The Late display with Stephen Colbert was the most-watched late-night show in full viewers for the 2020-21 tv season – its fifth consecutive year at the top.

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There are, however, some amazing battles emerging across the transfer networks including Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight present Starring Jimmy Fallon, late Night through Seth Meyers and The so late Late present with James Corden.

Using full-season Live+7 ratings from Nielsen, Colbert comfortably won the spot v a complete average of 2.95 million viewers – also the first time ever before the CBS show has had a five-season win streak. But for the first time in the 18-year history, Jimmy Kimmel Live! to win NBC’s The this evening Show in total viewers. The ABC display beat the NBC present 1.75M-1.54M across all viewers.

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At 11:30 p.m., the exciting competition is in the demos.

Using Live+7, across viewers aged 18-49, all three reflects score a 0.3, yet The late Show wins through 430,000 viewers contrasted with The tonight Show’s 345,000 and also Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s 342,000.

When you use Live+3, i beg your pardon understands is the metric all the late-night reflects use to sell ads, there’s very tiny between ABC, CBS and NBC.

The tonight Show team is pleased v its performance once it concerns Live+Same job numbers, putting together a 12-week run at the top or tied in ~ the top using this metric.

Across adult 25-54, The late Show wins through a 0.5 with 614,000 viewers against Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s 0.4 and 489,000 and The this evening Show’s 0.4 and also 477,000. Similarly, throughout adults aged 18-34, Colbert to win Kimmel and also Fallon with a 0.2 over their 0.1s.


When it involves 12:30 a.m., the battle between Seth Meyers and James Corden is also interesting.

Across total viewers making use of Live+7, Meyers’ Late Night average 1.01M viewers over the season, v Corden’s The late Late Show averaging 971,000.

Meyers additionally wins the 18-49 demo v a 0.2 and 215,000 viewers versus Corden’s 0.1 and 174,000 viewers. It have to be detailed that — and to some level this applies across all of late-night — Corden’s show has been developed for a viral age, particularly his ar segments such as “Carpool Karaoke,” and Meyers likewise saw his “A Closer Look” segment get particularly strong attention throughout the controversial election year.

The gap between these two mirrors on linear television is likewise closing. In the 2019-20 season, The late Late present trailed so late Night by 87,000 viewers, 101,000 adults 25-54 and 66,000 adult 18-49.This broadcast season, The late Late display trailed so late Night by 43,000 viewers, 65,000 adult 25-54 and 41,000 adult 18-49.

The late-night ecosystem has readjusted a lot over the past twenty years and the battle for direct eyeballs is no as pronounced together it was, specifically under Jay Leno and David Letterman, but there is still healthy and balanced competition at 11:30 p.m. The master of these reflects are well-known to get along well, accentuated by working together in part ways during the pandemic, yet there is obviously still interest from their teams and also the networks to carry out well versus the competition.

We will never ever see the very same war between the hosts – as identified by the battle to replace Johnny Carson – but the following late-night former to watch is walk to it is in seeing that is consistently putting on the big post-pandemic show for fans.

The late Show return to the Ed Sullivan theatre on Monday, June 14 with a full, vaccinated audience and it is intended to be a quite rambunctious affair, one the Colbert has been counting under to. The this evening Show also came out conveniently with a full audience and also Kimmel, i beg your pardon shoots in L.A. Fairly than new York, is intended to be next up through a live audience with the host telling recently he hopes to bring fans ago into the studio once California’s latest reopening begins from next week.

There’s no authorize of Late Night or The so late Late Show bringing back full audiences, but you’d mean it to occur at some suggest over the rest of the year.

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