Dan Blankenship to be a sweetheart hunter and also one of the stars the the background Channel reality show “The Curse that Oak Island.”

Dan Blankenship was a sweetheart hunter and one the the stars of the background Channel reality present “The Curse the Oak Island.” The show follows Blankenship and also others as they search for sweetheart or historical artefacts believed by some to be covert on Nova Scotia’s Oak Island. Blankenship and his son, Dave, were full time residents the the island, which the co-owned along with investors including the show’s other stars, Rick and Marty Lagina. The “curse” the the six-season show’s title describes a legend date back much more than one hundred years that says seven guys will dice while seek the island’s treasure before it is found. There’s disagreement as to whether six or 7 had passed away prior to Blankenship’s death.

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Died: march 17, 2019 (Who else died on march 17?)

Details the death: passed away at the period of 95.

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How Blankenship ended up being a treasure hunter: Blankenship wasn’t constantly a moved man searching for a mysterious treasure. That was once a Florida contractor. Yet then he read a 1965 Reader’s Digest article around Oak Island, and also he was automatically hooked. By the 1970s, he had permanently relocated come Oak Island, and also he spent the rest of his life in search of the riches said to be concealed on the island.

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Blankenship on that fateful article: “I handed the short article over to mine wife and also said, ‘Read that’ and so she read it, and in so numerous words, stated ‘So what?’ ns said, ‘Well, No. 1, there’s treasure on Oak Island, and No. 2, I’m going to be important in acquiring it.’ the was the beginning.”

What world said about him: “All these treasure hunters even going earlier to the begin — they want to be the people to solve this thing. You have to have the belief, that enthusiasm that you space going to be the one to deal with it, since if friend don’t climate there is no point in also being there.” —Charles Barkhouse, Oak Island historian

“He had actually one folder the was probably around four or five inches thick of people’s concepts of exactly how to do it. Yet none of them ever before panned out.” —Blankenship’s son, Dave

Funeral details: A funeral business will be held Monday in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Full obituary: CTV News Atlantic

Birthdate:May 23, 1923 (Who else was born on might 23rd?)

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