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United claims Customs and also Border security watches over all of the boundaries of our good country—land and also sea. The Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, the Gulf coast, the an excellent Lakes, the border with Canada, and also the border through Mexico. That’s over 8,000 mile of border!

It’s an essential job that requires special training and also tools to perform it well. Let’s look in ~ the various jobs in Customs and also Border Protection.

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CBP Agents

Who guards our borders? our amazing, talented Border Patrol agents. Every day, Border Patrol agents room on the lookout for civilization crossing our border illegally, criminals bringing drugs and also weapons throughout the border, and terrorists trying to sneak right into the US.

Border Patrol agents use advanced technology, like digital border sensors and infrared scopes, to protect thousands of mile of American land and also sea borders.

Horse Patrol

Agents in the steed Patrol ride equines while castle patrol mountains, canyons, deserts, and other components of ours borderlands the are complicated to reach.

Bike Patrol

Agents in the cycle Patrol journey bikes to patrol chop spaces and move conveniently when various other agents need help stopping criminals or other civilization crossing the border illegally.

K-9 Unit

Believe it or not, some Border Patrol agents space dogs! human agents work-related with canine agents to sniff out drugs and people as they cross the border in cars, cargo trucks, luggage, and other creative hiding spots.

Patrol boat Unit

Agents in the Patrol watercraft Unit usage small, fast boats to patrol ours sea and river borders where the water can adjust from shallow to deep an extremely quickly—places wherein bigger watercrafts can’t go.

Off Road auto Unit

Agents in the turn off Road auto Unit ride ATVs and dirt bikes to patrol mountains, desert, and other locations that are difficult to acquire to. Criminals occasionally travel throughout these areas because they’re tough for agents come patrol, however they forget about the turn off Road vehicle Unit!

Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR)

Agents in BORSTAR help search for, rescue, and also care for civilization when there is a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or another major event in the US.

Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC)

Agents in BORTAC are referred to as in to aid protect our nationwide security during major events prefer terrorist attacks or riots. Lot like the SWAT team in ~ your local police department, BORTAC offers special equipment and strategies that enable them come move easily to attend to an emergency.

Mobile an answer Team (MRT)

Agents in the Mobile an answer Team are trained and also ready to assist with any kind of emergency, everywhere along ours borders, at any kind of time. Indigenous California come Florida to Montana come Alaska, Mobile solution Teams room equipped with the right transportation and also tools to aid protect the us border almost everywhere they are needed.

Firearms Instructor maintain Program

Agents in the firearms Instructor training Program get a world-class education and learning on the safe and also responsible procedure of guns. By involvement the program, agents gain the certifications they must teach various other agents exactly how to use guns safely if they work to defend our borders.

Emergency clinical Program (EMP)

Agents in the EMP are Emergency clinical Technicians (EMTs) and also paramedics the respond come emergencies along our border where human being are noble or injured. They likewise teach other agents an easy first-aid and other emergency an answer skills.


If you to be a Border Patrol agent, what team would certainly you like to it is in a component of?

CBP Officers

Customs and Border defense (CBP) policemans work in addition to Border Patrol agents come enforce the regulations that keep our borders, airports, and seaports safe and secure. Officers examine merchandise, agriculture, luggage, and people comes into and also out of the unified States, intercepting drugs, weapons, and other illegal goods prior to they obtain into the dorn hands and also stopping human being from trying to illegally go into the country.

Some CBP Officers work-related in different countries. Some occupational with dog to detect weapons and drugs. Part fly drones. Some job-related on ships. But no matter where they work-related or what devices (or furry friends) lock use, all CBP police officers are working to store our nation safe.

Agricultural Specialists

These CBP Officers inspect animals and plants entering the us for conditions or pests (like insects), and also ensure exotic, invasive, or endangered species are no being transported illegally right into the country. Farming Specialists work-related at airports, seaports, and land border crossings.

Air Interdiction and Aviation Enforcement

These CBP officers use drones, planes, radar, satellites, and other sophisticated technologies to prevent people, weapons, and also drugs from illegally entering the US. They usage planes and also drones to execute a most their work, but some of your missions end on soil or in the water.

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Marine Interdiction

These CBP policemans patrol our shores in search of criminals and terrorists trying to smuggle drugs, weapons, counterfeit goods, and also people into the US. This work have the right to be really dangerous. Officers should be prepared for high-speed watercraft chases, nighttime operations (arresting criminals once they least expect it), and surviving storms in the open ocean.