Houston’s pleasant climate sustains tropic vegetation and allows the city’s residents and also visitors an enviable outdoor lifestyle

Houston averages just 18.0 days per year with temperatures the 32°F or less and 99.6 days with high temperatures of 90°F or more. Temperatures rarely reach 100°F.Houston’s growing season averages 300 days. The common frost-free period extends indigenous Feb. 14 to Dec. 11.Houston has had only 14 measurable snowfalls since 1939.A statistically median year consists of 90.3 “clear” days, focused in October and also November; 114.5 “partly cloudy” days, common of June v September; and also 160.3 “cloudy” days, common in December with May.Prevailing wind in Houston is south-southeasterly at a median speed that 7.4 mph.

Average Temperatures Average PrecipitationMonthHighLow MonthInches 
January62°F41°F January3.68 
February67°F44°F February2.98 
March73°F51°F March3.36 
April79°F57°F April3.60 
May86°F66°F May5.15 
June91°F72°F June5.35 
July94°F74°F July3.18 
August94°F73°F August3.83 
September89°F68°F September4.33 
October82°F59°F October4.50 
November72°F50°F November4.19 
December65°F43°F December3.69 

Source: higher Houston Partnership

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