Curtis Turner, who was inducted right into the NASCAR room of reputation on Saturday, had huge reputations because that his life both on and off of race tracks. (File photograph by ISC Archives via Getty Images)

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A 6-foot-2, ruggedly handsome Virginian, Curtis Turner merged his brazen driving strategies with a swashbuckling lifestyle to carve himself a distinct place in NASCAR history.

On Saturday, Turner to be rewarded for his efforts with induction right into the NASCAR hall of Fame in addition to Speedway Motorsports Inc. Founder Bruton Smith and also NASCAR champion Bobby Isaac, terry Labonte and also Jerry Cook.

Considered one of the best-ever dirt track drivers, Turner caught the attention of Sports depicted in the mid-1950s. He was featured top top the reputation publication’s cover and also its story asserted his “350 attribute wins made that the Babe Ruth the stock vehicle racing.” No one yes, really knows how countless wins Turner secured before his NASCAR days due to the fact that records weren’t kept prior to the sport was organized. However, there was no doubt the Turner was amongst the fastest and also most vivid competitors in NASCAR’s beforehand years.

The fans loved his charge-to-the-front, fearless, close-quarter steering style and his capacity to achieve unbelievable tasks with a race auto were legendary.

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“He to be the ideal at regulating a car and also putting it wherein he wanted it of anyone I’ve ever before seen,” stated NASCAR room of fame member Leonard Wood, that was Turner’s crew chief as soon as he drove because that the lumber Brothers. “You can’t describe it to

Curtis Turner poses v the auto he drove come a second-place end up in the NASCAR Modified-Sportsman gyeongju on the Daytona Beach-Road Course. (Photo by ISC images & Archives via Getty Images)

anybody how an excellent this male was as far as controlling a car. If the thing was increase the bank or whatever, he never stopped control the car.

“At archer Gray (Stadium in Winston-Salem, N.C.) he went into the corner and also somehow the thing got up on 2 wheels. It to be going to rotate over. He just steered it prefer a bicycle until he gained to Bobby Myers and then the let that land top top Bobby. The threw it back on that is wheels and also he went on and also won the race.”

Born Curtis Morton Turner top top April 12, 1924 in Floyd, Va., a small Shenandoah mountain town, he to be a NASCAR competitor from the sanctioning body beginning. He competed in NASCAR’s very first Strictly Stock gyeongju in June 1949 and eventually became the only driver to pilot a Nash to victory in a NASCAR premier series race. However, it was the development of NASCAR’s convertible division and a contract v Ford the truly inserted Turner in the spotlight. In 1956, he winner 22 of 43 convertible races and 11 the 31 the following year, his only other complete season in the ragtops. Overall, that totaled 38 to win in 79 starts on the circuit the folded after the 1959 season.

In NASCAR’s premier series, Turner videotaped his an initial of 17 job victories in just his fourth start on Sept. 11, 1949 at Langhorne (Pa.) Speedway. He additionally racked up 17 poles in 17 seasons. Today, Turner continues to be the only premier series driver to win 2 consecutive gyeongju from the pole top every lap.

“He was among those guys that if you had him in your vehicle you were around a sure winner,” lumber said. “I’ve seen him pass two and also three cars in the middle of a corner. He’s one driver, that if you to be leading the race and there was one lap come go, you didn’t desire on your bumper. If he got a fender ~ above the inside of you, you to be passed. The wouldn’t turn you. He would certainly scrub you, yet he didn’t walk in and knock girlfriend out.”

NASCAR room of reputation member Rex White admitted that racing versus Turner “was


NASCAR superstars – and now room of Famers – Joe Weatherly (L) and also Curtis Turner (R) at Orange Speedway. (Photo by ISC pictures & Archives via Getty Images)

just different.”

“He would pertained to the race track in a suit and a tie and not numerous drivers did that back in those days,” claimed White, the premier series 1960 champion. “Curtis placed on a an excellent show ~ above dirt. If he had run much less aggressive, he probably would have won much more races.”

However, running large open and also aggressive to be the only way of life Turner knew and understood. One of four children, the great Depression inquiry he prosper up fast. The hauled his very first load that moonshine at period 9 and also he honed his driving an abilities on narrow, hill dirt roads. When when questioned around those beforehand days, Turner responded: “Those were tough times earlier in the hills and you did things you shouldn’t in stimulate to obtain by. I’m not proud of mine past, yet I to be proud the the future I produced myself. I have made a couple of fortunes, however I choose to live good.”

And live an excellent Turner did, making and also losing more than one fortune throughout his life. He thought about life a party and he enjoyed playing the duty of a rich man, one that raced and also dealt in timber.

Turner began lumbering at period 14, earning 15 cents an hour making use of a crosscut saw. Legend has it that by the time he was 20 the owned 3 sawmills, add to logging equipment and a van line necessary to keep them going. Significant businessmen Turner met via racing uncovered he possessed an uncanny knack because that sizing up a timber patch and estimating the variety of board feet it included by merely flying end the area. Once Turner and his associates closeup of the door a transaction involving around $1 million, a publicist labeled the country boy a millionaire race auto driver.

Privately, Turner believed the “millionaire” tag to be a joke, however he never ever attempted to dismiss the rumors the his wealth. He maintained one didn’t need to be a millionaire as long as you can live prefer one. His parties ended up being “musts” because that an increasing variety of well-to-do new race fans. ~ all, Turner made good money and also he delighted in spending that on next and brand-new airplanes.

“He can pilot a aircraft as an excellent as he can drive a car,” timber commented.

And Turner was simply as lot a daronger in his plane as he was in his gyeongju car; a fact that no always set well through the commonwealth Aviation Administration. That was the situation one quiet Sunday morning in Easley, S.C., when Turner and an old girlfriend from the town chose while flying over the friend’s house they would favor to have actually a drink. Turner landing his aircraft on a street in former of his friend’s house so a bottle can be obtained. However, when he ready to take off, church services had actually ended and also traffic to be coming native several different directions. After hopping end several motorists with his plane, Turner finally pulled up at a crossing, taking a stoplight and several dangling wires through him. His stunt reduced off telephone business in Easley. As soon as Turner landing in Charlotte an upset FAA representative was waiting and he base the flamboyant driver for rather some time.

The grounding, however, didn’t tame Turner top top the race track. That and great friend Joe Weatherly frequently banged fenders in an event’s later on stages. It was a tactic the two Ford vehicle drivers called “popping”, thus providing rise to Turner’s nickname “Pops.”

“He’d come under the beach and also sling it sideways fairly than allow off,” timber said. “He and Joe Weatherly to be teammates driving for Ford in 1956 on the convertible circuit. Joe’s windshield go out out. Imagine the convertible through the windshield gone how much aero advantage you would get. It to be helping Joe rather a bit. So Curtis take it his foot and was make the efforts to absent his windshield out. He took a cramp, however he still won the race.”

Even though Turner was well-known for his competitiveness, that was much more than a talented race vehicle driver who took pleasure in a good party. He was a businessman that realized the sport’s potential. After agree the invitation to come to be a board member that the very first Atlanta Speedway organization, he decided to build a race track in Charlotte.

Turner announced plans to develop a 1.5-mile track on April 22, 1959. He said it would certainly be ~ above Highway N.C. 49 and known as Charlotte engine Speedway. Projected to cost $750,000, the speedway would have 45,000 seats and contain a 1-mile roadway course. By might 7, 1959, Turner and also his partner had created a coporation, group to construct the speedway. His partners were Darlington Raceway builder Harold Brasington, north Wilkesboro Speedway promoter Enoch Staley and also Bowman Gray stadium promoter Alex Hawkins. Turner was chosen president and also the corporation was authorized to worry 1 million shares of stock at $1 a share. However, a brand-new location had to be selected as soon as a deal was never ever finalized because that Turner’s propose site. Turner currently turned his fist to 550 acres just inside Cabarrus County, 12 mile north the Charlotte, ~ above U.S. Highway 29.

By June 1959, Turner and also Bruton Smith had actually joined forces in creating the Charlotte speedway. The sanctioning agreement for the inaugural human being 600 was secured in September 1959, but construction troubles left the track around $800,000 in blame by the time it opened. Double Turner approached the Teamsters Union about loaning that money to accomplish the speedway’s debt. The very first time the talked v the Teamsters was quickly after the inaugural race in June 1960. He made decision not to accept the offer, yet then went back in respectable 1961 after ~ the track’s board of director ousted him together the speedway’s president. Turner’s acceptance of the Teamsters’ original proposal in an initiative to regain control of the track he and also Smith constructed would eventually an outcome in one of the most destructive events in Turner’s life.

The Teamsters called Turner lock would provide the money he essential if he would certainly organize the chauffeurs under the Federation of professional Athletes. It was stated the FPA’s goals were: upgrade facilities for drivers and also the speedways, including shower and also lounge facilities; much better purses; pension plans; a scholarship fund for youngsters of deceased members; and more adequate insurance money coverage. However, the wasn’t pointed out the FPA would carry pari-mutuel betting come auto racing, something NASCAR President bill France Sr. Felt would certainly be detrimental to the sport. ~ France beat Turner’s effort to organize the drivers, the sport’s star was suspended indefinitely from NASCAR. Turner actually had been misled through the Teamsters, that couldn’t legally make a loan come a agency the union to be attempting come organize.

However, the damages was done. It to be now early 1962 and since Turner couldn’t complete in NASCAR that headed for Hollywood whereby he had actually been invite to accomplish with scriptwriters who were interested in a movie around his career. A movie deal never ever materialized, yet Turner appreciated the parties. He likewise competed in non-NASCAR events, including the Pikes top Hill Climb. However, his heart continued to be in NASCAR and when that was educated in 1965 the his suspension had actually been lifted he didn’t waste any time in returning.

Turner was ecstatic come be ago in NASCAR and the fans were just as happy to have him. He went back to the NASCAR lineup on labor Day weekend in the southerly 500 through a 35th-place finish. 4 races later Turner was ago in true form, piloting the timber Brothers Ford. He dazzling the fans with a 5th at phibìc Wilkesboro (N.C.) Speedway and a third at Charlotte. Then, in his saturday premier collection start since his reinstatement, Turner went back to victory roadway in the American 500, the inaugural race at the new North Carolina engine Speedway in Rockingham. The 41-year-old Turner out-dueled a 26-year-old Cale Yarborough ~ above the 1-mile track for his last victory in NASCAR’s premier series.

Turner, who began fourth, led eight times because that 239 laps in the 500-lap race, taking the command for good with 27 laps remaining once Yarborough pitted. Yarborough went back to the monitor 17 seconds behind Turner, but cut it come 11 before the checkered flag waved.

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“At the end of the gyeongju he had to nurse it and also be as straightforward with it as he could due to the fact that it to be overheating,” claimed Wood, who listed Turner to be driving v a damaged rib he’d experienced in the Charlotte race. “It to be overheating due to the fact that there was so lot sand there that it wore out the fan belt and the fan belt began slipping.”

Despite that problem in the close up door laps, Turner didn’t complain. In fact, Wood stated he only complained when in all of the gyeongju he drove for the team. It was after the 1965 October Charlotte race when Turner told wood he essential to put some shocks top top the car.

“He can drive one sit on a 5-gallon can,” Wood stated in relenten Turner’s talent. “We saw Riverside (once). Ns told that I want him to obtain in the vehicle to see if the seat fit. He grounding his foot in the door and said, ‘It’s simply right.’”

After the Rockingham victory, Turner completed in 31more premier series races before he and professional golfer Clarence King lost their stays in a airplane crash ~ above Oct. 4, 1970 in Punxsutawney, Pa. At 46 year old, Turner was gone, however his legendary accomplishments with a race automobile lived on.

“These motorists that room super, super good are born with something the others nothing have,” hardwood said. “You can teach guys how to drive. You have the right to take them to school and also teach them just how to be a good driver, however the people that room really an excellent are just born through something that the others can’t pick up. You have the right to tell them and also show them, however some just have an instinct of just how to carry out it. Simply driving the car, that was among the best. As soon as you had Curtis Turner in your car, friend felt favor you had actually an ace in the hole.”