucky Derby is miscellaneous that numerous thousands that fans room looking front to due to the fact that of all the excitement the race brings. The thrill isn’t just in guessing the following Kentucky Derby winner-- over there are countless other betting options for those who know where and also how to look because that them.

The odds and predictions will change as the 147th Kentucky Derby color etc nearer. Some prefer at an early stage Kentucky Derby online betting, while rather wait because that the job of the run for the Roses to location their bets. Both this practices have their pros and also cons. Ultimately, whatever depends top top your personal preference.

Also, prior to you decide that to gambling on, you should take into consideration some that the important components such as the weight, period and type of every horse. Don’t forget to find out an ext information around their past performances, your jockeys and trainers.

These space the details that can aid you make your own steed racing betting strategy. Not just will this understanding be helpful for the very first leg the the American Triple Crown, yet will also apply because that the Belmont Stakes and also Preakness Stakes.

However, picking the appropriate operator is among the most vital things once it involves Kentucky Derby virtual betting. We choose some the the finest Kentucky Derby digital betting websites wherein you can additionally stream the race, so make sure to visit them and see what they need to offer:

TVG (4NJBets + PABets)AmWagerBetAmericaTwinSpiresNYRA Bets DRF BetsXpressbetBetfair Exchange

Morning-Line Odds for the Kentucky Derby aren"t obtainable until the week of the race and those are produced by Churchill Downs oddsmaker Mike Battaglia. The official morning-line odds space announced after the short article positions because that the ar have been set, which is usually announced top top Tuesday before Saturday"s race. Prior to the draw, gamblers can check out addressed odds at various betting shops.

TVG Welcome Offer: get up come a $300 risk-free bet v a new TVG account

In order come qualify because that this offer, as quickly as you open up a new account, you should place a single horse win-bet. If friend lose, the operator will placed up to $300 right earlier into your account as a wagering credit.

As you may know, TVG is one of the most well-known sites for horse racing betting in the USA. Yet what makes it therefore great? apart from the quality of welcome offers and current Kentucky Derby betting promotions, the operator comes v a bunch the other great stuff.

First the all, we desire to say that the operator is specifically focused on horse racing. It no feature any other sport, yet if you room on the lookout for great horse racing action, then you’ll be in the appropriate place.

TVG is the go-to ar for online equine racing betting, including Kentucky Derby online betting. You can likewise find betting top top the Breeders Cup or Kentucky Oaks. The operator supplies some of the ideal horse racing odds, live streaming and also betting services.

In the equine racing schedule top top the website, you deserve to easily find all upcoming events. For your convenience, TVG has additionally created a devoted mobile application that you can easily download and use to place your bets or store an eye on existing ones.

AmWager Welcome Bonus: $500 signup bonus

AmWager has actually prepared a special welcome sell for all brand-new users that register for the very first time. It is one of the ideal US online equine betting platforms. Fully committed to that is users, the brand constantly strives to administer you through the best feasible quality the services.

It is easily accessible in the adhering to states: AL, AK, CT, DE, FL, ID, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MI, MT, NH, NY, ND, OH, OR, RI, SD, TN, VT, WI. Only brand-new users who are over the period of 21 or 18 in some claims are eligible because that the welcome offer and can open a new user account.

How come Bet v AmWager

AmWager equine betting is a straightforward and straightforward process. When you register, you’ll have the ability to deposit accumulation to her account and also then start placing bets on her favorite runners. That doesn’t matter if you are interested in the Kentucky Derby, Belmont stakes betting options or miscellaneous else-- the brand covers all the major horse racing events.

The brand provides a massive range of betting markets, described as “pools”. Relying on the race and event, girlfriend can uncover various pools. Also, few of them could be limited only come specific species of races, particular tracks or events.

In one of the complying with sections of our Kentucky Derby digital betting guide, we encompass a one-of-a-kind glossary wherein all these varieties of bets are quickly explained. If you room not acquainted with them, make sure to check it out before you begin your betting adventure.

It is also important to understand that friend can access the AmWager platform from a browser of your desktop computer or mobile device, yet you can likewise download and install the AmWager mobile app.

The AmWager application is accessible both because that iOS and Android users. Furthermore, the download procedure is nice straightforward. Through the application on her mobile device, you can inspect out the status of your bets anytime, indigenous the lull of her smartphone.

History of the Kentucky Derby Race

Capping the two-week-long Kentucky Derby Festival, the gyeongju is additionally known as "the most amazing two minute in sports".

Popularly dubbed the operation for the Roses due to the fact that of the blanket of roses draped over the Derby winner, the first Derby took ar in 1875. Due to the fact that then, it has been held yearly in Louisville, Kentucky there is no interruption-- not even throughout the an excellent Depression and both human being Wars.

The Kentucky Derby is generally the very first leg the the American Triple Crown, complied with by the Preakness Stakes and also then the Belmont Stakes. This year, however, Belmont is up very first due to the new race season schedule.

Now, if a equine manages to victory all 3 races, it’s the winner the the Triple Crown. However, only 13 horses have actually been able to execute it for this reason far.

The last horse to success the Triple Crown was Justify in 2018, who was the favourite for winning the Kentucky Derby best from the start. In the 2019 Derby, even though Maximum protection was the first one to cross the finish line, he to be disqualified for interference, and also Country home was asserted the winner that the 145th execution of the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby Winners (Last 10)

2020 - Authentic2019 - country House2018 - Justify2017 - constantly Dreaming2016 - Nyquist2015 - American Pharoah2014 - California Chrome2013 - Orb2012 - I"ll have actually Another2011 - pet Kingdom

The 2020 Kentucky Derby took place on Saturday Sept. 5 instead of in May due to the an international pandemic. Authentic to be the winner and also was trained by Bob Baffert, that tied the document for most Kentucky Derby wins at six.

A few Words around Kentucky Derby online Betting

When it involves the 2021 Kentucky Derby, it might be any horse’s race. Make certain to inspect the odds on one of the websites we’ve encourage you above and save an eye top top them.

Kentucky Derby online betting is a much-beloved legacy for numerous people, and therefore every these digital betting operators shot their best to administer users with great betting experience.

Many of these operators also offer the possibility of live streaming therefore you deserve to watch the race from the comfort of one device. However, in order to watch the Kentucky Derby online, you need to register through an operator of your choice.

The bulk of Kentucky Derby virtual betting operators have adopted the “bet and also watch” concept. Basically, you need to have actually placed a bet in the previous 24 hours in stimulate to clock a race’s livestream.

There’s nothing an ext exciting than watching a live stream of her favorite Kentucky Derby contenders and also rooting because that them to attain Triple Crown glory. Without a doubt, the Kentucky Derby is among the most important events in the American sporting calendar.

Whether you decision to clock the race directly from the racecourse, native the Kentucky Derby virtual betting mobile applications or on the operator’s official website, exciting activity is guaranteed. In order come be fully prepared to do bets, bettors look at the odds months in advance.

How to gambling on Kentucky Derby Lines

After walk through several of the currently obtainable predictions and assessing the horses’ forms and past performances, the following logical step as soon as it concerns Kentucky Derby digital betting is to actually ar a bet. In ours guide, we’ll walk through some of the an easy steps that you usually have to follow when it concerns betting with various online bookmakers.

First that all, you need to visit an online sportsbook giving the opportunity to bet on the Kentucky Derby. We have included a perform of such operator at the beginning of our article. Feel free to take it a look in ~ them and also choose the one that suits your style of betting.

Once girlfriend visit among the websites, you’ll need to register in stimulate to access the operator’s services. Keep in mind the the vast majority of these digital sportsbooks offer certain welcome promotions for all brand-new users who register because that the very very first time.

Importantly, nothing forget come go with the operator’s terms and conditions and see what requirements must be met in order to gain the obtainable bonus.

As quickly as girlfriend register, girlfriend gain access to the easily accessible betting markets. Let’s go through some of the most popular Kentucky Derby digital betting options and view what the feasible choices are:

Different types of Kentucky Derby virtual Betting

After signing in to your digital sportsbook account, you’ll require to pick the track of the race of her choice, then choose one or much more races you"d like to bet on. Next, choose your runner and also wager type. Finally, all you have to do is go into the lot you’d favor to wager and submit her bet slip.

Before you start placing your first bets, we desire to make certain that you are well aware of all the betting options obtainable when it comes to Kentucky Derby digital betting.

Therefore, let’s take a fast look at some of the popular varieties of bets:

Early betting

Kentucky Derby future wagering is a great option for every those that enjoy early on betting. This kind of gambling is usually available during various runnings of the “Road come the Kentucky Derby” prepare races.

Win, place & display Bets

Win, place and also show bets are species of wagers that brand-new players commonly stick to. Just like the name suggests, a win bet is a bet placed on the horse that you expect to win the Kentucky Derby.

With ar bets, girlfriend can acquire a return if your selection finishes first, second, or sometimes even fourth or fifth relying on the bookie’s offer. The goes without saying the the odds are much lower, but this kind of bet is much more reassuring.

Show bet is the following in line. That quite straightforward - you victory if your selection finishes in the peak three. Together you more than likely imagine, this bet come with reduced risk, but likewise a lower payoff.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide which among these options is the ideal for you. Over there are additionally some other, maybe slightly more complicated types of wagers. Yet once friend get familiar with them, you’ll watch that they have the right to be easily understood. So, let’s acquire started!

Exacta Bet

If you’ve already tried few of the previous species of bets and also you’d choose to shot something brand-new when it involves Kentucky Derby virtual betting, exacta is the following one top top our list we’d like to discuss.

In this form of bet, you have to select two runners that you’ll think will certainly finish first and second, yet in specific order. It is what provides this form of gambling more complex compared to those we discussed earlier. The course, bigger risk way bigger potential payouts.

Trifecta Bet

Another kind of bet the you can try is trifecta bet. It’s comparable to an exacta, but just like the surname suggests, this kind of wager entails three horses. Pick three runners girlfriend think will end up in the height three, in the precise order, and also wait for the outcome of the race.

If the “exact order” part of the bet is what bothers you, there’s another option dubbed a boxed trifecta wager. Through this modified trifecta bet, you additionally have to select three horses, however the order is not important.

Kentucky Derby online Betting Odds

The an excellent news is that many thanks to the assorted Kentucky Derby digital betting options, girlfriend don’t have to be at Churchill Downs to location your bets. You can place a bet online as lengthy as you are in among the states where Kentucky Derby digital betting is available.

With our Kentucky Derby betting guide, we want to point out few of the most important aspects of this amazing betting adventure. However, it’s all approximately you – you choose when to ar a bet. You can rely on beforehand Kentucky Derby digital betting or you have the right to place bets just a couple of minutes prior to the windows close.

There’s one point to store in mind: nothing forget come regularly examine the Kentucky Derby digital betting odds. Odds can change from someday to the next. Most of all, make sure to compare the odds available by various bookmakers.

When it concerns odds, it i will not ~ hurt to know exactly how they are calculated. They are determined by a Pari-Mutuel System. In other words, the odds room dependent top top the peoples’ wagers.

Once the certain amount bet on a steed is determined, the amount is compared to how much is gambling on the other equines in the field and the bookies determine the odds. That’s why odds continuous change, and why the more money is gambling on a details horse, the reduced odds hell get.

Ready for Kentucky Derby Betting?

There’s no easy means to develop a successful Kentucky Derby digital betting strategy. To amount up, we’d prefer to when again walk through few of the most essential things come remember as soon as it pertains to betting top top the most exciting two minutes in sports.

First the all, make sure to recognize who you room betting on prior to you decide to location a bet. Since of this, that is important to execute some research in advance. We don’t say the it"s a guaranteed method to bet successfully-- luck additionally plays an important role. However, it’s great to do every little thing you can to shot and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Make certain to consider all the essential factors, consisting of the horse’s past performance and also jockeys’ and trainers’ histories. Don’t forget to discover out what style of races your steed is good at, and what types of monitor they prefer. Because that example, when it pertains to the Kentucky Derby, equines that had actually some success ~ above a dust track can be the promise ones.

Also, keep an eye top top the favorites, however don’t forget to check the underdogs too. Us never know what could happen. That’s wherein the totality excitement in the Kentucky Derby online betting come from.

Last however not least, once you select your horse(s), find an online sports betting platform the suits her style. If you are opening a new account because that the an initial time, make certain to examine the currently obtainable promotions and let the funny begin!

2021 Kentucky Derby Future Wager Odds

The Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pools was when again offered to bettors because that the 147th installment.

This betting market gives an chance for fans to bet early on the potential Derby equine they think will earn a spot in the beginning gate and go ~ above to success the Kentucky Derby race.

The wager have the right to be golden or fool"s gold, because you"ll need the equine you bet on come qualify for the Kentucky Derby and also that"s not as simple as girlfriend think.

The Future Wager uses 24 potential selections in each pool.

22 individual Horses1 all 3-Year-Old Fillies (Field)1 all Other-3-Year-Old Males (Field)

The (Field) wager the All Other-3-Year-Old Males generally receives the most betting interest in these pools and bettors can acquire fixed odds on a equine that isn"t consisted of in the 22 selected horses currently recognized.

The reserved 2020-21 Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pools and "Closing Odds" are detailed below:

Kentucky Derby pool Dates

Pool 1 - Nov. 26-29Pool 2 - Jan. 22-24Pool 3 - Feb. 12-14Pool 4 - Mar. 5-7Pool 5 - Mar. 26-28

2021 Kentucky Derby Future Wager - pool 5

The Kentucky Derby pool 5 opened on Friday Mar. 26 and also closed top top Sunday Mar. 28.

Kentucky Derby swimming pool 5 Contenders

Essential high quality 4/1Concert tourism 11/2Greatest Honour 9/1Hot pole Charlie 12/1

2021 Kentucky Derby Future Wager - swimming pool 4

The Kentucky Derby swimming pool 4 opened on Friday Mar - 5 and also closed ~ above Sunday Mar - 7.

Kentucky Derby pool 4 Contenders

Life Is an excellent 2/1Essential top quality 5/1Greatest Honour 6/1

Listed below are the closing odds for pool 4 the the Kentucky Derby Future Wager.

2021 Kentucky Derby Future Wager - pool 3

The Kentucky Derby swimming pool 3 opened up on Friday Feb. 12 and also closed on Sunday Feb. 14.

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Kentucky Derby pool 3 Contenders

Life Is an excellent 7/1Essential high quality 8/1Greatest Honour 9/1Prevalence 14/1Caddo flow 15/1Mandaloun 16/1

2021 Kentucky Derby Future Wager - swimming pool 2

The Kentucky Derby pool 2 opened up on Friday Jan. 22 and closed on Sunday Jan. 24.

Kentucky Derby swimming pool 2 Contenders

Life Is an excellent 7/1Essential quality 8/1Concert tour 16/1

2021 Kentucky Derby Future Wager - pool 1

The first Kentucky Derby pool opened on Thursday Nov. 26 and also closed top top Saturday Nov. 29.

As expected, the Field wager that consists of All other Three Year Olds closed as the 6/5 betting favorite.

As far as top contenders, bettors proved their lean to the below horses through their closeup of the door odds.

Life is great 5/1Essential quality 8/1Highly motivated 18/1Jackie"s Warrior 18/1Keepmeinmind 19/1