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NOTE: The brand-new Cyanide & Happiness application is currently live and also this one will no longer be maintained. Girlfriend can acquire a totally free upgrade for the new app because you purchased this one. Testimonial the upgrade information (available in this app) for more.-- Cyanide & delight (as checked out on the internet!) has actually made its method to your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/other iThing! Comics, shorts, really interesting news, it's all best at her fingertips! plus some other things!Features include:+ Comic Archive: Get accessibility to all 1,800+ C&H comics in one easy-navigable archive. Get new comics the second they're available, or somehow bending the rules of an are and time and get them even earlier! (Purchase the complete version and get accessibility to every ~1,800 C&H comics!)+ Shake because that random!+ Portrait/Landscape viewing.+ Favorites: save your favorite comics for fast viewing later. Admire your friends! admire your enemies! impress otherwise apathetic people! It's really versatile! + animated Shorts: clock streaming C&H man shorts indigenous the lull of anywhere. (Purchase the complete version for access to every one of the C&H animated shorts ever!)+ News: check out all around upcoming events, books, announcements, the works!+ Seizure Mode: Shake!And by purchasing our super reasonably-priced Premium package, you can accessibility these cool features:+ too many Dramatic arbitrarily Comic: Why just select a arbitrarily comic when you deserve to do the in a cinematic and also overly dramatic way? + Senseless Vulgarity: review our latest news and browse the app, yet now through extra horrible and also insulting words. Reviews:"One of mine favourite webcomics, Cyanide and also Happiness, just got its very own iPhone app, and you all need to acquire it appropriate now. Just, prevent reading, pick up her iPhone, go into iTunes, and buy it." - IntoMobile"If you’re a pan of Cyanide and also Happiness then you should certainly buy this app. If you’re not, check it out on the web first then I’m sure you’ll it is in hooked. As for the application itself, because that $0.99, you really can’t walk wrong. It’s a good app to just jump right into when you have actually a couple of minute spare and the shake because that random function makes that really simple to discover something new."- application AdviceCustomer Reviews:Love this comic! 5.0 starsBy: MindlessRobotSo happy that there is a application for this comic! everything from your website is in this app. You have the right to keep up with news, watch one of the shorts or catch up top top comics you might have missed. A an extremely well make app and also totally precious the $0.99 ns paid for it. This just replaced mine home display screen bookmark I had actually to the site. Great job friend guys.C&H Rules! 5.0 starsBy: Bleep bloopC&H is my favorite net comic of all time. Ns love the jokes and the style.

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Ns can't wait for the brand-new ragdoll update. Plus, seizure mode is a blast!