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Odds of passage seem slim in a year once the Senate additionally can’t change the number “.0025” in a bill with “.025.” Dec 9, 2021

HACT (Homeland and Cyber Threat) action would permit American citizens to sue international nations because that their…

You still couldn’t sue the 1970s teenagers who offered toy whistles to hack phone call companies and make totally free long-distance calls. Dec 8, 2021

These days, your auto might also know just how much you weigh — plus whether you’ve acquired weight. Dec 7, 2021

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H.R. 3359 redesignates the room of countryside Security’s national Protection and Programs Directorate together the Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security company (CISA). The bill directs CISA to be headed by a manager of national Cybersecurity and Infrastructure security to command national initiatives to protect and enhance the security and also resiliency the U.S. Cybersecurity, emergency communications, and crucial infrastructure.

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Within CISA, over there shall be a cybersecurity division, an facilities security division, and an emergency communications department (previously the Office that Emergency Communications).

The Office that Biometric identity Management in ~ the existing national Protection and Programs Directorate is moved to the monitoring Directorate that the Department, and also the federal Protective service is authorized come be moved to any component, directorate, or other office of the room deemed proper by the Secretary.

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Sponsor and also status


Michael McCaul

Sponsor. Representative because that Texas's 10th conference district. Republican.


Read message »Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018Length: 19 pages
Jul 24, 2017115th congress (2017–2019)

Enacted — Signed by the Presidenton Nov 16, 2018

This bill was enacted after gift signed through the chairman on November 16, 2018.

Pub.L. 115-278

11 Cosponsors (9 Republicans, 2 Democrats)


Position statements

What legislators space saying

“McCaul Urges Senate action on Bipartisan Cyber & Election protection Legislation” — Rep. Michael McCaul (Sponsor) on Aug 8, 2018

“Chairman Ratcliffe praises residence passage the NPPD reorganization bill” — Rep. Man Ratcliffe (Co-sponsor) on Dec 11, 2017

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Incorporated legislation

This bill incorporates provisions from:


H.R. 2825:DHS Authorization Act

Passed house (Senate next) top top Jul 20, 2017.10% incorporated.(compare text)


Jul 20, 2017
Source invoice —Passed home (Senate next)

This activity took location on a connected bill, H.R. 2825 (115th), possibly in lieu of comparable activity ~ above H.R. 3359 (115th).

Jul 24, 2017

Bills and resolutions are described committees which dispute the bill before possibly sending it on come the entirety chamber.

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Jul 26, 2017
Ordered Reported

A committee has actually voted to problem a report come the complete chamber recommending the the bill be considered further. Only about 1 in 4 bills are reported the end of committee.

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Dec 11, 2017
Passed home (Senate next)

The bill was passed in a poll in the House. It goes come the Senate next.The vote was through voice vote so no document of individual votes was made.

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Dec 11, 2017
Reported by house Committee on homeland Security

A committee authorize a report ~ above the bill, which regularly provides advantageous explanatory background on the issue addressed through the bill and also the bill's intentions.

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Oct 3, 2018
Passed Senate with alters (back come House)

The Senate passed the invoice with transforms not in the home version and also sent it ago to the residence to give the changes.The poll was through Unanimous Consent therefore no record of individual votes to be made.

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Nov 13, 2018
House Agreed come Changes

The invoice was pass by both chambers in similar form. The goes come the President next who may sign or veto the bill.The poll was without objection so no document of individual votes was made.

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Nov 16, 2018
Enacted — Signed by the President

The chairman signed the bill and also it came to be law.

H.R. 3359 (115th) to be a bill in the United states Congress.

A bill must be happen by both the House and also Senate in identical type and then be signed through the president to become law.

Bills numbers restart every 2 years. That means there are various other bills with the number H.R. 3359. This is the one native the 115th Congress.

This bill was introduced in the 115th Congress, i beg your pardon met from jan 3, 2017 to jan 3, 2019. Legislation not pass by the finish of a conference is cleared from the books.

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“H.R. 3359 — 115th Congress: Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security company Act of 2018.” 2017. December 10, 2021

Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security company Act that 2018, Pub. L. No. 115-278, H.R. 3359, 115th Cong..


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