hether the a simple paper cut or road rash from a cycle spill, once you gain a young cut, your body instantly goes into action.

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To an initial stop the bleeding, blood cells begin to cluster with each other to promote clotting. Inflammation climate sparks the arrival of various kinds of cell to help get rid that bacteria and save the wound clean. Finally, the human body starts building brand-new skin cell to protect the wound and also ultimately repair the skin.

When whatever goes well, most an easy cuts and also scrapes generally take around one to two weeks to heal, and those that room particularly huge could need an ext time.

But what if your reduced isn"t repair quickly? If you’re generally healthy, and a wound is sticking around a small longer than usual, something else in your daily routine could be throwing turn off healing.

We speak to wound care experts top top what you might be act that"s hampering healing.

If her wound is super tiny or she in a rush, it deserve to be tempting come skip disinfecting it.

Big mistake.

You never recognize what sort of bacteria can be lurking ~ above the surface ar of everything you’ve simply scraped increase against, so skipping this essential step could mean letting germs hang out and also multiply, possibly upping your threat for infection and also dragging the end the healing process.


You may have actually heard the “airing out” a wound is good for it—but that’s no actually true. If the wound dries out, and also a scab is allowed to form, that can delay healing.


One the the benefits of Hydro Seal is that it avoids scabbing by sealing the wound, describes Cettina.

"A white bubble creates as Hydro Seal absorbs moisture, showing it’s working and maintaining the optimal environment for your healing wound," she says. "After numerous days, the Hydro Seal bandage will begin to fall off on its own, and by the point, the wound should be fine on its means to gift healed.”

Certain drugs can delay healing, such together over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine that can be offered for headaches or a fever. Oral corticosteroids used to treat problems like asthma can also impact wound healing.

“They basically prevent the inflammatory cell from working, so once you gain a scrape, there room fewer cell to clean and repair the wound,” defines Martins-Green.

If friend think any kind of of her wounds room healing as well slowly, or could be infected, watch your medical professional for treatment, as well as to ascendancy out any more serious health concerns that might need to it is in checked. And also you should constantly speak v your physician before altering your medication regimen.

You can quickly access first aid tips and also other information via the Johnson & Johnson Wound care Resource™ app.
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