Foot wounds and also ulcers are not the same, yet symptoms and also treatments have the right to be similar. A wound is identified as damaged skin and tissue layers, typically from an injury leading to a cut or abrasion. If a chronic wound (wound that will certainly not heal) starts growing deeper and deeper into the foot, that may come to be an ulcer.

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A foot ulcer is merely an open sore, internal or external, on the reminder of the toe or on the side or bottom that the foot that fails to heal. Venous Stasis Ulcers space usually uncovered on the ankle. Diabetic foot ulcers are among the most usual forms that this ailment; this is due to decreased skin sensation and blood flow to components of the body.



Wounds come the foot can be brought about by practically anything: bare feet on stormy terrain, recording the skin top top a sharp object, etc. Chronic wounds however are frequently caused by cardiovascular conditions and other significant conditions such together diabetes.

Foot ulcers deserve to be a caused by a large list of conditions, however some that the most typical are:

DiabetesPoor circulation (atherosclerosis) & circulatory problemsGeneticsInflammatory diseaseNerve damage to the feet (peripheral neuropathy)Bone & muscle abnormalities


Foot wound symptoms room often defined by:

TendernessBleedingSwellingPainBruising & redness

Ulcers the the feet have similar characteristics to the of wounds yet have much more identifiably details symptoms:

May show up as a red holeLocated top top the bottom or political parties of the foot or pointer of toesRound in shapeSurrounded by difficult callused skinMay be really deepBurning & itching

Treatment & Care

The finest treatment the wounds and ulcers is prevention. Protecting her feet with proper fitting footwear, assessing them everyday for any type of abnormalities, and also keeping great foot restroom (keeping lock washed, trimming toenails, etc.) room all essential preventative actions to keep.

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Actual treatment of wounds and also ulcers may include:

Debridement (removal of excess debris/foreign objects from impacted area)Specialized footwearMedicating & dressingTaking the antibioticsResting & elevationCompressionSurgery (when for sure necessary)

The Podiatrists at progressed Foot & Ankle space experienced and well-trained in wound and also ulcer therapies like:

Traumatic wounds indigenous injuriesAnimal bitesSpider/insect bitesPuncture woundsSurgical woundsForeign human body woundsPressure woundsInfectionsBlistersArterial wounds from negative circulationVenous Stasis Ulcers (wounds i beg your pardon usually show up on the ankles, accompanied by swelling)

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